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Want to know more Mummy/MTB staying in Sembawang area

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by bibi81, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. bibi81

    bibi81 Guest


    I am a mummy to a 2 year old boy.

    WOuld like to get to know more friends staying around Sembawang/Admiralty Area.


    Could exchange parenting tios etc with each other.

    I stay a distance from Sun plaza[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


  2. pinnky

    pinnky New Member

    Hi Fern, I am staying at Admiralty area..I m May mtb..nice to know u staying near to me..

  3. bibi81

    bibi81 Guest

    HI there!

    Just saw your note here.

    Good that you stay at admiralty? Which block?

    OH due in May? SO now you are about6 months?

    Are you working? If not can arrange a meet up or play date with our kids?

    My boy is 2 plus?

    BTW, I am doing up a stall at Jelutong cc selling many cheap baby clothes going at very good prices.

    Do PM me if you like more details or can reply directly here!

    Nice to know you.

  4. kopi_teh

    kopi_teh Member

    Hi, I am staying at Sembawang also, near Jelutung CC, and my baby is currently 4 months old.

  5. bibi81

    bibi81 Guest

    HI Kopitei.

    Welcome here. It seems theres only two mummies staying near our area.

    Oh cool that you stay at Jelutong cc, want to drop by the flea market stall. having a family day this sunday and should you be keen get baby clothes, toys etc at good discounts pleae let me know. drop by my stall that day.

    You SAHM too? If so, we could arrange a meet up with our kiddos?

  6. pinnky

    pinnky New Member

    Hi Fern,

    I staying near Admiralty mrt there..yes, i m a working mummy..this is my first kid, in 31 wks now..I used to learn yoga at the jelutung cc there..

    Ok, will drop by there if got chance..thanks for ur info..

  7. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member


    I am staying at smb canberra rd. My boy going to be 1 this month end. =) Nice to know u gals.

  8. eoneon

    eoneon New Member

    Hihi to all Mummies and MTBs.

    I am staying at admiralty drive, near to Sembawang MRT. Am only 3-4 weeks preggy. Going for my gynae appointment tomorrow.

    Fern, when is the date you are setting up your stall, or is it over le?

    Nice knowing everyone ^_^

  9. devil_pinky

    devil_pinky Member

    wow.. i think my child is the oldest.

    she is 7 - Primary one this year.

    staying in Sembawang too.. admiralty area..

    any of you delivered in Mt A?

  10. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member

    Wah i think quite afew of u staying at the admiralty area..

    Eunice, i delivered in TMC.. u not planning for #2?? hee...

  11. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member

    Eon, so how is ur gynae appointment?

    Which gynae r u using?

  12. eoneon

    eoneon New Member

    Hihi mummies... hope you have taken your dinner.

    yuki: I am exactly 5 weeks on last Saturday. Saw little beanie during the scan. Will be going for my second appointment on 24 Apr. Im using Dr Benjamin Tham with KKH but will be following him to TMC after mid May.

  13. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member


    Gd gd.. So miss the time when my boy still in my stomach kicking away haha..

    So i think 5weeks is still too early to know the gender right.. haha.. Hoping for boy or gal?

  14. kopi_teh

    kopi_teh Member

    Fern (bibi81) > I am working mum, now my princess is looking after by my MIL...

  15. eoneon

    eoneon New Member

    yuki: Im fine with either boy or girl so long he/she is healthy.

    by the way, are you planning to throw a birthday bash for your little boy?

  16. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member


    yes. Am throwing a birthday bash for my boy this coming 25apr.

  17. eoneon

    eoneon New Member

    yuki: wish you every success in your boy's birthday bash ^_^

  18. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member

    Eon, thanks thanks =)

    Btw u wan to exchange fb?

  19. eoneon

    eoneon New Member

    yuki: sure sure.. pm you now ^_^

  20. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member


    How old r u??? Young mummy too?

  21. devil_pinky

    devil_pinky Member


    Hi i am planning for no 2 now.

    I am looking for a good gynae that delivers in Mt A.

    I know Dr Lawerence Ang is good but i prefer Female.

    Then i wanted Dr Lim from Mount Alvernia but then i saw quite a number of bad reviews and i had a checkup with her recently and find her rather hostile as well.

    Any advise?

  22. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member

    Hi Eunice

    I dun use female gynae le so sorry.

    But i use Dr Adrian Woodworth from thomson women clinic.

    He do deliver in Mount A and TMC.

    He is quite famous quite a number of ppl using him. He had a clinic in cck n sengkang.

    O yes by the way mummies do visit http://luvbbworld.blogspot.com/


  23. devil_pinky

    devil_pinky Member

    Oh thanks Yuki..

