Tingkat delivery for family??

hi chrisy

thanks for your recommendation. I dont like to eat meat but tested 1 small pcs ok leh.. my children n husband neber complain weird & my kid finish up all the food I gave her... so shd be okay bah.... Tot of trying Hilltop, ever try?

btw chrisy, u w them almost half a yr, so shd b okay rite? do they always repeat the dishes every mth? Oh.. we used to take our dinner at my mum's hse n she uses msg &amp; salt for cooking so ytd dishes is ok to us. 2day the ginger chix soup think they put a bit more salt >-<
Sorry Chrisy, 1 last qtn, u hv tried a few caterer so far which 1 is d best? Sorry so maNy qtnS, need to choose 1 that provide wide range of dishes cos of my picky n skinny daughter... tqvm
<font color="0000ff">kims so far good for me...i dun hv the soup dish

chiachia is my co inhse caterer..i eat it daily too..nt bad too..</font>
thanks very much chrisy, will try out chia chia after finish w Kims. really appreciate ur reply
does kim's kitchen have trial also? would like to try out, never order tingkat before.. my girl eats dabao food everydays.
I am with Kim's. Not too bad but they arrive too early, 3+pm. It's ok to have it for dinner but I dont ilke the idea of the food sitting out my gate for so long until I get home from work.

Does anyone know a caterer that can deliver after 6pm?
Agree with Therese, anyone got recommedation for tingkat to deliver at our door steps after 6pm?

I am strongly considering Kims Kitchen.
we have tried jessie, le xin, etc and now is using neo garden. all of them have at least once food turn bad at 6+pm.

in fact, whether the food arrive earlier or later is not a matter BUT need to find out what time the delivery guys move out from the catering areas.

for instance, he can start deliver as early as 3pm, and can imagine when he reach our place at 6pm, the food already in the van for 3hours? they wont take the trouble to go back and take the food, unless maybe they shortage of any.

so, check from the caterer before decide which to go to..recent i have mentioed to Neo their delivery has brought forward from 6pm to 2+pm!! i thought i had ordered lunch tingkat! food turn bad by time about 6pm...

i will stick to them for another month and see how..
Hi mummies, my son turning 2 yrs old... I'm going to send him to childcare in next Jan... By then, dinner will be a problem to us... I dun wish to pack dinner from outside for him. Thot of catering seem a better choice. Can all the mummies share some of your comments with me? I oso dunno whether a gd choice or not... Any good recommendation for catering where have healthy range just like our home cooked food? Appreciate your recommendations... Thanks in advance!
hi yun yun

my kids since 6mths to now still taking steam food. only past 1 year weekend started to eat 'outside' oily food etc..

if ur kid ok with steam food, then is very easy n fast to prepare own food when u back home.

what i do for super fast cook for my kids: eg,
prepare vege, one egg, potatoe, carrot/or sweet potatoe, lean meat, chicken etc..

cook rice + put above selections (color combination- meaning 1 green, 1red at least) on a plate

about 10mins before rice fully cooked, put the tray in..

then can eat liao...

do above while he home bathing/resting etc..about 25mins can take dinner..
Hi Lee Yan,

Thanks for your ideas.. Can share with me some of your fast &amp; easy receipe esp vege dishes? Btw, u prepare this kind of food for your kids everyday? Your kids go childcare too?
yun yun,

yeah used to be 7 days but now only mon to fri, weekends give them a break haha..

hmm...actually i just steam vege caused the best is no additional 'stuff' and keep to the high nutrients once cook within mins and eat so no marinate anything.

for lean meat/fish we add little olive oil+soy source

i m sticking to the rule " dont turn your house kitchen into a restaurant" and try give best nutritious food to them.

i am WAHM, they are attending PCF in the afternoon. My gal used to go childcare when she was 2.5years old ended up 9mths persistent cough with infection etc...breakheart to see her suffered caused she was very healthy since birth.

so i decided to quit my full time n stay at home to take care of them...
Lee Yan,

U steamed all kind of vege? from leafy to root vege? dun add any seasoning at all? u cook soup too? I oso quite worry when sending my boy to cc next jan.... by then, he is 26 mths old. I keep keep pray hard that everything will go well...
yun yun,

these are the veges my kids take weekly, the rest of the vege at the moment, not 'short-listed' by me yet :p

1. spinach
2. asparagus
3. brocoli
4. yin3 cai (in cantonese, dont know english term..)
5. cauliflower
6. carrot
7. corn

yes, soup every day. simple type

1 ABC soup (carrot+potatoe+tomatoe+lean meat+onions+corn)

2. yin3 cai + lean meat + garlic

3. fresh lotus + lean meat + red dates (good for cough, build lung)

yun yun,

spinach, brocoli and yin3 cai should be leafy vege.

