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Urgent court order for child custody?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by icy42, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. icy42

    icy42 New Member

    Anyone has this kinda experience?

    My kid is currently wif my hb, he refused to return me after the current agreed interim access thru lawyers. I have not been seeing my kid for almost 2 weeks.

    Can anyone advise?

  2. whiteclover

    whiteclover New Member

    is ur child back to you? pls ask ur lawyer to take immediate action by filing application to family court. pls do not let ur child stays too long with him otherwise it will b difficult to return ur child back to you once it is dragged too longer.
  3. icy42

    icy42 New Member

    My child is still with him..
    Already applied for interim custody and for interim access..
    He doesn't want to return my kid, even ignored his lawyer's advice.
    Court hearing will be next week, so I really pray hard that I can get at least a court order on dat day..
    The court hearing was on 15/02, postponed to next week..
    The judge has informed both lawyers, that to arrange for supervised access for me to see my kid 3 times a wk, but he still ignores it.
  4. marjassg

    marjassg Member

    is there a court order on custody or access?

    how old is your child
  5. icy42

    icy42 New Member

    Not yet have any outcome from the court.. Next fri will be ther hearing..
    I need to know from experienced ppl here, will the court set an order on dat day itself? Or will the judge ask us to go for mediation. If yes, can I reject? I need the judge to set the order cos mediation won't have any outcome..
  6. whiteclover

    whiteclover New Member

    my experience, we had mediation sessions (2 times) before we go for trial
    then district judge made the decision and come out with the access hours.
    As i didnt attend the court, my lawyer represented me. No objection though but we can appeal later at high court.
    And mine went into high court becos the so called husband was mad over the access hours (daily access - 2 hours daily, except sat and sun only 3 hours). He is a greedy man. His intention to this marriage was to get hold of my son after he was borned and then abandoned me. He tried to take my bb away and i cried during my confinement.
    If your hubby refused to let you see your child despite there is an interim access, you have to ask your lawyer to point it out in the court!
    ANd with the endorsed court order on hand via email fm lawyer... you can print out.
    During the access hours and he still keep the child away from you... i suppose you can call the police???? you have to ask the lawyer what you shld do because you paid his / her Service to advice!How can your hubby disregard court order?!
    WIth the court order, it is no kidding matter okay?!
  7. whiteclover

    whiteclover New Member

    As a mother, i understand how you feel...
    i cried days and nighs for my child despite he is with me. My worries is i scare my child taken away since he was then only less than a year old or so.. (he is at his 16 mths now under my care).
    The pain ... waiting for the verdict. I tried all ways.. including praying to God to hope for miracle.
    I will have you in my prayer and hope for the best. Remember .. you must fight all the way for your child.. Try to keep your child with you.. The child needs a mother ... no matter what.. you dont give up okay?
    Listen to song like "i believe" (by fantasia) (I did that frequently during the trials) It keeps me motivated until now. Never say die and you sure can make it to the last!
    I pray for you..
  8. marjassg

    marjassg Member

    what u need to do is show your sincerity love for your child. Also keep this in your heart and it will help u overcome everything.
  9. whiteclover

    whiteclover New Member

    but it is also important to get a gd lawyer to speak on her (our) behalf becos unless we represent ourselves in court... judge wont knw unless lawyer says n explain to judge the urgency to see the child n giving gd reasons why the child needs the mother more than an unreasonable father. as mentioned in family court, they only look at the child interest n welfare. both parents are equally important.
    i read few legal case about the child taken away fm husband n judge decided to let the toddler to remain w husband n mother granted acess only. that is y we must pay for a good lawyer that can really fight n talk on our behalf.
  10. icy42

    icy42 New Member

    My hubby ignored the judge's verbal instructions to the lawyer; supervised access for me 3 times a week.
    I've stated out the environmental facts and even though I'm working (self-employed), I have almost 6 days a week to take care of my baby myself, with the help of my mum and aunts. While the other side, only has a grandma to take care of my baby during her daddy's working hrs (office hrs).

    I really pray hard to get the custody of my baby, even though the process might be difficult..
    I will perservere, cos nothing will win a mother's love for her kid..

    Tks alot for the advices =)
  11. whiteclover

    whiteclover New Member

    u know i pushed my lawyer to send warning letters to his lawyer.. and those letters we sent will file as a record in affidavits to the court.

    Quite effective cos it is showing how unreasonable he is.

    But i also paid alot for those letters via faxes to his lawyer too. If we think of our child, i think it is worth it. If you ask me to weigh between money and my child, i would rather beg on the street and fork out all money i have to fight back my child.

    In sg, most of the cases we have joint custody but care and control to the mother. Do not let this case drag longer, as mentioned... the longest days the child stays with him.. chances of getting him back is rather slim.

    Btw, do take care of yourself.. hving a healthy body and mindset are extremely important.. to you now! Jia you, MOMMY!
  12. icy42

    icy42 New Member

    Today, his lawyer finally reverted saying letting me having supervised access 6-9pm 3 times a week at his place. But i have to go alone.

    I finally can see my girl.. I dunno will she recognise me =(

    Anyway, the court hearing is this friday if there's no changes. We'll see how from there.
  13. whiteclover

    whiteclover New Member

    if you want to talk to me, you can email me at lovemythingy@yahoo.com and leave your contact number. i will dial you if you want.
    I cant PM you..

    i hope to share some useful information ... before your friday trial
  14. Sharifah Nur Ni'mah

    Sharifah Nur Ni'mah New Member

    Hi are you there? Is it possible for me to come in contact with you? I'm facing the same issue as you now and haven't seen my baby for more than 2 weeks. He took away my 20 month old baby and what's worst is I'm still breastfeeding.

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