Travelling Tips with toddler


I will be travelling with my son around Dec 09 to china. It is winter and may be mild snowing..Hangzhou/Suzhou area. also huangshan mountain.

Got a few questions:

1. Anyone has experience bringing your DS/DD during winter time? what to prepare?

2. My friend advised me not to bring stroller around as it is not convenient in China (lots of stairs) and very bulky. End up carry stroller more..We are going ourselves. Not tour package. So, what is the recommendation to carry my son around for sight seeing when he doesn't want to walk? He gets tired quite easily. Baby carrier can't withstand his weight. He is 14 kg now.




Hi Starystarynite,

I have a 16moth toddler girl and I brought her to HKG this past Feb (when she was about 8mth) and Oct (about 15mth) so I can share some experiences with you. [IMG=]

1. What is DS/DD?

2. For the Feb trip, we only brought our Baby carrier - Ergo Baby Carrier. She was still small and not so heavy so baby carrier only was still manageable between the two of us. However, it was still tiring. For the Oct trip, my daughter can walk a little but we did bring the stroller along with the carrier. We knew that we won't be using the stroller everywhere but it would be useful when we are visiting parks, shopping mall, city stroll ..etc. For short distance outing, I will just bring the carrier.

If you are going to Huangshan, I would suggest a backpack style baby carrier. As, normal carrier was not design for hiking so it might hurt your back or something. This type of backpack style baby carrier is not easy to find in Singapore but you can definitely purchase them online from the US and ship it in. It can withstand heavier weight, 14kg won't be a problem. Take a look at this site:

We did not go for hiking when we were in HKG but for your trip you can also consider Ergo Baby Carrier ( It is not as heavy duty as the Deuter carrier but it might do the trick. You can find Ergo Baby carrier at Metro@Woodland or order online from local Singapore distributor - Mummysmilk(

I hope this is not too late.


Nt too late...i have got an ergo carrier...but m son doesn't seem to like it. furthermore, after all the winterclothing, i am not sure if i can still carry him...might not fit...he is quite big size...

i am thinking of getting a stroller in china, would it be cheaper?? i seldom use stroller in Spore. So, this stroller is reallyy a 1 time used for my trip.

BTW, DS = dear son and DD = dear daughter. [IMG=]


wow patrick

i must say u r quite brave [IMG=] Can understand your difficulty, I will be bringing my DD to HK in Dec also... can be quite cold also

if cant fit into a carrier how about a sling? I tink mouseymummy is referring to those backpack style carrier, not the usual carrier. U know, those which are really heavy duty and i hv seen pple using when they go bukit timah trekking [IMG=]

i think must practice with baby first. last time i got a sling to use for trip but bec the poor thing has never sat in sling before when we landed and i put her in, she struggled and struggled and cried so much we ended up not using it for entire trip!

ya, i went there and it was snowing...for huangshan, basically, i use hand carry...the sling can't fit him at all after all the bulky winter clothing..and stuff..people are all looking at me when i carry him up and down the mountain...lucky not too long distance...may be half a day of carrying [IMG=]

at hang zhou, suzhou, the temperatutre is around 3-5. not too bad. occasional snowing. so, not too thick clothing and i can use my ergo is very helpful there. i also bring my stroller along for the trip. it does, both sling plus stroller. if i have the back pack type of carrier, that will be good. but need an investment of like few hundred for a good one and really 1-2 times used. dun find it worth it as compared to a nice sling.