yes steam all.

i did...usual either chicken wing or drum stick..marinate and steam
o forget still have mushroom, and golden needle mushroom, tofu..

meat usually only lean meat, chiken and fish. beef occassionally small portion.
Lee Yan,

I hardly steamed vege loh.. so I dunno how.. : ( need to steam how long? Steam w/o seasoning nice? Olive oil &amp; light soya sauce is your only seasoning? Heard the vege will lose vitamin if pre-prepare b4 I out for work. Is it true? Ooops…. Sorry, asking u sooo many questions… hope u dun mind… I just hope to teach from u so my boy can hv healthy meal after he back from cc loh..
yun yun,

dont prepare before work. what u need to do is buy the vege and store in fridge.

once u reached home, wash the vege and chop ..depends on how fast u can do it, u can cook the rice while wash d vege...

usual rice cook about 20mins, so about 10mins before cook, u put all the barang in the steam tray and then placed inside the cooker.

10mins steaming shld able to retain the vege at the highest nutritious...and the vege will have very fresh color :)

carrot/fish/meat/chicken can slice thinner and able to cook within 10mins.

egg will also cook...etc..

as for whether nice taste anot..hmmm frankly for me tasteless is ok, but for most adult shld be a no-no...but again, for a 2years old kid, what most important is the healthy nutritious food, tasty = saltish so ....really depends on parent's choice
Lee Yan,

Wah... your meal really healthy... I shall try out 1 day... Your kid nvr complain? So egg steamed 5 mins while mushroom 10 mins, rite?
any recommended tingkat lunch delivery cos most of the tingkat cater for dinner? I tried neo garden for 5mth liao and decided to switch due to its bad customer services and also sick of the cold food.
I have tried these few caterers for dinner tingkat.
1) Jessie Catering -- Dont ever try.
2) First Cuisine -- not really good
3) Chia Chia Catering -- Food always repeat &amp; sick of the same fish everyday. Will be cancelling this mth.

can anyone advise more on the following caterers? ;)
- Mom's Kitchen
- Kim Kitchen
- Jiale
- Ban Heng

Or other caterers to recommend?
Coz really sick of Chia Chia now..
why dun try Jessie catering cos my col told me Jessie catering buffer is gd. tingkat dunno. oh..first cuisine not gd...any reason.

Have u try empirefood? wondering gd or not?
wrangler - can you elaborate why jessie catering is a "dont ever try"? we hv just started with jessie catering this week. so far so good, food is not fantastic (as like all tingkat dinners) but i must say portions are very generous.
For Jessie Catering:
Yes, the portion are super generous compared to the other caterers but the vege is always yellow and soggy &amp; if eggs dish is given, it's always spoilt.. feedback to them before but still the same.. have it for abt 2 mths-3 mths till my in-laws complained cannot take it any longer.. haiz..
hopefully they have improved now..

First Cuisine:
Better than Jessie Catering but food so-so only..

Havent tried empirefood so can't comment.. ;)

now headache coz not sure which caterer to get..
thanks for the feedback wrangler. will watch out for the rotten eggs dish. :p

we were with kim's kitchen b4 this. kim's food is actually with less msg and is quite good. the only grouse i have is that they are super lazy on the 4th dish which is always some off-the-shelve food ie fish cakes, fish balls, ngor hiang, crabsticks, etc.

and i totally agree with afcai that neo garden's customer service is BAD!
not only tat...delivery suppose to be agreed to be before 12 noon but wait till 1250pm then delivered. aiyo...dunno where's the delivery man gone?

thks for the feedback.

most tingkat are catered for dinner...anyway, have u try lexin? I wanted to order lexin but deliver time for lunch is only fr 12-1pm.

wow, so jialat, will spoilt meh? neogdn one still ok leh...
yo i m with neo garden for almost 1 year, yes their food wont turn bad even till 10pm except one dish that fried hot dog chilli onion etc..

the rest like lexin and jessie, i discon them mainly due to food turn bad as my hubi home late for dinner..

at times quite sick of neo's food but so far tried few, they are at the moment, the 'best' among my catering experiences.
Lee Yan,
got hot dog chilli onion meh..never encountered this dish b4.oic...neo gdn is still popular mah...if one order 2mth ahead, then got 10% discount loh.
yeah...today just ate..this is quite common dish..it could be the onion that turned bad, i did feedback to them before..

recent think their orders increased, our delivery time varies...used to be quite punctual at 6+pm...then changed to 2pm+!! i was shocked to see the food and thought i ordered wrongly for lunch! i called and asked they said is meant for dinner!!!!!!

after few complains, they delivered late 7pm+..sigh either too early or too late...but i supposed the food already in the van having car spin from 2pm onwards.

