Tips on finding a good tuition centre?

Nick Ng

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Hi parents. I decided to ask this question here as you are the most experienced parents in Singapore ;)

May you share your tips on how to choose a good tuition centre for your kids?

It'll help many parents in this forum too. I came across this article on how to choose a good tuition centre, but I'd love to hear your own experiences. Thank you!

Hi Nick,

You can open to this link to see your answer.

If you need someone experienced to teach tuition at your house, we can recommend current teachers, ex-teachers, full-time tutors, undergraduates who can teach primary, secondary and JC levels.

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I have tutors for various subjects for levels from pri sch to tertiary education and other types of activites like instrument lessons, languages or sports classes!!

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//In my personal opinion, being an introverted student that found it hard to cope in class during my pri sch and sec sch days, I always found private home tutoring to be a better choice as the tutor would be able to cater to my personalized needs and having one-to-one lessons made me more comfortable to open up and ask more questions whenever needed.//
Personally, I never received any tuition and still did quite well for myself...thus far la. Managed to get myself into Oxford University and fully self-fund with a bond-free scholarship. It's not all about tuition, the things that got me there cannot simply be drilled. Oh, and both my parents didn't go past O levels hor, so cannot say it's because I got guidance from family.

If you or your child might be interested in learning how I did it, contact me. I am currently an undergrad at Oxford, but back in Singapore due to unique circumstances.

Offering University and Scholarship Application coaching--yes, even though it's only January. If you are willing to engage me, I will be there to guide you every step of the way until you submit that application. My experience is very much hard-won but I'm willing to share these insights and accumulated knowledge with others who want to reach their dream University.
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