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Tingkat delivery for family??

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by isabellali, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. isabellali

    isabellali Active Member

    How is the food like??
    And is it good if I were to order for my kids to eat as I have no time to do cooking after work?
    Is it like home cook food??
    Is it nutritious??
    Or full of MSG???

    Sorry if I sound stupid..
    But I dun wish to expose my kids to those 'junk' food...

  2. sukiyi2006

    sukiyi2006 New Member

    I tried many tingkat delivery before, they're all sharing the main kitchen. How do say har....

    I explain to you my case:

    I ordered store A - Lunch, Store B - dinner
    When the food come, some dishes are same from store A & B.

    Store B - dinner (last night) = Store A - Lunch (today).

    Try for few days, I feel something strange how come so coincident many times happen to be the same dishes.

    So I called them up want to cancel, ask them why this thing happen. Then I know, every store also order from the same kitchen. Some food can't finish, will give to our the other day.

    They don't allow to cancel. I just ask ok, stop delivery first... i'll call if i want to continue. drag till now haven't settle.

    Dishes most of the time like shit. reach me already cold. although the menu there, but eveytime repeat & repeat. Some mentioned got no MSG, bullshit one. Because they're sharing the same kitchen, how can it be Store A got msg & store B don't have.

    Dont like home cook lah.. don't expect too much. food worse than hawker centre some more not cheap. Better don't order first before confirm everything, they don't allow to cancel half way.
  3. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    did u try neo garden, wanna try to order fr them for dinner, but after read ur post...kinda hestitate...
  4. sukiyi2006

    sukiyi2006 New Member

    After I sent over the form & cheque, they called me say price already increase ask me whether want to proceed the order.

    I feel like cheated, only few days then price suddenly changed. So I just cancelled the order, they sent me back the cheque.
  5. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    after reading ur post, i think i better gv those tingkat a miss.
  6. myindeliblememory

    myindeliblememory New Member

    i've tried neogarden before they increase their prices and i find the food better than empirefood.

    i would recommend neogarden if you really wants to cater.
    imo, they cook better food, and the servings can serve up to 3 person if you order for 2 person.
    (i ordered lunch for 2 person, but i'm the only one eating for lunch, only dinner hubby then join me. so to count the dishes can serve 3 person, & still got leftover.)
    & their dishes isnt that bad, at least a fish or a meat for every meal.
    but nothing beats home cooked food cause we will never know how they handle the food.
    but so far i've never experienced food poisoning from eating these catering food, so no worries. :)

    anyway you can try out the short term trial for 10 days before you decided whether to order from them monthly.
  7. bleahz

    bleahz New Member

    i would like to say that foods that they sell to people, normally contain msg

    msg is always inevitable in outside foods to make them taste more delicious. not delicious, people do not want to order from them anymore.

    of cos at home, it is easier for healthier eating.

    but it is very expensive in my opinion for tingkat foods, do the calculation urself.

    i'd rather go buy the ingredients from the mixed veggie rice stall in hawker centres then boil rice myself. its simpler. throw rice into rice cooker, go take a bath, voila~ ur meal!
  8. bread_and_jam

    bread_and_jam New Member

    Ya, I agree with sukiyi...The food for lunch and dinner from different places are almost the same. The way they cook it also tast different. I ordered for 2 mths and cancelled the orders cos I am sick of the food.

    A bit strange...I mean the dishes for every day are different but somehow, you would really get sick and tired of the food...

    The vegetables also taste horrible...
  9. jess1

    jess1 Member


    I have tried one for almost 2 years which I think her food is quite nice. Being recommended by a friend of mine. I only ordered for one person meal for myself and my son as my husband had a part-time evening job. Although just the two of us sometime still have leftover. If you are interested I can give you her contact number and you can try it out.
  10. gloyt

    gloyt New Member


    can i have the contact of ur caterer, I may need to eat tingkat for a long time cos have to take care of young children.

    pls email me at gloyt@singnet.com.sg
  11. jess1

    jess1 Member

    Hi gloyt,

    No problem. I email you now.
  12. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member

    Hi Jessie,

    Pls PM me your caterer. Thanks.
  13. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member

