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Tingkat delivery on Chu Yi Kitchen Restaurant

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by erlyn, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. erlyn

    erlyn Member

    Hi, has anyone tried tingkat delivery on Chu Yi Kitchen? Base on the website looks not bad and i spoke to the sales, he said they cook fresh dish everyday.


    For lunch they will cook in the morning ard 10am and lunch will cook ard 3+ in the afternoon and most important is they don add MSG.

    I wan to hv more advise b4 i try as they don hv trial.


  2. im currently ordering their tingkat! well,their delivery are quite prompt and i like the idea of not adding MSG!plus its quite cheap lah given the service and food compared to others that i had tried.Probably you might want to give it a try?
  3. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    I agreed. i just started the tingkat with chu yi food are great but my tming kinda of early.
  4. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    I agreed. i just started the tingkat with chu yi food are great but my timing kinda of early but is better than Kim kitchen!
  5. Hi all,

    Thinking of trying Chu Yi, nice?

    Really no msg added [​IMG]
  6. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    I can say better than Kim and Neo garden. The food and soup better than them. U can try to order from them! But they send to selected area. Where u stay? I even plan to take their catering having 5% disc. U can cal Phillip cos he inchrg. I might be trying mum kitchen so I can compare. But mom kitchen kinda of ex.
  7. Hi Vivienne,

    I just called he got deliver to my area, keke.

    Ya, Mum kitchen is x lor [​IMG]
  8. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    Mum kitchen menu very tempting.. I feel like trying but too ex so haven't give it a try. Chu yi have chu chao which got delivery which my fren say tasty but I haven't get to try. Pig u so far got try others? Can share? Thanksī–
  9. Hi Vivienne,

    So far i only try hilltop. I can say their service very good. When i say soup not enough they will give me extra without any charges.

    Sometime the dish they will give one fried item.

    Also can request no msg, less salt & oil.

    Been eating for two month feeling like trying out new catering.

    Let me try Chu Yi first that i let you knw which one is better [​IMG]
  10. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    Ok thanks! Will wait for ur feedback. Hopefully can find the best affordable cum delicious tingkat.
  11. I just tried Chuyi today...

    Was given sweet n sour fish, sweet n sour pork, oyster kailan n fried sliverfish omelette...

    Food is ok except I dun really like 2 sweet n sour dishes together..

    I find the sales person, Philip is nice and I will review more after I tried this week..
  12. Hi Vivienne,

    After trying Chu Yi for almost a month.

    I still prefer Hilltop cos hilltop soup is much tasty that Chu Yi.

    And also the way of cooking the veg also much better.

    I find that sometime the Chu yi veg they cook got sour taste not that spoilt liao.

    Can say that is Hilltop suit my taste better.
  13. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    I also agree dunno why they put so much hua teow jiu.
  14. babyethan

    babyethan New Member

    Do Chu yi hv dinner for 1 pax n trial?

    I've tried kim's, hilltop n 2BQ trial. Signed up full month with hilltop. Had a few incidence of kim's veg turned sour n spoilt. 2bq was not bad. Gets to eat better fish like salmon n the food r not those typical catering food. More on healthy side. Only thing I dun like is their veg r not v cooked n too hard for children to eat. More ex too.
    Hilltop's food suits my children best. Quite tasty food. But there r days where they serve pork belly n fatty meats which we dun like.

    My main priority is it must be suitable for my children. 2bq n hilltop the best so far. Hilltop's price more reasonable as they don't charge for rice for 1pax's dinner. N they use tingkat, so I dun hv to pay extra.

    Thinking to try chu yi next.
  15. Vivienne - end up i throw the veg away lor.
    The worst thing is my ger not much dish for her to eat.

    For hilltop she can drink 3 bowl of soup + half bowl of rice.

    Bbethan - The hilltop maybe you can try request no pork n fatty meat [​IMG]
  16. babyethan

    babyethan New Member

    Oh ya... Never think of that. Thks
  17. pipilili

    pipilili Member

    can someone gimme hill top's weblink cos I cannot find it.

    thank you sooo muchee
  18. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    I now trying another one call chu Wei San tong. The tingkat got trial 10days $90 cheaper than chu yi but tingkat smaller but quantity like more. The food and soup ok but better than chu yi no burnt soup. The best part is they don't even replace and the aunty everytime bomb my hp to aak me whether I wanna continue.
  19. chipydale

    chipydale Member

    Can i have the contact for Chu Wei San Tong ?
  20. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

  21. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    Thanks for sharing!

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