    Do you mind if you can advise his charges?

    If i cant find a good female gynae then i will have to choose a male.

    Feel weird to let a male "touch me".

    My only concern is how many times must i let him "check" my personal area.. beside the part where i am about to deliver.

    Most of my friends are engaging Dr Lawerence Ang's service cuz all are staying in SBW area.

  24. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member


    I remember myself paying him a $500+ for the package?

    1 visit per month n when date is nearer it will be 2week 1 time..

    He nv check my personal area everytime when i visit him le.

    Remember the first time he did cause he wan to do some check. Then everytime i go visit him he only do scanning checking on bb growing process.

    Finally when my due date is coming he will insert his finger to check how low is the bb.

    I doesnt wan a male to touch me too but was told that male doc is more gentle rather compare to a female doc. Cause the female dr is aware of how sensative we are. So they will anyhow. Where else for the male doc they will be more careful to us.

    I stayed at cck when i am pregnant n my frens all engage this doc too. So they recommended me him. Will sure go back to him if i plan for #2 wahaha.. Then when my due date is near i went back to smb n stay with my mum.

    Dr adrian is quite famous. U can also read abt him in the forum. Quite afew of our may thread in the forum use him. He is someone whom talk less n work very fast. If u have any doubts he will reply u very detail..

    U know sunplaza got thomas women clinic too? They are more exp quite a lot of pregnant women there too. But comparing the prices Dr Adrian cheaper.

  25. devil_pinky

    devil_pinky Member

    Hi yuki,

    I am not sure of the thomas women clinic? I only know Dr Lawerence Ang, his charges starts from $550.

    The forum got so many ppl recommending him.

    Well i had a SLN female gynae last time, she almost made me lost my daughter, luckily my mum insisted her to check again and then i was awarded and nwo my girl is 7. It's a long story.. and yet forum there are a handful ppl still recommending her located at TMC. She used to be from KKH - Senior Consultant.

    Well it's true that the male gynae tend to be more caring and careful and they will be nicer to us. cuz they did not go through the labour pain whereas the female gynae who had gone thru will tell you " ya it's like that" nothing to worry.. don't need to kick a big fuss etc..

    Then i went for the Amnio test cuz the blood test shown abnormality and guessed what i only had 0.5 days mc and my doc say it's safe.. (btw i was 20 only).

    But my friend who did the test because she is 35, she was given 1 week mc (male gynae). my friend had all the comfort and nice words where i got all the ya ya ya ok ok like that.. it's normal reply and worst 0.5 days mc.

    anw despite the bad experience i know my hubby prefers a female gynae but he told me he respect my decision and that he wants me to be comfortable.

    so i am not sure...i am hoping and trying to get a good female gynae..

    But CCK is very far for me and i hate sengkang area. sigh...

  26. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member


    U r so young!!!

    Wahaha.. so i think most of us here r young mummy.

    And ur daughter so big liao.. xin fu lor..

    When i am jus pregnant for 1month i did went kkh for check up taking all the blood test and was also told to "chou yang shui" think that is amnio test. I didnt ans them straight but i told the doc saying i need to go back n think abt it. So both me n my hubby decided not to take as mention only women that is older like 30 or 40 of age need to do the test. i feel that i am young so no point doing amnio n my relative told me amnio is to insert a tube n get some liquid from the bb brain. After knowing that i so scare so dun wan. I change to Dr Adrian after that n everything goes smoothly.

    Anyway my advise to u is, u r the one that is pregnant so its best to get a doc that u r comfortable with. Man dunno anything they only know how to play with kid. Sad to say haha..

    If u r unhappy with the current doc seek for another one. Dun relay on jus 1 doc.

    Can understand how u feel cause i am once like u. Doc say i have to induce cause bb water bag low. But i havent full term so scare bb got problem jus do as what doc say. Went for induce insert 4pill but bb jus dun feel like coming out. below dun wan open at all until doc break my waterbag. 12long hrs of waiting. Lucky bb come out ok.

  27. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member

    Btw Dr Lawerence Ang is located at where?

  28. devil_pinky

    devil_pinky Member

    well my water bag leaked on Monday but my due date is wednesday and i dint know it was leaking because it's at the top part so it leaked once in every 8- 10 hours..so i just waited till wednesday.

    I told the doc when i went on wed but she just did a very brief and short check up. My mum accompanied me and she told the doctor to check again. Despite her being scolded by the doctor (cuz Doc say i check already). The Doc checked again and this time she went deeper and without informing me, she told the nurse to put me on wheelchair, immediate admission, and put on drip.

