!!!!Urgent need for Part Time maid!!!! Recommend..


Hi any of you using a part time maid and willing to recommend to me.. Need 1 that can speak English..

$10/hr is my budget..

I dont want to go thru the agency cause im not willing to pay agency fee..

Pls help


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I'm looking for part time helper for 2-3 hrs during weekend. Pls PM me any contacts.



Hi all,

I am staying in punggol and looking for part time helper during weekend. Pls PM me if you have any contacts.

Thanks a lot !
Hi all

Staying at Pioneer and looking for a cleaning helper for 3 hrs. $10/hr is my budget.

Pls PM me if you have contacts. Tks a lot!


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Am wondering whether u all have found the part-time cleaner? Nobody replied????? My sis also looking for one. Pls kindly PM me if u have one to recommend. Thanks alot. West area. Weekends.


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Hi my name is Song and I stay opposite Redhill MRT station. Both I and my wife are working. I need someone to come to my house to do cleaning once a week during weekday. For a start, I hope she can come on weekend for 4hrs/wk. Once I’m confident with her work and character she can come on weekday afternoon when no one is at home.

I’m also looking part timers who can help me fetch my kid from a childcare near tanjong pagar mrt to my house on weekdays.

Please recommend thanks!!
Tel 96157853


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Am staying at punggol.
I am also looking for part-time cleaning helper during weekend, 3-4 hrs. Budget $10/hr.

Please pm me the contacts too! Thanks!



I am staying at Potong Pasir. I am also looking for part-time cleaning helper during weekend, 3-4 hrs. Budget $10/hr.

Please pm me the contacts too! Thanks!


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Hi dear all,

I am staying at Woodlands.

I will like to ask if anybody has a reliable and responsible maid to recommend.

Preferably able to work 3~4 hours a week. ( in the morning )

I will need her to help on the following chores:
- to iron our clothes on weekly basis
- clean the windows/fans on twice a month
- wash two toilets
- clean inside the cabinets of the kitchen every month
- clean the shelves weekly
- clean the mirrors weekly
- sweep/vaccum and mop the floors weekly

Pls email me at [email protected]

Tks and rdgs


I'm staying at pasir ris.
Need a part time maid for 3-4 hours, fortnightly.
Preferably $10 per hr.
Pls pm me if you have good recommendations.

Thank you.


i would like to recommend this cleaning company Chametz Joy. i have been using their service for 2 years. i take monthly package at very reasonable rates. And so far through the years their prices have not increase.

i have recommended a few of my mummies friends to them, and they are very satified with their service. The boss is a young couple. Maybe you would like to try to contact them.

Most cleaning companies would increase the rates during festive seasons, but this company did not. i think they having promotion now, my friend just sign up and got freebies.

Visit their website: http://www.chametzjoy.blogspot.com


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Hi I am staying around tiong bahru and need a part-time maid to help with household chores once a week... On Sunday. Pls let me know if u have anyone to recommend, thanks,
Hello there!

We are from The Brite & Rite Handyman! Our charges are reasonable & cost effective. We offer 6 months and 1 year renewable contracts to our clients.

Monthly package: Once a week @ 4 hours per session: $160/mth NETT

You may of course opt for a 4 hour trials @ $48.00

Please take note that we have a ONE TIME Administrative fee of $100.00. No other hidden charges or fees!

Please feel free to contact our friendly consultants @ 9663 3260 should you have any other queries.

We look forward to your favourable reply. Thank you.

Best Regards,

The Brite & Rite Handyman


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Hi all mummies,pls don't engage foreign part-time maid,eg filipinos,indo maid.They are not allow to work part-time maid ,only 1 employer.If u engage them n get caught by MOM/MOL,both employer and people who engage these part-time maid will get fine and ban from employing foreign maid.Most of these maids work without employer's knowelege,some get x-employer to sign working permit,pay levy themselves,work outside.All these are going against the MOL law.So pls don't get these maids orelse get urself into trouble


Hi, I am looking for part-time cleaner for spring cleaning on weekdays in Punggol. No agency. Pls PM me. Thanks.


hi emama... thanks for the advice. how to tell if they are legal? the prc mamas are legal? but they have no work permit right?


Hi moms, i know of someone who can do cleaning at woodlands area. Pm if u r looking for one. Thks Btw, I m not n agent. Just helping my fren's fren who is looking for a part time job.


Hi my friend is looking for part time maid on 4-5hrs weekly basis, weekday mornings preferred. Location is at balestier (near novena side). Pls pm me ur PT helper's contact.

Thanks !


Dear all,

There is a very reliable and good PT helper that is assisting me now. I have been using her for close to 3 years now.

She is interested in areas nearby only, hougang, buangkok, areas only. SK can try.

You can contact her at this number 91669497, Xiao Chen.


Hi miracle25

I have not enlisted her help with newborn. Basically, she just takes care of the household chores for me like mopping, cleaning of toilets, ironing etc.

When I first engaged her, I was bf-g my son so I requested for 3 hours only. Her current charges is $40 for 3 hours or $45 for 3.5 hours. =)


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Hi All,
i have a part time home cleaner to intro. I'm not her agent or what, just to help her to find part time cleaning job and she offer reasonable price. She is hardworking and a person who is clean. She is Singaporean and have experience in this area. She only speak chinese.

Please kindly contact her @ 83991462 to discuss with her.