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***Transfer maid needed***

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by lsharon, May 11, 2011.

  1. lsharon

    lsharon Member

    Am looking for good transfer maid. Anyone has one to transfer? Pls pm me.

  2. mershel13

    mershel13 Member

    May I know wad is ur requirement or priority for the maid? I have an indo maid for transfer. She is 29...main reason is because my mum in law cannot get along with her...
  3. pinkeden

    pinkeden Member

  4. maykel

    maykel Member

    Hi Michelle,
    I had PM you [​IMG]
  5. nailah

    nailah New Member

  6. flyn

    flyn Member

    Hi, any good, honest transfer maid who loves and can handle children? Can cook chinese food? Do general housekeeping?
  7. kaykaykay

    kaykaykay Member

    Hi i'm looking for a DH too.... indon or filipino. able to speak and understand english.
    please let me know. thanks!
  8. ahcin

    ahcin Member

    I have my maid for transfer. She is good with infants to kids as she has 3 children. responsible, can trust, no off days, no hanky panky. pls call or sms me @ 90258562
  9. ahcin

    ahcin Member

    sorry. too many people interested in my maid. thread close
  10. coffeedrinker

    coffeedrinker Member

  11. candymom

    candymom Member

    I have a filipino maid for transfer. She had worked for us 5 months. The reason for trsf bcoz my ex maid is comin back to help me look after my baby..she is 40 yrs old and command of english fair and knows a bit chinese,coz she work in taiwan before..

    Good..can cook simple chinese food..can look after baby..honest..wash things very clean...can also massage baby if baby is sick or gt phelgm..current salary $370 no off day but stil hv loan to pay..

    Bad...have to push her a bit...she can be initiative sum tym..
  12. momo32

    momo32 New Member

    I am looking for a maid (indo or phil)too
    current one leaving, after 4 yrs

    Mainly doing housework, and basic caring of kids 2 and 4yo

    I am sahm, hence i cook and care for the kids most of the time.

    Please pm me if u have any reliabe or non attitute ones to transfer.
    Prefer no off days

  13. umie2b

    umie2b Member

    hi mommies, i'm currently 4mths preggy &
    - urgently looking for a indonesian transfer maid
    - to take care of my 2yr old & my newborn in 2012
    - do household chores

    interested parties do email me at libragurl1774@gmail.com

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