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! Wan to know if Indonesian maid has increase their salary?

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by orbitmummy, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. orbitmummy

    orbitmummy Member

    I have confirm a replacement maid in Dec 2010 and suppose to come in this Feb. My agent told me last min aft cny holidays that the maid couldnt come and ask me to choose another one..

    ALL of them r asking for $430 to $450. The maid which I had give was only $330 (inexperience maid).

    R u mummies facing the same problems? Is it true all the maid asking for such high salary? I thinking of changing agency but dun wanna pay another sum of agent fee. Feel like sceaming at the agent!! AGGRRHH

  2. sharon_tan

    sharon_tan New Member

    I signed a maid package with my maid agency in E/Nov but that time they promised to give me fresh maid(from indo) in B/Jan. However, due to some arrangement problem, I delay it till after CNY(which the new maid just came my home this Tuesday)..her salary is $350 with no off day. Claimed to have 2 years ex-local(in indo)experience..but i saw her performance and ask her whether work b4 as domestic help(maid), she said she just worked inside factory..

    Although i dun have similiar problem like yours, but i'm now have big communication problem with current new maid. My family can speak english, malay and mandarin..but then this indo 26YO young lady, seemed not from indo but from "outer space"..She dun even understand malay(quite similiar to indo language) and super poor english..
    I speak to her like talk to air, tell her what I need her do, she just always "Yes. Mdm. Yes, Mdm" if not then "Sorry, Mdm"..Do thing super slow in action, reaction also super slow when come to kid...i really doubt her age(but she looked like her 26, sigh)..

    i had complaint to my agent this morning.
    If situation doesn't change after one week trial, i think i will choose another maid(maybe philipino) but i willing to pay max $400 per mth..sigh...
  3. yernying

    yernying Member

    also donno y salary increase so much.my maid call home,her mother told her new indo maid salary is 400.lucky she said 400.now my maid wait for me increase to this amount.that is a big jump from 340 to 400 dollars per month.
  4. purplebird

    purplebird Member

    I have currently engaged an ex-Singapore Indo maid with 2 yrs exp, paid $400 for her, w/o off day. I think have to scout for smaller agencies as their rates could be more affordable
  5. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    I went to an agency last week, their maid's salary is $450 now.
  6. blue_skies

    blue_skies Member

    I have an Indo maid now, and her salary is $330, working with me for coming to 2 yrs and her contract expires in July this year. Initially wanted to give her $380 for new salary but she requested a bit more coz she said her parents aren't working anymore. We agreed on $400 and she was happy. I think most important is not to let them feel short-changed lah.

    I've also got a baby coming this July so I told her she's going to have to help out at night etc, thus the increment also.

    But yes, apparently when she called home, her parents also told her new maid salary is now $450. But I told her you cannot compare with the new maids because their bond might also be longer. Anyone knows how long the bond is for the new maids?
  7. hiccup

    hiccup Member

    My sis just selected an Indonesian maid. Salary is $400. No experience at all. May have to top up salary of my maid who joined me in Jan this year. An experienced maid who can speak Cantonese as she worked in hong kong before.
  8. mummyboi

    mummyboi Member

    dun be mislead by the pay hike.
    its only for new maid who are still in their countries.
    those transferred maid or wish to change employer maid, just tell them you can go back to yr country, pay the placment fees(2 to 3k) again and you can come as $450 a month.
  9. purplebird

    purplebird Member

    I have just engaged an ex-Singapore FDW from Indonesia on 12th March. Superb English and fast in action. I paid $400 w/o leave. Their rates are about $400-$420. I have called upon many bigger agencies but their rates are hefty -$450 onwards. I went to a smaller one, called "Patience Employment Agency" at AMK. Happy with their service and of course their recommendation to me. I further understand that other than pay hike for new Indo maids, the agency fees is going to increase definitely inview of recent ruling by Indonesia govt that maids' withhold salary by agency will be max $1000 (or 2 mths) instead of the usual 6-8mths. Good luck to all mummies that you will get a suitable helper...
  10. lovinkae

    lovinkae New Member

    i'm still waitin for my indo replacement maid. at 1st, got an indo transfer maid in early dec 2010. she had 2 yrs exp in indo n 10mths exp wif an indian family in s'pore. however, she was sent back to d agency cuz d indian family gonna migrate to india (dunno how true).
    anyways, her salary was $360. had to return her after 1+mth cuz she really darn lousy.
    got a replacement, salary was $370. this happened right after govt announced pay increase for maids. but her pay still remained as $370 as we already chose her b4 the announcement. However, she failed her english & was sent back.
    now waiting for another maid, pay's $400. oni had 3yrs exp in m'sia. many other maids, the salary's abt $420 now. those $450 & above, their exp shld b few yrs in s'pore, hk, etc. thats y can command such high pay ....
    so sway 1st maid cannot make it. now have to waste so much $ on another one ... some more i have to delay gettin' back to work.
  11. bugaboo

    bugaboo New Member

    Anyone has good indo maid for transfer? I'm looking for an experienced maid that has baby sitting experience,to help taking care of new born baby. Looking to start employing the maid in August.
  12. happyface1

    happyface1 Member

    Hi mummy out there,

    Will you think recent case, that the maid to get a day off a week will casue even more trouble for either country to increase maid fee again????? What your view?

    For my maid, she also ask me for increase of pay as her contract is $330. I told her that the new salary is for newer maid that need extra $1000 loan to come over to work with that salary.

    Now with such different in the Salary, I am worry that she wont renew the contract. The most give her $350 with a day off.

  13. lovinkae

    lovinkae New Member

    happyface: if ur maid noes the market rate for maids now, i doubt she'll stay on with u. now min. for non-experienced maid in other countries' is $400. experience in m'sia, will command at least $420.

    since ur maid arady has experience working in s'pore, her pay can fetch $450, thereabouts, or a min. of $420 ...

    halimah yaacob really dio cursed by a lot of people with maids. muz be she same skin colour with the maids, so she's fighting for them.
  14. wendylkm

    wendylkm New Member

    i increase my maid salary from $340 to $400 for her 2nd year contract thinking naively that she would be happy working for me. Just 3 mths in her 2nd contract she told me she wants to go home in Dec. Was damn angry! She told me her mum force her to go Taiwan cos the pay there is ard SGD1K each mth. I was speechless!
  15. nitaspec3

    nitaspec3 New Member

    During hari raya time, i went out with all my friends and fmly, one of my friend have maid just joint her..her maid asking my maid how much her salary..my maid salary $360, my friend $420..I said to my maid..why you highlighting this matter, thinking of getting that amount, to tell the truth i can't afford to pay you that amount..it is up to you to decide to stay with me or find another employer..Her reply no..i still want with you..not about money..I asked her are you sure..she said she is happy with me..yes salary is high..but happy or not...so for me..i know i can't afford at that stage of amount..so my present maid continue with us, see how she is on leave for 2wks..don't know whether is she coming back...so i just standby..
  16. happyface1

    happyface1 Member

    Well,well,well, newly update , I asked my maid 2 days ago, the childrens love you so much, will you considered to stay if i increase more salary to $400. She says no, want to go back marry.......
    ....so siah liao....need to find another maid an retraining..
  17. dodolee

    dodolee Member

    Happy face, let your maid go. The truth is, the amt in other countries may be higher but how many of them can afford such high amt? So even its true the pay is high, she may not get an employer. If she really want to go home to get married, then you also cannot stop her ;p ...

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