Tips to conceive?


am really curious and desperate here.. Cos i really yearning to hv a kid.

Been married almost 3 yrs yet still childless. So, went for checkup n found out i am not ovulating. Thus, taken clomid to improve it tog with the help of chinese medicine. Now, i am ovulating.. but still cannot conceive even we work doubly harder on the fertile days.. My hubby side is fine jus that his bro cannot withstand too long.. but still can perform his part loh..

So perhaps, any experiences or tips to share especially those mothers to be or already mothers of how many wonderful kids already pls???

the most impt factor is stress.. i tink the more you wan the more difficult it will get cos of the stress..
plan for a getaway holiday. dun think about bb making, just relax and have fun. it's very stress for both parties. so take some time off to unwind and catch up on romantic moments. worked for me. :D All the best!
Hi sunnyday, i'm unaware of `not ovulating` meaning we k still hv menses but w/o any egg?
heard that many factors k contribute to striking it. other than stress, our food intake & mental mindset.
agree that plan hols or think abt both of yr time schedules. using wkends for enjoyable moments. juz a thot for luck n all e best
Hi sunnyday,

I have went thru a series of fertility treatment for a year. I started with clomid. Then, as I was not ovulating still, Doc increased my dosage of clomid to 3 tab and I also had to take glucophage to help absorption of clomid beta.

After 10 months of clomid, doc suggested that I go for laproscopy to do ovarian drilling. I have heard success stories about woman conceiving after the op but the op did not have effects on me and I was still not ovulating after the op.

During my one yr of treatment, I only ovulated once but there was no fertilisation. Sigh. By the way, menses doesn't mean ovulation took place. Meaning, we can still have menses but no egg was released. This is bcos menses is actually shedding of the thicken uterus lining and is not directly related to ovulation.

Oh anyway, in Feb, doc gave me increased doses of clomid coupled with gonal-F jabs and I had 2 nice eggs growing. I was thrilled. However, when I went back to check, doc said the eggs were not growing. In fact one shrank. So she said that that cycle is a failed mission and suggested that I go for IVF. I was devastated. After I come to terms with my infertility, I started to take this pill called fertility Aid (which I got from USA). I took for about 1 mth. Meantime, I have also decided to let it go and not think about conceiving. I think my stress level went down a lot after I decided to let go.

Then, miracle happened. On 1 Apr, I tested positive! I was thrilled! I even tested 3 times to confirm. Doc said that it could be that my egg did grow after the last visit and ovulated by itself. I also think tat mayb I took the pills and the pills continued to support the growth of the egg. In addition, i think the lowering of stress level is the main factor.

I am now crossing fingers, hoping that my precious one will be healthy cos it has really been a long journey to conceiving my darling.

Sunnyday, I really think that perhaps when you let go, it will come.
good luck!
My granny's secret.. She's mother of 12.
My brother & I have 3 lovely children.

Best time to "make love" is 3-4AM. (Set your alarm clock!)
After hubby inject sprem into you,
do not get up to clean,
stuff a pillow to life up your butt to your comfortable level,
(you may want to line the pillow with towel to avoid stain),
clean up with tissue & go to sleep.
Do not wash/bath or get out of bed...

Hi Babycupid,biibii & imac, understand what do you mean by getting myself stressed up on the topic of PREGGIE! I will try my best not to tink of it n leave it naturally loh..

Congrats to u Rachelle, i am sure your baby will be grateful that u have given him/her a chance to be delievered to tis world cos u have not given up abt conceiving. So, ur baby will be fine and dun worrie too much but maintain a happy n healthy lifestyle. Happy motherhood! Keep mi updated of ur progress and thanks for taking ur precious time off to share with mi your story..Do take care!

Leng Leng, wow... such a successful baby-making receipe.. hehehe.. but i wonder ard 3-4am, u dun get to enjoy the process cos we are already sleeping halfway and waking up in the middle of wee hrs to make babies? Perhaps, we need to sacriface a bit hor... Anyway, thanks. I shall try it out and wish mi good luck!
JIA YOU Sunnyday!

My baby is growing fine. Just saw the baby's head on the ultrascan.

I'm sure it will be your turn soon.

Oh yes, another thing I wanna share. I know this may sound a bit weird but I had tried this before and realise this kept the sperm inside me for a longer time.

What happened was that we used vibrator while making love such that I have intense orgasm then he will shoot in. There is this suction sucking the semen inwards during orgasm and this kept the semen inside me for a longer period. cos i realise that the semem leak quite soon and my fren tot me this method and I think is quite effective.

If not comfy with the vibrator, relax and enjoy the process, I think you'll have the natural intense orgasm as well. Good luck!
Hi sunnyday,

You can try eating the eu Yan Seng bai feng wan. I did that and found it's good too!

And I drink grapefruit juice everyday leh. It increases the fluid to carry the sperms, and I think the added vitamins make me really healthy, so probably better egg?? And I slimmed down too! Hahaha.. so maybe hubby also more appreciative hehehehehe.....
hi Sunnyday

hope what's shared here will benefit u..i did try enjoying e 'life' during middle of e nite..e feeling is really diff, as mentioned by LengLeng.

however, i was lazy n it was HB who woke up for e move. having half-asleep, so i was kind of 'mi mi hu hu' n so relax. i guess tis type of relaxation may also of help. perhaps u k try it as no harm exploring diff ways, to increase e chance as well as freshness bet yr HB & U

take care n gd luck..
Halo Sunnday,

Don't give up, tot i have a 2 yr olds boy but me also having problem to concieve a 2nd one. The problem with us is "Ovulation", tried the TCM its making it worst and im turning back to my gynae. Let's work harder and all the best....
Hi all

Just to give a little encourage, I have a 5 yr old boy and we have been trying for #2 since my boy turned 2. And it was until last year that we are finally able to conceive #2 naturally and baby will be borned in August. I think it all depends on God's timing and also we just simply let nature takes it course and not stressed anymore about it.

can i know if Dr Zou is good? some tcm doc don't explan or tell you anything unless you ask and usually we don't even know what to ask.

btw, anyone conceived under Dr Zou's care?

and how is the treatment like? eg. are they any medicine? what type of medicine? must cook type or instant type? and any acupuncture? if there are acupuncture, which are the areas being acupuncture? and also how many times you need to see her? or is it a (eg.) 1months / 3months / 6months regular visit to Dr Zou? and also how many times per week / per month must we see her?
this was what i read fr ST newspaper yrs ago when trying for baby. avoid eating or drinking food made of soy (including soy sauce) when planning to conceive. it lower down the chances of having babies.

relax yr brain & body. baby will come to you soon. good luck.

lil jade: pls don't get offended. 'bai feng wan' is very good for menstruation. however, according to chinese medical doc, there're certain herbs in it not suitable to eat when trying to conceive.
got to wake up and do at "3-4am"...isn't that itself stressful?? hahaha! we all sleep around midnight nowadays..only special holiday then got to mood to do then!! haha
Just to share, it can go 2 ways.
my colleague went to a doctor to enquire why after 3 yrs marriage, they're still "childless",
man was told to lay off coffee...????
I didn't know coffee actually played a part.
move house to change "feng shui", out of miracle i got preg on 4th mth of shifting house. i got a shock and did not expect that to happen.