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unused sanitary pad wanted from new mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2015 Mums' started by anneneo78, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. anneneo78

    anneneo78 Member

    I heard that there is this belief that if you get unused sanitary pads (already opened the whole pack but not finished using) from new mothers (those within 1st trimester), then the receiver will have a high chance of getting preggie.

    As I am rather desperate to get pregnant (in my late 30s), hence I wonder if there's any kind mummies can spare me 2?
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  2. adlinzul

    adlinzul Member

    Ive nvr heard of tat but my customer got pregnant after she use essential oils .. Have u try using essential oils for fertility?
  3. anneneo78

    anneneo78 Member

    it's a Taiwanese belief and seems that it "works" for many people :)

    I've tried essential oil before for sleep quality and pimple outbreak, but doesnt work on me, so didnt try after that.
  4. jean1986

    jean1986 Member

    No harm trying... Where do you live nearby? Maybe it is better for mummies who stay near you to pass it to you?
  5. friends78

    friends78 Well-Known Member

    I have not heard of it but I do believe in old wives' tale. I went to get hands me down maternity wears for my preg to 'hold' my baby due to my medical conds. I have heart condition and my heart specialists told me that even if I were to be preg, the chances of stillborn are very high. So I wore hands me down maternity clothes of successful births to prevent miscarriage and indeed my two births were smooth and successful. Hope u can get your pads soon.
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  6. noknok

    noknok Member

    I can send it to u if u wan.. pm me ur address. I just stocked up last month (it was only e 2nd cycle that my menses was back) and I got preggy..
  7. jean1986

    jean1986 Member

    Oh does it work for other conditions? Had 2 MC last year. So am really praying the current pregnancy will be a smooth one.
  8. ellesie

    ellesie Active Member

    did you try to get the eggs from zhu sheng niang niang temple when someone who succesfully give birth and return the eggs? I get 2 from it and promise to return once I deliver my babies. Now I am preggy with twins with the help of ivf. I also have left some unused pads, can send you if you want.
  9. friends78

    friends78 Well-Known Member

    I don't know whether it is the clothes or because I took extra care in taking care of myself. Both my pregnancies were very smooth without morning sickness too. I thank my friends and nice online sellers for the maternity wears and am grateful to be mummy.
  10. anneneo78

    anneneo78 Member

    thanks to all helpful mummies..There's a mummy who pm me earlier to pass me hers..thanks to those who are keen to help!
  11. simmama

    simmama Member

    anneneo78, I have heard of this old wives' tales from Taiwan too.
    The Taiwan MILs will asked those preggy women for use pad. (basically they juz wear for afew seconds)
    placed it into a nice pouch and give to their new DIL on their wedding day.

    I am also desperate to try for no. 2 being failed FET this March.
  12. milogal88

    milogal88 Well-Known Member

    @anneneo78 & @simmama , I've also heard of it and got 4 pads in total from 4 different preggy ladies whom I know personally. Apparently it works for 3 of them that's why they passed it to me for baby dusts. But till date still no good news for myself yet :(....but I'm still carrying it around with me hoping for that miracle one day............
  13. simmama

    simmama Member

    milogal88, miracle do happen...
    did you n your hubby go for check-up?
    for myself, I am 100% PCOS :(
  14. milogal88

    milogal88 Well-Known Member

    Yes, we did. TTC for about 4 years. Actually I failed several IUI/SO-IUIs already. Then failed a fresh IVF earlier this June. Going for FET this mth.......long & tedious journey.....and it doesn't help that I'm tested ANA positive & with PCOS as well.
  15. simmama

    simmama Member

    what is "ANA positive"?
    I failed my FET w KKH this march... agree getting preggy is so tedious...
    I hope to regulate my menses so that can start all over again..
  16. anneneo78

    anneneo78 Member

    i hope u mean clean pads, not used soiled ones :p
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  17. milogal88

    milogal88 Well-Known Member

    To simplify, ANA i.e. Anti Nuclear Antibodies are cells that attack the other cells in your body. Often, it could be the reason why IUI or IVF failed coz it treats the embryo as foreign object and attacks it. Oh! I'm with KKH too and under Dr Tan HH. Yourself?

