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Twins due in 2008?

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by avalyn, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    Hi anyone out there with twins due this year?

  2. etrangle

    etrangle Member


    My twins are due in October 8th. Yourself? I am really nervous about this whole idea of being pregnant with twins! This is my second pregnancy. [​IMG]
  3. touraco

    touraco Member

    my twins are due this july
  4. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    how's the pregnancy so far? the migrane and nausea is really terrible in my case. [​IMG]
  5. touraco

    touraco Member

    hi mrs h
    my scan just showed one of my twins having excessive fluid in the brain and im advised to stop the heartbeat for this twin
  6. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    oh no. im so sorry. so the other twin will still survive? b strong okay. how many months are you now?
  7. boyfriend

    boyfriend Member

    Hi ladies, my wife is expecting twins. Now in the 16th week.

    I am checking out this forum for advice.

    Congratulations to Mrs H.

    helpme, sorry to hear about one of your twins. Hope the other little one will not be affected.
  8. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    Wow! Benny, congrats! Have you found out whether your twins are identical or fraternal?

    I've yet to find out, though my twins are in separate amniotic sacs.

    Who is your gynae? Mine is Dr Benjamin Tham, from KKH Private Suite.

    I am really struggling to swallow 4 pills every morning!!
  9. boyfriend

    boyfriend Member

    Hi Mrs H,
    thanks! we are not sure if they are identical or fratenal, still too early to say.

    We are with Dr Sim from Thomson Medical Centre.

    Haahaha, my wife is in the exact situation as you. She has to take many pills in the morning and aleady feels the weight of the babies.

    Have you started buying any baby stuff?
  10. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    Not yet, as this is my second pregnancy. So not tt excited yet. Hehe. Yourself?
  11. touraco

    touraco Member

    mrs H, boyfriend,
    thank god that they are in different placentas so it won't affect the other baby.
    now i am just praying everyday that the other baby will be healthy and well.

    im in my 5th month already.
  12. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    helpme, i hope that your baby will be well and healthy. [​IMG] which gynae are you seeing?
  13. Mummy_Yan

    Mummy_Yan Member

    Hi all,
    I am also having twin which will due this July. I'm into week 21 now...Going for my detailed scan soon..hopefully everything will be alright and both are still strong...

    I am having fraternal twins...

    Mayb I know have any of you start to think how to handle the confinement yet? Wonder 1 person is it enough to handle 2 babies.
  14. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    Hi everyone

    I started this thread and then forgot about it!!! Sorry! I am active on the Sept 2008 and Jun/July 2004 threads (my first child is 2004).

    I am due 18 Sept, not too much earlier than you Mrs H.

    If u are still on this thread, so sorry to hear your sad news.

    Mine are supposedly identical. just went for oscar on sat; scan looked OK and hope blood test results are good.

    are you working mums or SAHMs?
  15. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    hi mummy yan! wow week 21 already? [​IMG]

    I have not thought of my confinement period yet but i reckon i'll have my maid n mum to help out. yourself?
  16. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    haha! hello Ava! identical twins? how lucky?

    im a working mum. am teaching but have been on hospitalization leave since the first month. I feel so weak, plus the nausea n migranes. Dont think I can handle teaching for now. Yourself?
  17. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    My gynae is Paul Tseng at TMC.

    Mrs H, like u my nausea and headaches are a lot worse than with my no 1. His pregnancy was a breeze...now I can't even walk into a food court or near restaurant kitchens...or even my own kitchen for that matter!

    I've booked a confinement lady already. But want her to concentrate on getting me back into good state of health as I didn't have proper confinement last time. We have a helper and my hb's office is at home, plus my son is 4 and goes to full ay nursery, so we are hoping we can manage. We tahaned without a helper with our first born for 2.5 years, and no mum or mil either, as they are both in m'sia.
  18. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    Hi Mrs H
    My friends think I'm crazy. I was travelling in Australia by myself (a nice break my hubby gave me in dec) when I guessed I was pregnant. I just started a new full time job last week, after working part time for a year last year! I was offered just before I confirmed that I'm expecting and when I found out, boss still wanted to hire me. Then, i found out about the twins!!

    FOr me, tiredness is getting less...just nausea is horrid...but I figured I feel worse at night, so I load up on food in mornings and lunch and boh chap about what can and cannot eat, and just eat what I can keep down...which at the moment is Subway and Pizza Hut! lol...
  19. babybaby2609

    babybaby2609 New Member

    Hi all, I'm also pregnant with twins due oct08 but gynae say should be out early sept.
  20. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    hi babybaby2609
    Is 26/09 your birthday? Cos that's mine [​IMG]

    Who's your gynae and where r u delivering? You can join the sept thread that I'm on also if u r delivering sept [​IMG]
  21. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    Hello Babybaby2609! Welcome!

