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Venting out

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by dragonmama, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. dragonmama

    dragonmama New Member

    Hello mommies,

    I'm a 1st time mom. Can't wait to "offload" & hold my little one in my arms. =)

    Now that I stumbled across this forum, I realized I'm not alone. I'm so guilty & stressed about my high mc & urgent leave rate that I kept crying & feel so helpless, so useless.

    Pregnancy has been a tough one so far. Abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting & these past weeks, fever, flu, painful throat, splitting headaches & backaches. I couldn't sleep at all at night, some days if I'm lucky, I finally get so drained & managed to sleep for 2-3 hrs.

    It's frustrating, I'm so tired yet I can't sleep, I didn't want to resort to medication but I have to.

    I keep getting people telling me don't be a cry baby, it's all part & parcel of pregnancy, have to be strong, means baby is growing well, blah blah blah... I'm a positive person but perhaps all the more I'm feeling even depressed.

  2. lithurgical

    lithurgical New Member

    hi dragonmama i also had the same xperience when i was pregnant wif my daughter 6 mths ago..but all that pain n struggle ends when i held her in my arms.think positive n enjoy the journey of pregnancy
  3. lexnchris

    lexnchris Member

    Hi Dragonmama, happen to come in and read.. be careful and watch yourself as I went thru post natal depression and it sounds like you're going thru the same. Dr Helen Chan is a very good psychologist in KKH if you need someone to talk to. She helped me a lot. They also have group sessions for mummies. Strongly recommend to all mummies going thru pregnancy alone without family/husband support. Take care. Meanwhile you can read thru threads about mummies having baby problems to pre empt yourself then you won't be so panicky or be overwhelmed. I didn't have any confinement lady to help me & took care of bb myself. Need any advise, can PM me.
  4. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Hope you're feeling better, dragonmama, relax and take good care of yourself. Over-anxiety won't do you and the bb any good.
  5. ryan_mummy

    ryan_mummy Active Member

    hi there, don't cry too much. it affects the baby.
    perhaps u can join the forum for same birth month so you can share your feelings. there r ppl probably in same situation as you.

    If you need to talk to someone, can always vent here or eat some comfort food. perhaps try talking to your husband?

    I also had issues as i had low amniotic fluid. took 1 week of mc then my toddler kenna hospitalized. i took another 1 week immediately after finishing my MC.

    my boss understands the needs though he's fustrated i disrupt workflow.

    when i come back 2weeks later, i have super work piling at my desk. i had to work OT to clear backlog.

    whatever happens at work, it's office. but the baby you are carrying is your flesh n blood. you shld never need to feel guilty about not being able to be a good worker. it's more impt to be a good mother. [​IMG]

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