    Hi Jessie,

    Got your PM. I tried calling the 2 numbers but they're either not in service or not in use. Are you still using this tingkat caterer? Thanks for your help.
  14. jess1

    jess1 Member

    Hi CJ Mum,

    Sorry for the late reply. I have stopped using their service beginning of this year due to some changes on my schedule. Will check it out for you and keep you inform.
  15. shrext

    shrext New Member

    I've tried a few caterers. I don't Neo Gdn's tingkat altho their buffet's not bad. Neo Gdn's tingkat is outsourced to another party called Best something. I'm using Kim's Kitchen http://www.kimskitchen.com.sg/tingkat.html currently. Not bad. You can always ask for trial and then change tingkat company if you don't like. That's what I do : )
  16. jess1

    jess1 Member


    The correct number of the caterer is 96612703.
  17. piggydamien

    piggydamien New Member

    I have ordered tingkat services from Jessie catering and I must say the food SUCKS. Terminated their service after 1 month. The food for dinner was delivered at 3.30pm. Me and my husband only back from work at 7.30pm-8pm. By then the food taste horrible. Vege turned yellow and soggy, sometimes the food smells and then there was once the fish was bad. Last few days before the termination, they actually give us can food. I think this is so bad, bad experience with tingkat caterers.
  18. jess1

    jess1 Member

    Dear Piggydamien,

    I hope you are not referring to the one that I recommended. That aunty's food were not so bad as you mentioned. Otherwise I won't have stick on to her for almost 2 years.
  19. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member

    Hi Jessie,

    Thanks for the info.
  20. piggydamien

    piggydamien New Member

    hi jessie,
    Oh no i m not refering to you. The caterer is called Jessie Catering. I suspect the food was cook in the morning, so thats why sometimes it turn bad. At times me and my husband have stomach upset after eating the food.
  21. jess1

    jess1 Member

    Hi piggydamien,

    I just want to ensure that we are not referring to the same caterer as I just managed to get the aunty correct telephone number and have passed the number to some of the mummies that required.

    That was pretty bad of the caterer to do that. Thanks for letting us know [​IMG]
  22. piggydamien

    piggydamien New Member

    Hi Jessie,

    May I know who is your current caterer?
  23. jess1

    jess1 Member

    Hi piggydamien,

    Currently I did not cater for any tingkat dinner due to the my schedule but plan to place order from her again once I can make some arrangement. Sorry, I cannot remember her company's name. Everytime I called will only address her as aunty. She is a very friendly lady. I have put up her hp number above. If you are keen, call her to find out more.
  24. piggydamien

    piggydamien New Member

    Hi Jessie,

    Oic, ok thanks I will try to give her a call then.
  25. peiru

    peiru New Member

    Hi Jessie,
    Does your caterer do tingkat lunch?
  26. jess1

    jess1 Member

    Hi Peiru,

    I am not very sure of tingkat lunch. You can call her to check with her.
  27. jul34

    jul34 New Member

    Hi All,
    I'm new here. Jus to share - I ordered tingkat few months' back from a reputatble chinese restaurant (Ban Heng). Food not bad but price maybe a bit on the high side, you can check it out. They give $50 food voucher upon confirmation.
  28. babystarlet

    babystarlet Member

    jessie > may i know wat is the name of ur caterer?any website to see?
  29. jess1

    jess1 Member

    Hi Babystarlet,

    Sorry, I cannot remember the company's name and don't think they have any website. Just give her a call and she is able to answer your question.
  30. piggydamien

    piggydamien New Member

    Anyone has got any other good caterer to recommend? preferably food cook without MSG.
  31. chris170773

    chris170773 New Member


    Had used the same caterer, Kim's Kitchen for about a year.. food not bad, portion is quite good. Ordered for 3 but enough for hubby, me and 3 young kids... but the veg not desirable. Always the same "bai cai" which my kids and I really disliked.. And the veg usually taste funny so we always throw the whole veg away.. The rest of the dishes are fine. Stopped after a year as my kids and I got sick of the food.. So started cooking for the family instead. You can try them if you want
  32. catz

    catz Active Member

  33. piggydamien

    piggydamien New Member

    thanks krischan and catz
  34. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    My aunt orders from Select.
  35. mummywannabe

    mummywannabe Active Member

    Hi ladies,

    Another thing to share... Just now i wen to my ah ma house, than she told me the neighbour recommend this lady to her, she use to be a confinement lady and now she switch to cooking for ladies like us who are going to go into IVF, in the process of IVF and after IVF, be it successful or not... And heard she is quite good...As now im ordering from Kim's Kitchen till 18 Nov i think i will switch to her instead cause she caters to our needs..