    Ava, yes the nausea is terrible! As stuck up as this may sound, I can only stand eating in places like Swensens, Pizza Hut, Breeks, etc. Take me to a food centre and I'll throw up. I cannot stand home cooked food, esp rice! I love chicken but this pregnancy has somewhat made me hate it. [​IMG]

    Let's hope the nausea will just go away. [​IMG]
  22. babybaby2609

    babybaby2609 New Member

    hi AVA: wah we got the same bday! [​IMG] I'm with KK under Dr S F Loh [​IMG] How about yours?
  23. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    Hi Mrs H
    Haha...I can't tahan food courts and hawker centres too, altho this week seems a little better...don't gag when I walk past them so much. I can't take much fish sadly...cos it makes me sick. I hear it will go away around 15 weeks...man, my first preg was a breeze compared to this!

    Hi babybaby2609
    Yay...! I am with Dr Paul Tseng at TMC. He also delivered my firstborn in 2004.

    Both Mrs H and babybaby
    Since you are both due in Oct and there's a good chance you may deliver in sept, join in the Sept 2008 thread? that's quite active [​IMG]

    We can talk a out purely twins stuff on this thread haha...
  24. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    Ha ha, anyone aiming for a natural delivery? [​IMG]
  25. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    Anyway tomorrow I am going for my checkup. Am going to ask my gynae to extend my hospitalisation leave. [​IMG]
  26. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    I am...but dunno if it will be possible. think it depends a lot on the positioning of the babies...my gynae is known for his pro-natural births...esp among expat moms who seem to be always trying for natural...lol! How come u need hosp leave, still not feeing OK or just wanna rest more?
  27. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    Ava, I hope for natural delivery but I can only hope for now right? [​IMG]

    I can barely stand still for 5 minutes without getting the migrane, and subsequently the gagging. How to teach like this? [​IMG]

    Went for my checkup, twins in separate sacs but my gynae could only see one placenta!! monochorionic twins!! [​IMG] I just hope the complications associated with monochorionic twins will not arise.
  28. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    Mrs H
    Yeah, same here: mine are monochorionic/diamniotic too - just confirmed at my OSCAR recently.

    I kept scaring myself reading about TTTS etc...now I've stopped and am reading Gina Ford's Contented House with Twins instead. Her tone in this book seems less "nazi" like than I remember in her original book...Altho I've seen some bad reviews of the book, so far it seems like a pretty useful tool. Can try borrowing from library to see if it helps u too...I borrowed mine and might buy it later.

    Hope u get better soon...take care!! How old is your first child?
  29. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    Ava, I am currently reading Dr Barbara Luke's When You'Re Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads. [​IMG]
    Heard about Gina Ford! Will try to get hold of the book too! [​IMG]

    My girl is 1 yr 2 months old. [​IMG]

    Monochorionic twins with one placenta are supposed to be identicals, no?
  30. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    Ya maybe I should stop reading about TTTS too! I am so freaked out! [​IMG]
  31. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    Mrs H
    Yah, my gynae said they r identical from the 8 week scan.

    Books: I also read elizabeth noble's book "Having twins and More" and the "Everything Book on Twins..."

    Wow, so your daughter will be under 2 yrs when the two are born! Have u started telling her about them? [​IMG]
  32. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    what happened to everyone???
  33. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    hello...what happened to this thread?
  34. vinegal

    vinegal Member

    me also having twins! Due in Sep but most likely will be in late Aug.
    1 of the twins NT was abit high, 2.9mm, wat abt urs? I am not going for further test as I am scared of miscarriage....
  35. boyfriend

    boyfriend Member

    Congratulations Vine!! Welcome to the multiples club...

    Hi all, sorry have not been checking this thread for some time.

    My wife is expecting twin boys :)

    We are currently attending Mdm Wong BB's antenatal classes to prepare for their birth.

    Also we are busy shopping around for things for mum and babies. Just bought "Mozart Effect" CDs for to play for the babies.

    Was introduced to the Bumwear cloth diapers during last weekend's Mothercare exhibition. Any comments on it?
  36. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    Ahhhh..finally there are posts again...was wondering what happened!

    Hi Vine!
    Mine is same time as yours...edd 17/8 sept, but who knows...? My Oscar results were OK. I think for one of the tests it was 1/7000 and the other 1/13,000 chance of abnormality, so dont have to go for more checks. If ur doc says don't need, then better not go for Amnio ... I'd be so worried if I had to go thru that...

    Next visit, i will be going for detailed scan, so hopefully will know gender.

