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The Shichida Method in Singapore?

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by paulynl, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. paulynl

    paulynl New Member

    I am thinking of sending my 10month old son there for a once a week class at Toa Payoh Branch. Any parents who can share their experience? And whether indeed it is so effective as they mentioned in their brochure and website?

    I made a call on the Toa Payoh branch and was told that the intake are all full and will have to be on a waiting list for the next intake in July!! Isnt this "recession" time? and the cost is not that cheap either so I am wondering if indeed its worth my every penny....

  2. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    you can try Little Neuro Tree, also located at Toa Payoh. Their fee is cheaper than Shichida and they conduct their lessons in three langauge (English, Chinese and Japanese - one langague in each week).

    Recession or not, singapore parents are still KS!!
  3. pp1

    pp1 New Member

    Hi, my girl is 2 yrs and boy is 3.5 yrs. Both attending Shichida classes. Im frustrated cos I happened to be in a class where all are KS parents.

    Whenever there is interacting session btw parent and kid, those KS parents talk very loudly to their children. Worst still, we are sitting side by side with each other, the noise actually distract me teaching my boy. I myself, even unable to hear what I'm talking to my child and I can see he looks confuse too.

    In addition, my child is very active in class; and when he finally able to settle down, yet I'm unable to convey a right message to him.

    Even though I have not finish, the class will carry on to the next topic and will not stop for you.

    I felt that within an 1 hour session, it is stressful for me and him. I have to make him pay attention, listen and be corporative with me.

    Any mummies have the same experience like me?
    Do you think Shichida should rearrange their sitting position?
  4. olivegal77

    olivegal77 Member


    i had the same problem when i started my son at 13 mths....now he is 3 yrs old, and is enjoying the lessons and doing well. now my younger boy, just started in july'09, facing similar problem when i 1st started with my older boy, but i believe in time to come he will understand and enjoy the lessons too....
  5. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

    Hi Mummytoprincess,

    For little Neuro Tree, can we choose only English session? May I get your opinion, how's the class being conducted, please? I am planning to sign my boi up at the Tampines, new outlet. Appreciate if u can advise the efficiency & effectiveness of the programme.Many thanks[​IMG]
  6. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    hi vivian

    I'm afraid you can't choose the lessons to be conducted in English only. It is good to expose young kids to different languages as they tend to pick up faster. So, not sure why the hesitation on your part.

    Each class will have a maximum of six students. Efficiency and effectiveness wise will have to depend on each kid. I have seen kids not sitting down and start to move around the class, which make the parents upset (or maybe they were thinking that are they wasting their money). Well, do remember that kids have short attention span. You need to be persistent and also, you have to 'revise' with your kids at home. Repetition is also another way to make the kids learn as they can be quite 'forgetful'.

    My suggestion is to sign up for the trial lessons first. Then, decide whether you want to register for one term.
  7. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

    Hi Mummy to PrincessA,

    Thank you very much for your quick response.

    But currently, they do not have trial class anymore[​IMG] May I know what is being covered during the class, pls? and what kind of revision that need to be done at home?? Have you try GUG? What is the main diff between 2? so sorry to throw all the questions to you, hehe ....the fee is not cheap per programme, therefore i must really check it out carefully before I enrol him.
  8. wesim

    wesim Active Member


    They do not have trial lessons??? My girl is currently at Toa Payoh and they do have trial lessons. I know becos there are 2 of them in her class. Very strange indeed.

    How old is your kid? My girl was born in 2007 and the topics they cover are memory games, letters/numbers/chinese strokes writing, simple sentences, music etc. If your kid is younger, it will definately be different.

    My girl was with GUG for two terms. GUG covers basic letter sounding, music and art&craft, whereas LNT is the whole brain program. It really depends on what you want your son to learn. I withdrew my girl from GUG becos i want to stimulate her right/left brain and also i can teach her phonics on my own.

    I will see what LNT teach (especially Chinese) and then will revise with my girl. I am a KS mother becos i want my princess to be ready for P1.
  9. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

    Hi Mummy to PrincessA,

    Ya, I called up LNT HQ at Bugis. The girl told me over the phone that there is no trial class. Perhaps I should call the one at Tampines (New Branch) to try out my luck.Heehee...

    My boi is 13mths currently, he was with Kindermuzik earlier on then GUG but the journey for me is killing so I am so excited to hear that LNT has a new outlet at Tampines now.

