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To disclose pregnancy at interviews or not

Discussion in 'Year 2020 Mums' started by alice_tigger, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. alice_tigger

    alice_tigger New Member

    hi everyone
    I am 6 weeks pregnant.
    I am rather pensive about it as I am seeking employment now, and as a soon to be single parent, I can’t afford to be unemployed for the pregnancy / post period.
    Has anyone had success in a similar position - getting a job whilst pregnant? If I disclose my pregnancy what would my chances be for full time employment?
    Any advice would be much appreciated pls.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019

  2. lovely0315

    lovely0315 Active Member

    You may look for contract job, that was what my friend did, she preg n looked for contract job (she told the employer she was preg), her performance was good and the company offered her perm job after she delivered but she rejected.
  3. alice_tigger

    alice_tigger New Member

    Thanks for sharing @lovely0315 . Yes I am looking for contract job listings as well though the positions are mostly junior roles. Anyhow will keep searching.
  4. lovely0315

    lovely0315 Active Member

    As preg now, cant demand so much from employer, just try your best to work, who knows they'll see your effort and ask u to go back after your maternity :)

    Add oil!
  5. alice_tigger

    alice_tigger New Member

    Thanks and yes I am trying for various roles. Fingers crossed!

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