    What she does is when you order tell her which stage of treatment you are at and she will prepare the meals accordingly for you...The price is quite reasonable also its $280 for 2 pax and will send to your house also..Oh she also cook dishes good for our DH..heehee..

    I think i will switch to her because she will know what we need most and furthermore no need to scared got msg and guaranteed nutritious food hor...

    If anyone interested to order PM me and i pass you the contact cause think she only accept few orders a month only.
  36. 3asmum

    3asmum Member

    i m using best catering and now known as neo garden.

    food not bad and wont feel thirsty after taken, usual if too much msg will feel thirsty.

    so far this the 4 or 5th catering i have tried and during that time i ever stopped them once due to sick of the food...but after trying the others ...decided to switch back to neo and so far coming to 5th months...so far so good, food wont turn bad even till 11pm caused my dh home late..

    may give them a try.
  37. jen_wong

    jen_wong New Member

    can any mummies advice me if these caterers can do delivery once a wk for ard 10 pax?
  38. babycoming

    babycoming New Member

    Hi Sam,

    Just PM u.Hp u can share the contact. thks
  39. catrine

    catrine Member


    I've tried Neo Garden catering for a trial of 10 days. Yesterday was the 3rd day and I can't stand the food alr - its too salty (at least for me)and the veg are hard. Felt so guilty that my boy, age 4 consumes so much salt at such a young age.
    Pls, is there any recommendation for tingkat which uses less salt, MSG and is suitable for toddlers?
  40. heavenlymade

    heavenlymade Member

    hi catherine,
    i agreed with u neo garden food very saltish. i have switch to kim's kitchen and i am enjoying it. the rice portion abit small if u are sharing. To me, the food not as saltish as neo's , not too bad in my opinion. i ordered the 4 dishes with no soup. the forth dish is pretty good if u compare with neo also. neo always give vegetables only for 4th dish.
  41. catrine

    catrine Member

    Hi Joannelim

    Thanks for sharing. Will give Kim's kitchen a try next week and share my comments thereafter.
  42. catrine

    catrine Member

    Kim's kitchen food is so much better than Neo Garden - hubby & me love their cookings very much
  43. chrisy

    chrisy Member

    ya..i tried many too..kim's so far so good...
    claim no msg..but they admit they do put a little..
    their variety is good...they accept feedbacks which once i complain too much msg!! n fish turn sour..
    but i like their veg range..unlike the rest always gives cheapo cabbages..argh..
  44. babygal_1

    babygal_1 Active Member

    Hi,for kims kitchen what their rate for the 5 days trial?

    Btw any1 tried jessie catering?
  45. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Hi all,

    I've tried Mom's Cooking (food is ok but a little expensive) and Le Xin Catering (do NOT use them! Food SUCKS and they tend to give frozen food like sotong balls, fish fillets etc).

    Anyone knows of any caterers who do lunch? Most seem to just do dinner.</font>
  46. wensi200

    wensi200 New Member

    hi anyone wish to update any good ones???
  47. iristay

    iristay New Member

    i tried kims kitchen trial on early july.
    about $40 for 5 days.

    not bad, the soup is quite tasty for me.
    i am trying jessie nw, e soup is not as gd as kims kitchen soup and the dishes are acceptable for me.

    prob will switch back to kims kitchen.
  48. okipoki

    okipoki Active Member

    Today is my 1st day with Kim's Kitchen [​IMG] Portion quite good and food wise taste ok too.
  49. tsn

    tsn New Member

    hi all,

    Just renewed 20days w Kim's kitchen after 5days trial at $66.88. Food ok Is there any other recommendation?
    Used to eat at mum's hse till recently, daughter prefer to go hm after sch, so tried tingkat at least she has dinner rather than dao pao everyday not healthy.
    Desperately looking for another caterer. Thank you
  50. chrisy

    chrisy Member

    <font color="0000ff">hi kim-eaters :p

    yst meat do u all find abit weird? the feel is like lots of msg..

    i m with kims coming to half year aleadi..

    tried jessie before..boring..

    empire is fine..

    can try chiachia..nt bad also..</font>

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