    Long time no see! I did not try Bumwear for my first child...cos we just used disposable diapers. sorry can't be of help there! Mrs Wong is tough but very very informative! I ddn't go for her prenatal classes but took her post-birth bathing class and of course, got some help from her on breastfeeding (hands on instruction [​IMG] literally!!)
  37. vinegal

    vinegal Member

    mine will be identical boys too!
  38. boyfriend

    boyfriend Member

    Hi Ava,
    I did not know that Mrs Wong offered post-birth classes too. Mebbe we can go for that as well. Haahah, I agree that she can be very expressive and hands on.

    Hi vine,
    congrats you got indentical boys! Our gynae is not very sure if our boys are identical or not cause they are in different sacs.

    Got a poser for all of you. If your twins are of the same sex, do you intend to dress them in matching clothes?
    Reason for asking is that I have 2 good friends who are twins of each other. Problem is they dislike each other because they get mistaken for the other twin all the time, from young. As ar result, they avoid one another outside home and hardly talk to one another. They dress differently and even support different football clubs!
    I am worried that my boys may become like my friends, so I am thinking of dressing them differently. What do you think?
  39. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    I'd dress them differently...just cause i think it's impt that their individuality is celebrated ... plus I am cheapskate and don't want to buy two of everything...even if people give us matching outfits, will try to dress them in those outfits at diff times....I mean, I don't want to dress in same colors as my hb, for example, like some couples do.[​IMG]

    BTW, last time (don't know if still the same) the bathing class etc was free...i think
  40. boyfriend

    boyfriend Member

    Oic, we will probably do the same also, i mean dressing them differently.

    I am not exactly sure why they dun like each other, except that they dislike being mistaken for the other.

    Btw, we are looking out for strollers too. Should we be getting the twin strollers or single ones? If twin, side-by-side ones or front-back ones?
  41. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    lol...strollers: we haven't even gone there yet...we are planning on sticking with our single stroller and 2 babybjorns and see how it goes...

    I know people who've tried both. Feedback is the side by side ones are quite good, except that if they are too wide, may be tough to go thru aisles and doors.
  42. vinegal

    vinegal Member

    i will dress them the same sometimes when they are really young, as in baby...cos I think not everyone can dress 2 kids the same u noe, i tink they will be cute! When they r older, i wont dress them similarly, cos by then they shd be able to want to identify differently for themselves, just my tots....
    I have not seen any strollers too, too early to decide I guess, i like side by side but like wat ava said, too wide and clumsy to go ard. Front and back ones, I think the one at the back will feel hot and neglected haha
  43. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    ok ok im back. been busy! haha. lets see what I have missed so far.. [​IMG]
  44. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    oooh strollers, i like them side by side too! front-back ones not highly recommended as the one sitting at the back will have limited view, always kena block by the front twin. [​IMG]

    i kinda like the Maclaren twin. I am currently using MacLaren Techno for my girl and I have no complains at all. Sold off my Quinny Buzz cos it was too bulky! not mummy-friendly!
  45. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    Ava, yes I've been telling my one yr old girl about the twins. She kisses my tummy each time I ask her where the babies are. [​IMG]
  46. etrangle

    etrangle Member

    Oh, I went for my checkup two days back. Initially, my gynae could only see one placenta. But recent checkup showed otherwise. He saw 2 placentas! So I really do not what type of twins I am carrying. Every visit to the gynae is a surprise! [​IMG]
  47. boyfriend

    boyfriend Member

    Hi Mrs H, nice to see you back here.

    Hahah, your daughter is soo cute to kiss your tummy.

    It seems like the general consensus is that side-by-side ones are better. The next thing is that should we get those twin-ones, or simply those single-strollers, attached together. The 2nd option is more convenient for transport.

    We will probably follow Vine's thoughts: dress them up in similar fashion up till some age such as kindergarten then start to dress them differently for their own identities to show.
  48. avalyn

    avalyn New Member

    Mrs H!!
    Long time no see!! Wow, two placentas...that's great news...then you have no worries about TTTS right? very very good!! My detailed scan is in 4 weeks....will see if doc can tell the genders then!!

    Didn't know there were twin singles...hmmm.anyway, hb is not keen to buy a stroller yet...think we'll buy one only after they are born!
  49. babybaby2609

    babybaby2609 New Member

    Hi all, great to see the thread still on-going! [​IMG]
    Are you people interested in the sex of your twins? For me i'm not, cos I wanna keep all the relatives gan-cheong and have a big surprise in the end! I haven't even told many people I'm having twins! (just tell them i'm preggie haha!!)
  50. vinegal

    vinegal Member

    u know is after I get twins then I realise only fraternal twins r genetic, but identical twins are not? do you all know that? all along i thought twins must be genetic, first questions they always question me was "your family got twins?"

    mine also 1 placenta, nw worried abt placenta giving problems like TTTS and other things like pre-eclampsia, pray that everything is ok.

    Babybaby, when i did the scan, before i cld decide if i wanna know the gender, i cld see it oredi, so cannot hide, they wanted to show me! Haha

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