    Oh LNT is covering the whole brain training, sound really good....I read it too from the brochures but I need to sit in to know more about it. I am not good in English pronounciation myself, so I can only get help from the phonics school, i am targeting at zoo phonic now (Tampines as well) when he turns 18mths (min 18mths for zoo phonics). Hopefully he can absorb something out of all these classes as well as myself to learn the technique of teaching the little one. Let's jia yu together...[​IMG]
  10. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    Hi Vivian,

    My girl was with Zoophonics at Upp Thomson for one term. I withdrew her (again) becos they are covering almost the same thing as GUG (basic letter sounds, music, art&craft). Can be quite boring....You can actually get quite a few materials from Popular and it comes with VCD.

    So, your boy will not be having the same lessons as my girl liao. My girl is already 27mths. After attending quite a few enrichment classes, we currently stick to just one - LNT. But, come next year when she turns 3, will have to add in 2 more for her (English & Chinese enrichment classes).
  11. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

    Hi Mummy to Princess A,

    Oh is it? zoophonics is covering almost the same as GUG? i thought it will be more focusing on Phonics??? Is there any enrichment classes purely on phonics please? Perhaps for younger age's classes, they need to incorporate some other element like music and other to increase their interest in learning, otherwise yi yi ah ah (phonics only) throughout the whole session can be quite bored also..hehehe.. now i am pretty looking forward to the LNT class..hehe...heard they have lot of activities being done within an hour time, by the way do we need to buy their (LNT) materials for home learning?
  12. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    Zoophonics is covering almost the same at GUG. Both are using the same material for basic letter sounding (zoo theme). You will have to wait at least your son is of pre-nursery age (3yrs), then they will introduce more words blending.

    Yes, there will be a lot of activities within one hour at LNT. It is not compulsory to buy any materials from them, although they do sell flashcards and educational games, which you can buy elsewhere.

    Enjoy the lessons with your son!!
  13. sandymoo10

    sandymoo10 Member

    Baby Jumper Gym for infants 4 months to 6 yrs old..check them out..=)
    Thomson, bukit batok and kembangan..=)
  14. pt_sky

    pt_sky New Member

    i just withdraw my son from Little neuro tree from this term onwards. Few of the main teachers (previously from shichida) left and also the main course designer. The teachers seems to lose heart and not as motivated as previous to teach. Their materials also never renew as frequent as previous...

    But the main reason i withdraw is because of the environment there. The big boss (David Ng) who is also the master franchisor seems to be having lots of financial problem. Almost everyday, debtors come to look for him. Heard from his admin that he owe people lots of money including parents money and teacher salary. Involved in some police and court case too due to fraud of cheating investors' money. I even saw notice pasted by "loanshark" all over the office..

    This make me dishearted. Don't feel like having my son continue with this program under such manageemnt and environment. I don't think he will have the heart to improve on his existing program too.

    Many parents did the same. last time there are 200+ students at its peak. Now i think less than 100.

    Have been searching around ever since for a replacement program.
    Genius space seems good initially, but i dun quite like the way they
    handle children.And they are also too new for many things to settle down..Good thing is not many students now, so i have all
    the attention i can get [​IMG]

    Still searching...Hai..
  15. pt_sky

    pt_sky New Member

    i strongly believe from 0-3 years at least, right brain should be the focus...then onwards, may be we can focus on whole brain.

    Thus my new born will be going to Shichida or any other that focus much on right brain. Not many...There are quite a few on whole brain...So, not so worry..

    The elder one once he hits 4 years old, can bring him to GUG or JG....[​IMG]
    Anyone can share experience of theirs, pls share...anyone tried Baby Jumper Gym?
  16. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    hi sky
    oh dear! I believe you are referring to the headquarter, right? My girl, who is turning 3 end of this month is at the Toa Payoh branch. I will not be continuing because (1) shifting house - too many things to do (2) I have been hometeaching my girl and i have gotten lots of materials.

    Yes, i do fully agree that we should focus on the right brain for the first three years. My girl has been with the right brain program since she was 18mths + my home teaching = Beneficial to the brain. I am very glad and proud to say that she is able to read and write now.
  17. sandymoo10

    sandymoo10 Member

    Baby Jumper Gym caters to 3months to 5 years. Focus on RBS.
    We have a variety of activities including Gym.
    Do pm me if interested to know more. =)
    Im a trainer there..=) Thomson branch..
  18. glt1

    glt1 Member

    Hi Mummy to Princess, can I know if you are interested to sell or share your resources from Shichida or offer some advice on their courses and materials? My boy currently there and I am thinking of making some of the materials like flashcards, etc to train him at home as I find that one hour a week is not enough.
  19. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    hi Liting

    I sent my girl to Little Neuro Tree, not Shichida. However, i managed to get pre-loved Shichida materials (linking memory, CD on Addition & Mulitiplication) from some mummies here.

