Urinary tract infection + MCU

Hi lala, I didn't ask the doctor abt antibiotics and immunity, as it seems no choice but hv to take. The only consolation i could get from the doc is that the daily antibiotics is low-dosage and so far, there have been no known ill effect due to long term consumption. One doc said some kids take it up to 6YO.

UTI is caused prob by hygenie??

hi lala, how old is your girl? she can complain abt pain when urination? that's also good.

hmm, prevent UTI ah? drink cranberry juice? heard of tat for adults but not sure for kids. Doc ever said for kids that are toilet-train, do let them pee frequently as it's not good to hv a full bladder. we also wash the kid's butt with soap after he 'poops'.

for boy, there are conflicting reports abt circumsion and UTI. So i aso dunno whether to believe. anyway, cannot bear to put my boy thru the process...
hi lala, sorry read back and found ur girl is 20months now? hmm, if the urine is clear and she doesn't hv fever, i tink no need to worry abt UTI. Once my boy's urine has bacteria but he didn't hv fever so doc aso said it's ok.

Does ur gal cry when she said pain? is she expressing herself correctly? cos my kid sometimes say wrong things e.g. cold, he will say Hot.
mummies, my pd recommend to give bb probiotics esp when they are on long term antibiotics so that it can replace some good bacteria wiped out by the antibotics.
I am giving ds Solaray Babylife from pd, also available at GNC

may i know from mummies whose child with reflux taking what antibotic?
my ds is taking celexin and now soficlor
hi Littlefire, hmm, good point abt the probiotics. I have never considered it before. Will check with PD.

My son is currently taking trimethoprin daily.
Dear all, any advice? My girl is recently diagnosed with UTI with high fever of 39 degree. Am i correct to say that the higher the fever, the higher the possibility of reflux?
Hi alyjas,
i dun think high fever indicates higher possibility of reflux, the fever indicates the degree of infection. if the fever remains high and persistant after treatment, then you have to be more careful
by the way, just want to share, i brought my son to see tcm and i mentioned to her abt his UTI. She prescribed some medicine which she told me will help in controlling his UTI a bit.
hi alyjas, agreed with littlefire : high fever doesn't mean high chance of reflux. Since your girl is confirmed with UTI, then she should be on antibiotics? Her fever should go down within 1-2 days after taking antibiotics.

littlefire : hmm, TCM? interesting... Btw, do you pull back the foreskin of your son to clean for prevention of UTI?
mission, ya i did. cos pd also mentioned that ds foreskin a bit tight so got to clean very carefully otherwise might collect bacteria

alyjas, the only way to confirm reflux is thru MCU test. Dun worry too much. Actually, usually if boys has UTI, higher chance of reflux compared to girls.
Hi littlefire, there were a couple of times i pulled the foreskin to clean and there was a bit of blood, cos maybe i pulled too much. sigh, heart-pain when my son will push my hand away and say 'pain pain'. now we just pull back once a day and if it's too tight, i just dun pull back. considered circumsion but also can't bear to put my boy thru it...
same here! pd also suggest circumsion but i also cannot swallow the thots of putting him thru that.
i think you pull too hard, think you have to be very gentle, its very sensitive leh you will hurt him like that.
how old is your son? is he due for another MCU?
yah... now he's getting older, it gets tighter so i dun pull back as much as when he was a baby.

my boy is now abt 27 months old. PD says to do MCU around year-end, which is 2.5 years after the last MCU. Cos he said it is unlikely to have improved. I can't believe time flies and it's already 2 years that he has been diagnosed and on the daily antibiotics.

How old is your son? any plans for next MCU?
he is 10mths old. i wanted to do another MCU when he is 1.5yrs old so that he can off antibiotics earlier but PD also feels it is not useful to redo MCU below 2.
Hi, is this thread still active? My daughter went for her MCU and she has grade 1 reflux on both side. According to Doctors, the reflux is very mild and she will outgrow by the time she is older. Can I check how much is the dosage by the PD? She is taking Cephalexin. Thanks.
Hi, thanks. Can I check which PD she is seeing? My girl's PD prescribe 1.5ml but the KK pd prescribe 5 ml. Not sure whether KK is more conservative. Her reflux is only Grade 1 but on both side. Both PD dont think this is a major thing but why the high dosage by KK PD? Sigh. By the way, how high is your son's fever during his UTI? Think I am getting a 3rd opinion.
Hi mummies, for those who have done the DMSA and there is scarring, does it mean that the kidneys with the scarring will be smaller in size? The PD says we have to monitor the growth of her kidneys. Anyone can share pls?
Hi mummies
My bb boy is turning 5mths soon and he contracted UTI. He finished his course of antibiotics and did another round of urine test which show negative presence of bacteria.

PD advised to do kidney ultrasound and MCU and we will be gg to TMC to do the tests.

