TTC 2020: Fertility Check Advice Pls


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Hello you amazing ladies!

I’m continuing my ttc journey in 2020 and thought of starting by heading to do a fertility check for myself and my hubby. Anyone can advise where to go and what are the costs like?

Cheers and happy 2020 to everyone!
You can try couple fertility test packages offered by many hospitals.

For guys, it is usually Sperm Analysis and maybe a full hormone count.

For women, it can be full hormone count, ultrasound, HSG (to rule out blocked tubes).

I did mine at different junctures and hence it cost more. Best is if you do it at a go with some packages available at raffles, TMC, Mount E and so on. For cheaper rates, you can even consider JB during a weekend


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I went to kkh private ! They dont have packages. It depends on what the doctor orders for you. So far I have only gone for the following...
Consultation - New Visit129.00
Ultrasound Scan36.00
Letrozole 2.5mg (30 tablets)12.00
Semen Analysis92.00
Anti-Mullerian Hormone70.00
After GST it will be $416.02! We have received our results aleady so i am expecting more upcoming consultation/tests/medication ><

All the best for your consultation!
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