    Did you try TCM? It does help to tiao your body and might help to regulate your menses.
  18. anneneo78

    anneneo78 Member

    I was previously with KKH for ivf as well this June, under Dr Jerry Chan.
    Did kkh test for ANA? Dun recall that item under the tests taken...btw, anyone knows if we can request to take back the tests results for both hubby and myself? Didnt even get a chance to see my results last time.
  19. milogal88

    milogal88 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if KKH test for ANA coz I was seeing a rheumatoid doc previously as I had underlying condition of rheumatoid arthritis hence was tested for it. THH is aware of my condition so for my coming FET, he started me on aspirin.

    I did request a copy of our BT results done, over at the kkhivf centre counter. They did zap and gave me a copy. So currently are you taking a break from ttc or going for FET?
  20. simmama

    simmama Member

    1st IVF by Dr. Sadhana in 2010
    1st FET by Dr. Tan HH (claimed that my embryos are very good, good lining as well.. didn succeed) in Feb 2014
    I went to this Parkway TCM called Ban Choon Chan in year 2011
  21. simmama

    simmama Member

    I have asked KKH to discard the balance of 3eggs.. think my fate with KKH is not good.
    Today gg to SGH to see another gynae to seek for his opinion.
    This will be my final attempt.. as age is catching up also a tedious process to thru..
  22. simmama

    simmama Member

    Yup, not soiled ones of course ;)
    But I told also heard of some asked the preggy woman (in Taiwan) to wear for a few seconds and put inside a pouch to those who are TTCing...
  23. milogal88

    milogal88 Well-Known Member

    Actually, I feel that in TTC-ing journey is all about luck. THH also did comment that IVF is all about trial & error. when patients fail, they as docs also feel very stressed. And there are some ladies with several medical conditions but managed to BFP.

    I also had good embroys (grade 4) and perfect lining but also didn't succeed n af actually came way before my scheduled BT! then my fren with a grade 3 strike in her 1st fresh! Well, probably our fate with a bb in our arms is not here yet. I had seen BCC @ parkway before as well! but I stopped seeing him after a few mths. his waiting time is way too long!

    Issit that you can't transfer out the balance eggs to sgh? coz I feel like quite sayang to discard them leh. Hope with a change of gyne brings you better luck. Mind me asking, how old are you? I'm giving myself another 2 fresh and 2 fet & zap out govt grant before I call it quits. :D
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  24. simmama

    simmama Member

    38 this year :(
    Agree w you.. me & hubby reached there as early as 7am to start queueing and only see him at 10am as there are 4 couples infront of us already...
    This will be my final attempt already. Wanted to give my boy another sibling. TTC for 10years b4 having my boy (via natural after a surgery)
    Hopefully dun let me wait to long again.

    How old are you?
  25. milogal88

    milogal88 Well-Known Member

    I think sat & sun is the worst! So we strategized and go on a weekday morning instead. Reach by 7.30am and sometimes we are lucky, maybe just 1 or 2 couple in front of us then will be can see him by 9am. But his place not much privacy & I feel his hygiene level is a bit.......hahaha.....if you know what I mean. so are u still seeing any tcm currently?

    I'm 33 this year. Hey! at least you have that bundle of joy in your arms already. I'm still struggling with conceiving a #1! haha....but I know everything happens for a reason. so tell yourself, good things must wait....this will make your life easier ya....chin up!
  26. cooperlim

    cooperlim Active Member

    To regulate menses have you all tried bai feng wan?
    Have 1 after your menses
    It regulate my menses and second attempt try for Bb and I succeed
    I was TTC for a year with irregular menses
  27. anneneo78

    anneneo78 Member

    I am currently taking tcm (bought off the shelves)..thinking of trying pvt ivf next yr if no good news by then..public hosp waiting times are too long for me..wasted alot of my time previously with kkh..but private one shd be very costly, hence need to save up in the mean time
  28. ecym

    ecym Well-Known Member

    would suggest you to see a physician that use the TCM to tio your body rather than you bought off the shelves...
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  29. anneneo78

    anneneo78 Member

    i'd seen camden medical eu yang seng (famous for infertility) & TSB previously for some time..didnt work for me despite diligently eating the chinese med..even brought my medicine pot overseas on my biz trip last time so that i continue the med..now quite broke, thus chose cheaper alternatives...tsb queue is long too..spend average 2 hrs per session waiting
  30. Archie7