Wanna ask if parents can accompany their bb when the tests are performed. I heard that at Eastshore, they do not allow parents follow. So worried that it will be too traumatize for my bb.
hi alyjas, my son has urine reflux grade 4 on 1 side. he is currently taking 3.5ml per night of trimethonprin. He is currently 2.5 YO but I cant remember his wt.

How old is your gal? 1.5 ml vs 5ml is quite a big difference... Yes, agreed u could get a 3rd opinion or ask both KKH and ur PD why the difference.

My son did DMSA but no scarring. Hmm, our PD didn't mention abt monitoring the growth of his kidneys.
hi serene yeo, for my son's MCU, he was given sedation so was sleeping. A nurse brought him to do the test so I didn't see at all what happened. my boy was not traumatize cos zzz thru out.

For another test - DMSA, he didn't manage to sleep so I went in the xray room with him and had to wear some lead jacket... and of cos, he cried & cried. But no choice lor.
oh serene, we did our MCU at Mt Alvernia hosp. And for ultrasound scan, it's v simple so u can be there too. anyway, ultrascan is not v useful leh (imho).
Hi mission, thanks for your replies. I brought my girl to see the nephrology specialist in kkh. They specialize in kidney and related disorders. Reflux falls under their purview since it may cause kidney problem. The Dr proposes no anti-biotics as her reflux is very mild. But my girl got nappy rash today. Not sure whet its uti.
hi mummies

any latest cases of UTI that can share with me?

my gal got UTI and was admitted to KK for 4 days and subsequent antibiotics for one month.

my appt is on 9 Sep to do kidney ultrasound followed by seeing the doc at Clinic K...
anyone can advise the cost?

and also what other tests they will ask us to do subsequent? and costs?
hi nagsterak, i cannot remember the costs. think kidney ultrasound isn't exp, maybe $50? Subsequent tests could be MCU which is a few hundred - MCU is to determine whether the kid has urine reflux. If the result is yes, then can do DSMA which is to determine if kidneys are scarred - that's another few hundred. my kid took these tests/xray at Mt A and Glen E. I'm sure KKH should be cheaper.
Hi Nagsterak, my daughter is warded in KKH but we did both tests at Thomson. The ultrasound is about $100+ and MCU is about $268. KKH is cheaper. Think MCU should be around !97, if I am not wrong. Is your baby running a high fever? Which KKH doctor are you seeing?
while waiting for another month for MCU, did ur babies take another round of antibiotics?
i dun really understand why we cant do the MCU on the first appt too?
Hi, I am not sure about KKH because like what I mentioned, my baby done her MCU with Thomson. Which KKH doc are you seeing?
i went to my family doc who suspected she had UTI cos she had fever with no symptoms...
i went to polyclinic for urine test and my doc told me to admit her...went to KK and was told to see the A&E docs again...they saw her again and took the urine tests again....one hr later, they confirmed that she has UTI and she admitted..

she was in KK for 5 days and discharged on 1st Aug...i just went for the kidney scan on 9th sep and they schedule her for MCU on 7 Oct and told me to continue antibiotics for another month....her kidney scan is ok...growth and size is normal..

i just dont understand why MCU cant be done soon? the doc who advised on her kidney scan says its due to they are scared of remaining residues...
Hi nagsterak, hmm, u mean the KKH doc said to take antibiotics for 1 whole month? For my son's case, he took antibiotics for ard 7-10 days to clear the UTI and then we scheduled for MCU shortly.

Hmm, i also can't understand why MCU cannot be done after UTI is cleared. Maybe u could get 2nd opinion? My take is unfortunately, for public hospitals, things may move slower. I would prefer a private hosp's PD whom I trust and so far I found them was quite decisive.
Hi mummies,
my 9 month old girl was down with fever and PD confirms UTI through urine test and currently on course of antibiotics. However she mentioned that it could be a false positive as my girl came down with rashes after her 2-day fever. Anyone encountering the same can advice?

From what i read, a lot of babies who had UTI was admitted for further tests, my PD only suggested a 2 week course of antibiotics and redo the urine test again. She did mention US for kidney after all that but i'm still worried about whether it's serious or not.

Do i need to request for MCU test asap or stick to the PD's suggestion?

Thanks in advance.
hi Nigella, how did the PD confirmed it was UTI? Did she do urine culture test or just urine dip stick test? The dip stick test is not accurate, but the urine culture test is quite accurate leh... so i'm not sure how it can be 'false positive'.

MCU is an invasive procedure so it is really up to you whether you want to let ur gal go thru it.

For me, i didn't let my kid do MCU the 1st time he kena UTI. we oni went for it the 2nd time and it proved that he really had urine reflux.

For ultra-scan, i think just do it as a precaution lor. anyway, it's quite simple.
Hi mummies,

My son does not have UTI but he was diagnosed with left kidney bigger than normal. Do you think I should do MCU to check for urine reflux? Anyone can share their experience?
Hi mummies
my boy is 3 months old and had uti recently. warded in kkh for 3 days. given a course of oral antibiotics for 9 days. scheduled for ultrasound in late jan.
ultrasound is estimated to be $150 (private rate)

what determines if MCU shld be done?
hi mico, i think for the 1st time UTI, it's up to you whether to do MCU. PD will suggest MCU but as it's an invasive procedure, you have to decide whether to go for it. For 2nd time UTI, then i believe PD will highly recommend it.