    If my mum didn't insist, she told me to come back 1 week later cuz she is on vacation tomorrow evening.

    Anyway, my hubby is very understanding he wants me to be comfortable and i also wants him to feel comfortable.the fact i know he prefer the male gynae, i have my doubts on choosing a male gynae..

    anw we shall see how..hopefully i get preg by next month haha... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    my girl is P1 already so it's time for me to have another one.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    Hope you have another one soon.

  29. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member


    HAHA my boy still very young la cannot so fast.

    need to wait till next year maybe.

    Am planning for rabbit gal. q

  30. eoneon

    eoneon New Member

    yuki: im old already. just turned 30 years old 2weeks+ back ^_^

  31. devil_pinky

    devil_pinky Member

    Yuki: Dr Lawerence Ang is located at Sun Plaza, Sembawang

  32. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member


    U dun look like ur age la.. Pretty look young.

    Mrs tan, Sun plaza 3rd level?? Which clinic???

  33. pinky_devil

    pinky_devil Guest

  34. eoneon

    eoneon New Member

    yuki: thanks for the compliment wor. hehe ^_^

  35. bibi81

    bibi81 Guest

    Hi I am back.. MIA for a while. DIdnt know my thread was active cos no body replied for a while.

    Do exchange my on facebook too okie? Fern Lim

    Congrats on those preggie and planning no 2

    Me too. I am planning no 2. Prefer a rabbit girl too. Will start end of this year[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    Used to see a gyne from Tanglin shopping centre but now I feel its too far to go there.. Heard many good and not so good review of Dr Lawerence ANg. May try him for my no 2[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    My only son now is 27 months. WIll be placing him in TOts house Playgroup next year. for 2 hours class[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    Mummies how u find this school[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  36. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member


    There is quite afew fern lim in fb.. :p

    where is tots house playgroup??

  37. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member

    devil_pinky (pinky_devil)& Mrs Tan (devil_pinky) is the same person??

  38. bibi81

    bibi81 Guest

    HI Yuki.

    Add me on fern_agape@singnet.com.sg

    What yours? Maybe I can add you?

    Its at Blk 484...At Sembawang area. few braches around here.

  39. im_emily

    im_emily New Member


    Can I join in the discussion? I stays near Admiralty mrt and has a 6mth+ old baby boy. Also already hoping for a baby girl end of next year.

  40. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member

    Hi Emily =)

  41. luvbbworld

    luvbbworld New Member


    I added u in fb le..

  42. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member

    sorry its me..

  43. bibi81

    bibi81 Guest

    Hi. who added me ah? I will add you later. by tonite.

    So many TTC for baby girl end of this year? haha. With one son of 27 months already very tiring.. hopefully can manage two when time comes[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  44. bibi81

    bibi81 Guest

    Hi Yuki,

    Added you liao. You looked pretty young and sweet mummy and cute baby! haha. where do you stay?

    How old are you? You looked pretty young too[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  45. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member


    hee thanks..

    u r another pretty mummy too.


    I staying at canberra rd 400 +

    me in my 24year old this year..

  46. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member


    my son now this age abit tiring when i thought of planning to have another one.

    So scare its a boy again.

    Cause hubby side, he got 2brother. No sister.

  47. bibi81

    bibi81 Guest


    Thanks[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Me am 29. much older then u.. lao already lah. So me need plan no2 want ttc a gal rabbit baby by this year end lor.

    YOu dont rush. wait till boy turns 2 also not too late. If not may be hard to manage and who is helping you with your boy currently.

    We must both jia you for bb gal[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Me also want a rabbit bb gal not boy again lor.

  48. moonyuki

    moonyuki Member

    ppl was saying if wan a gal must do in the morning n also hubby must eat more vege..

    i was thinking of fast fast close factory then can go out n work.

    Looks like currently here the mummies have boy instead n was planning for a gal next year...

  49. bibi81

    bibi81 Guest


    accurate a not.. haha. i heard about vegetable for man only.

    you still young can wait a while more lor. me old liao.. now 29 liao.. cant wait too long liao but actually i feel one child still managable if two dont know how.. hehe

    seems a few mummies staying around admiralty area. i am staying at the blue coral windows one. See when can arrange a play date for our kids if have time lor[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    Jia you for all those ttc a rabbit girl this year[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  50. bibi81

    bibi81 Guest

    Hi Emily,

    Welcome, do add me to facebook if keen[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    can exchange tips there.

    your baby still quite young hor.. planning no 2 soon? hehe[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    My son 2 plus. I still a little stressed about planning no2 as he is very attached to me up to now. that time dont know how i am going hanldle two kiddos men..


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