    Archie7 Well-Known Member

    How long did you see TSB before you stopped? For many people, TCM takes a long time to tiao the body and the results are not necessarily as fast as we'd like. If you go in the late morning on Saturdays when TSB's clinic first opens, your waiting time is shorter, maybe around an hour or so. Also, if you want to lower the costs, you can ask for fewer packets of medicine from her, say instead of resting 1 or 2 days between each packet, you rest longer, like 3-4 days, see if she's ok with it?

    Or you can go see the TCM fertility doctors at Tong Zhi Hospital; the consultation fee is not charged, you can make a donation on whatever amount you feel like. I saw Dr. Lu Jin Yan at Tong Zhi before I moved on to TSB. She will prescribe one packet of herbs without charge, you can then bring the prescription to buy more packets of the same herbs from the medicine halls. Then it should be not more expensive than buying off the shelf but you can still be confident that the prescription comes from a TCM physician.
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  31. simmama

    simmama Member

    anneneo78, my advise is dun wait.. you may want to consider govt hospital like KKH, MUH or SGH which have heavily subsidized.
    My FET recently in Feb 2014 at KKH I paid less than $500 cash the rest is using medisave and w govt grant.
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  32. simmama

    simmama Member

    I am not sure if BCC helped me to conceive as I have seen him for 1year b4 my last pregnancy. He prescribed the herbs suppose to induce my menses to come.. in the end have to take English medicine (maybe my body is very stubborn). But I must say my last pregnancy was an easy one.
    His weekends consultation are for those ppl like us wanted to conceive so average he spend w a coupe is about 30-40mins. So, I normally go during weekdays (take longer hour lunch).
    Your turn will come :)
  33. huitingg

    huitingg New Member

    I am ttc for 2 years and just started seeing TSB yesterday. Did not go for medical checkup as am worried to know that I am not ovulating/ no eggs ot any bad news. Felt depressed with my extremely irregular mensus (~60 days) and TSB mentioned that I am PCOS. Am very worried not being able to conceive. I heard about Zhu Sheng Niang Niang at Toa Payoh and went to pray twice. Both visits did not meet with couples returning red eggs. Besides, when I pua puay for Zhu Sheng Niang Niang to bless me, it is negative on the two occassions. Really desperate and feel very sad and envious to know of friends and collegues preggy though very happy for them. I can only ask myself... why me...
  34. regeena83

    regeena83 Member

    Hi, don't give up. I was also diagnosed with pcos and 2 other conditions. My gynAe told me that it simply means I've to make more effort to conceive compared to other people. And be mindful of my diet and also exercise more! I consumed more salads and also went to work out in the gym more regularly - running and cycling. Just commit yourself to that 3 times a week.

    I conceived successfully after 2 months. During That period of time, I also drank Dom every night before bedtime - heard it can warm up the womb and abstain from cold drinks! I bought a clear blue fertility monitor and used it for one month before realizing I'm pregnant. Also I got my pregnant friend to pass me one of her sanitary pads - on the paper which she wrapped the pad in, she wrote a nice note for me which I carried in my bag. And I also bought this pills from black mores that comes in a pink box - it helps with pregnancy. I think gold conceive or something it's called. :) try these methods. Also I propped my legs against the wall every time after sex! Whatever works for people, I will do it!
  35. Nikoru

    Nikoru New Member

    Hello, i now this thread is rather long ago but i am desperately looking for new mummies to pass on some baby dust to me by giving me sanitary pads. I have been trying to get pregnant

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