IMHO, just do MCU while the child is still young. if no reflux, all is well. If there is reflux, it is diagnosed early before next UTI occurrence.
HI Mission, after the ultrasound, PD said kidneys looked normal and discharged my boy.
She did not even give me the option to do MCU.
I guess i will not subject my boy to MCU since PD does not think it is necessary now.
hi ladies, my son also has UTI and grade 3. we found out when he was burning high fever at 4mths. and since then he's been put on daily anti-biotics and quarterly urine test for infection.

we did the urine test in the clinic and it was positive for infection. then immediately the PD sent us for the kidney scan, which turned out ok. but even after tat, he still insisted my boy go thru the MCU. so we did the MCU and it was just horrible procedure. dun get me wrong, i'm glad the PD insisted on the MCU coz if not, we'll never know.. and there is that risk of kidney damage and watnots. i mean, i cant take any risk when we're talking permanent kidney scarring/damage.
hi mummies,

my boy who is 1 yr old, recently had a bout of UTI, so our PD asked us to bring him for the ultrascan and MCU. Having read all the details of MCU, I'm really so sad that I have to subject my son to such a test like MCU, but like what so many of you have advised, this test is necessary.

May i know any recommended hospital to do the MCU test, such that the procedure is not so painful? or at least you feel that the people administering the tests are more gentle/not so rough? Thks thks.
Hi yanyen, hmm, my son did his MCU at Mount A when he was around 5 months old. he was given oral sedation and just slept thru it. so he didn't go thru any pain (i guess).

we will be scheduling for another MCU at Glen E soon (my kid is now almost 3YO). I'm also afraid how he will take it i.e. whether he will be sufficiently sedated or not. But I guess no choice, just hv to go thru it.

But not to worry too much, I guess. I'm sure most hosp staff are gentle with children and try their best. Childnre hv short-term memories so they will get over it quickly.

Hope that the result of your boy's MCU will be favorable. ;)
yanyen, my son did his at gleneagle. make sure that baby is sufficiently sedated before they start the procedure. i felt that my boy was not totally sedated, he started crying the min the procedure started.. and cried throughout. i was made to wait outside and it was just very difficult for me to not rush in.

it's a very traumatic experience for both of us but it's really necessary to prevent long term damage.

All the best to your boy..hope the result is good.
Hi mummies,

Thanks for your comments and encouragement
I'm really glad to find some advice in this forum.

My PD gave me a bottle of sedation medicine and we are supposed to give my boy about 3ml half hour before the MCU procedures. Did you all had to sedate your children yourself? I always thought the hospital will do the sedation, so a bit apprehensive about sedating my boy ourselves. Actually how do we know if the child is sedated enough? Sedation = sleep? or just drowsy?

Mission, hope your boy goes through the MCU smoothly as well and that the results will be good
Hi yanyen, you mean your PD already gave you the sedation med now? hehe, so interesting. For my case, I think we were given the medicine just before the MCU. Can't remember who fed the baby - prob us. Then we waited about 30min and the baby was fast asleep.

hmm, how to know if the child is sedated enough? poke him? hehe... just kidding. I guess if he doesn't rouse when he is being carried about, then he should be sedated enough.

How about try and schedule the MCU just before your boy's usual nap?
Hi Mission,

Yep, the sedation medicine is with us now, have to bring to TMC(where the tests will be carried out). Thanks, hope my boy can sleep throughout. He's very very light sleeper, no use bringing him during his nap time hee.
Hi all,

some updates, my son went for the u/smy son has grade 2 reflux on one side, the other side is okie. but put on antibiotics for 3 - 5 years.

for mummies whose child also on such anitbiotics, do your PD also recommend probiotics? any good ones to recommend? thks
hi yanyan, grade 2 reflux is considered low, so chances of him improving would be good. What antibiotics is he taking?

My boy is taking Trimethodprin nightly. PD didn't prescribe probiotics but did mention it's good to take yogurt. So i did let my boy take yogurt / yakult once in a while.
hi ladies,

my boy is also taking trimethodprin daily and will be taking for the next 3-5yrs as well. so far, i've been taking him to quarterly urine test and semi-annual kidney scan. and everytime he has fever of some sort, i get an anxiety attack for fear tat it's his reflux prob causing infection.. *sigh..

liewb, my boy has been taking trimethodprin for 2.5 years liow. he's now 3YO. going for next MCU this month. Pray for the best but also preparing to accept whatever results.

i also got v anxious when he has fever, fearing it is UTI, and would insist the doc do a urine dipstick test. Now i learnt to calm down and if there are other symptoms e.g. coughing, runny nose, then it's not UTI.

What's the kidney scan? ultra-sound scan? Hmm, my PD didn't ask me to do that.