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twin babies looking for confinement nanny for 1-2 months in US

Discussion in 'Confinement Lady and Nanny' started by Giap, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Giap

    Giap New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a reliable confinement nanny that can care for my twins in San Francisco, California on March 2019. Thanks.

  2. Charmaine Lee

    Charmaine Lee New Member

    Hello, I'll like to share my experience with my CL that i've engaged for taking care of my premature baby. This nanny was specially nice and love for babies. (Based on my observed) My baby was needed extra extra care and patient because he was very small and weak. For example, I remembered he used to took about half an hour or maybe more to finished up his milk. I had changed 3 other CL as they always lose patience my baby, they will start scolding my baby or complaint alot for they had to do more work as usual because my baby is premature.Therefore, I was lucky that I've found Aunty Nee from the others review of her and she was very professional, hygienic, patience and most importantly, she has a biggestheart for babies. She always put baby at the very first place and this is what I concerned the most, other than that I am not so particular because my baby is too "fragile" to take care of.
    Here is her phone number, +601136539563, you may try to contact, but i'm not really sure if she is free on March or not because i had recommended a friend to Aunty Nee for January, but my friend said she was booked. Good luck
  3. Kkylin

    Kkylin New Member

    Hi, I would like to recommend my mom who is a CL. She is a Malaysian Chinese who can speak English, Hokkien, and Malay. Please whatsapp her at +60164832689 or email her at susankhaw66@gmail.com for more details if you're interested =)
  4. jessica_k

    jessica_k New Member

    Hi I am looking for one in the US. Did you manage to find one? Thanks!

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