huh..discount? mine no discount leh...only able to cancel 2 days per mth and they will refund.
Hi Lee Yan,
oh...2pm+ for dinner is so early...and 7pm is consider late...tot they have a range of timing...when the staff said they got lot of ppls ordering then, my hubby said it is their business and if they can't cope, then dun take so many...cos b4 that, the staff told my caregiver when she called in to check why lunch is not delivered. the staff told her if u can't wait, then dun order and cancel the order, we still got lot of ppls to deliver tingkat. my caregiver so pissed off. so tat's why my hubby call in to complain and even demand for FULL refund.

frankly speaking, neo gdn food not bad one...here is the promotion I mentioned:
SAVE 10% on Tingkat Meal Delivery
For Neo Garden only.
Minimum 2 months order with pre-payment.
Not valid for trial meal.
Meal replacement is only allowed for maximum 2 times per month.
No cancellation or refund of meal within the contract period.
o afcai,

we with them for quite long so not entitled for this, shld be meant for new customers.

they said lack of delivery men, not easy to get..come n go...so no choice.

yes their food ok, so far so long standard still ok. wed is a 'guessing' meal caused dont know what combo meal. at times not my 'type' i have to eat biscuits haha...
Hi Lee Yan,
the infor promotion is on website. if one did not read, one won't know there is this promotion. even one call, they might not tell u the promotion. even bd party etc, if order in advance also got up to 20% discount.

did u renew yr tingkat services when it expire? I renew it every 2 mth and reminded them the 10% promotion. just call them and ask them.

yup, wed is guessing meal. sometimes, not nice esp dun like the yellow rice. I like the sotong mee (but more yellow mee than the bee hoon). so long, they never cook chicken rice liao. oh...sometimes, rice qutie hard too....so won't finish it, just eat the ingredients. we ordered lunch but divided into 2 portions - for lunch and dinner.
yo afcai..

need to renew har? i thought 'auto' type just PAP? i shld ask for discount liao since considered 'old' customer and intro my sis to them...maybe also asked for 'referral fee' wahahaa this is how WAHM gain income hehe..kidding lah..

i stayed in hougang...actually the food all prepared as early as 2pm and they start the routes. so, if happened they start in hougang, then we will get it abt 2+pm...if they end at hougang then will be 7+pm..so be it early or late, once they are out will not be back to take the food....so in another words, all food are having car spin lo..
Hi Lee Yan,
no leh, initially, we tot it is auto renew but dun have leh. so tat day, it did not deliver to my hse. we are also wondering and even call them.yup, all..gd idea referreal fees.

my plc west side, the delivery man said my side last plc to deliver so everytime, came in late late.
Hi wrangler,

I'm currently ordering from Kim's Kitchen. So far,the food has been better than others I've tried (Neo Garden, Le Xin).

It isn't fantastic but it isn't lousy either.
Welcome wrangler


Yeah, Kim's doesn't have lunch. You can try Mom's Cooking though. Food is not bad and customer service is good. They delivered to my place (Tampines) around 12+pm-1pm.

It is terribly expensive though. $265 for 20 days, ONE person! I stopped after a while.
I'm ordering from Ban Heng. What a disappointment, The food is absolutely terrible, e.g. stinky/hard fish, "anyhow" mixed veggies stir fried with pork belly, similar gravy for the food very often, soya sauce chicken has really limp and gross texture. I will never ever order from them again, and everyday I feel really xian when it comes to dinnertime. I don't know why the food is so bad, maybe Ban Heng rented out the kitchen to someone else and allowed them to use their name? The portion is small, just enough for two of us (and I think we are not big eaters). Anyway, can't believe I'm paying $198 this month and I am eagerly waiting for the contract to end.

By the way, if you can afford it, try Mom's Cooking (Buffet Paradise). I tried it mid last year. $400 for 2, but the quality and variety was much much better and portion was bigger than Ban Heng - enough for my lunch the following day. Too much meat though, like all tingkat..it would be nice to find one that is healthier and provides more veggies.
Hi all,

Regarding Tingkat delivery, i have tried the following:

1. Select
2. Four Seasons Cafe
2. Empire Food
3. Neo Garden
4. Cafe in Action
5. Hilltop Hong Kong Cafe
6. Mom's cooking
7. House of Catering

Now with House of Catering and ending their contract on wed.. sourcing for another to replace. They said no added MSG but i am very thirsty after dinner,, kept waking up in the middle of the night to drink water :-(

The best i tried is Mom's cooking, but the damage is really bad.. for such high price and small portion :-(
hi all!

i've tried kim's before and i stopped coz i got bored of the food. are the tingkat dinners from diff caterers all so similar?

o dear... due to time constraints, i need to start getting tingkat dinners again...
which is my best bet?