    I only do the Vocabulary and Sightwords flashcards (words only). The rest i bought new (Wo Hui Du, and online purchase from one store in Malaysia - the flashcards are similar to GD). I emphasize a lot on words recognition. Therefore, my girl is able to recognise a lot of words. That is why she is able to read when she was about 2+.

    One hour a week is definately not enough. A lot of teaching has to come from the parents. However, you need to invest a lot of your time, money and effort + LOVE, PATIENCE & DETERMINATION. At 3, my princess is able to read and do assessment books meant for K1 & K2.

    You can call me KS, but my intention is to set a good and solid foundation for her. Hopefully, it will pay off. And nope, i don't classify her as 'gifted' or 'genius' (quite a number of people call her that).

    And also, don't forget to add 'trip to the park, zoo etc' for educational program too!
  20. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    Sorry, i am currently not selling any of my educational stuff as my cousin has already 'chopped' them [​IMG]
  21. glt1

    glt1 Member

    Wah, Mummy to PrincessA, you are really hardworking! Are you a FTWM or SAHM? I am working, so time is a hindrance. I was thinking of preparing some materials/resources that I see in Shichida to practice with my boy at home, then buy those that I cannot make, but so far, no time to make the resources yet. [​IMG] I guess I am lazy, but very tired after work everyday and he is very sticky to me, I even have to sneak home to shower first before he sees me, or else he will not let me take my shower, so very difficult for me to make teaching materials for him.....but very ex to buy all and some are not for sale...How do u teach ur gal word recognition? My boy can only recognise pictures like comb, giraffe, cat, dog, etc, not many. I play "My baby can read" DVD for him, he learnt by listening, not reading yet. I think he is too active to stay still and 'study' which makes it more difficult to teach. Even in Shichida class, he refused to sit down and listen after 15 mins. Any method to make them sit still for at least 30 mins so that we can teach them? I also believe a strong foundation is more important than remedy in future as I am a teacher and I have seen how well those children with foundation can do better than those who started late.
  22. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    Hi Liting
    I am also a FTWM, but i do sometimes work from home. Yes, i do agree that time is a hindrance + exhaustion from work.

    You can get the whole list of sight words just by googling it. As for Vocabulary, i got the words from Barron's 1100 words book. I just wrote them on the blank flash cards and flash to her.

    Very difficult to make them sit down for 30 mins lah....15 mins is enough. Plan your schedule well. As they grow older, their attention span will stretch. It will be good if you can read to him EVERYDAY. No slacking on this part. I bought a lot of preloved books from ebay. As for the right brain materials, i agree that it is difficult to get preloved, so i bought a lot of them new after much consideration as it will be 'cheaper' than to going for classes.

    Happy teaching!!
  23. oink1526

    oink1526 Member

    Memory Board nt Shichida Tensai

    Self-collect at :

    MRT stations: Tiong Bahru, Outram, Chinatown, Clarke Quay, Cityhall, Bugis - 8.30am to 9am or Bras Basah Complex, Central National Library - 8.30am to 9am or
    Cityhall and Bugis MRT stations - 12.30pm to 1.30pm and 5.30pm to 6pm or
    Chinatown MRT station - 5.30pm to 6pm.
    or near Jalan Bukit Merah.
  24. glt1

    glt1 Member

    Hi Oink1526, I have sent you a PM. Thanks. [​IMG]
  25. oink1526

    oink1526 Member

    Shichida Tensai Memory Material

    Memory Genius Flash Card Set G - Chinese

    Condition : 9/10

    Price : S$18.50

    Self-collect at :

    MRT stations: Tiong Bahru, Outram, Chinatown, Clarke Quay, Cityhall, Bugis - 8.30am to 9am or

    Bras Basah Complex, Central National Library - 8.30am to 9am or

    Cityhall and Bugis MRT stations - 12.30pm to 1.30pm and 5.30pm to 6pm or

    Chinatown MRT station - 5.30pm to 6pm.

    or near Jalan Bukit Merah.

    Other collection venue can be arranged.
  26. fruitty

    fruitty New Member

    May i know where is this Tensai Shop?
    Is it in Shichida sch & non student can purchase from there?
  27. faithgurl

    faithgurl Member

  28. tingting80

    tingting80 New Member

    Hi mummies, I m new to this Shichida's teaching ... May i know how much does this lesson cost? Heard that it's costly and seems like from the reviews here, this Shichida is beneficial to your children. And is it possible to share more information about this Shichida? My girl is 6months old now . Thanks [​IMG]
  29. dll

    dll Member

    I hv materials for speed reading and Sawako. Pls pm me for details.
  30. busybee_81

    busybee_81 Member

    Hi! I have home made ESP / HSP materials, which i did for my home practice, if you wish buy kindly PM me. These materials are same as Shichida class, since i am Shichida mother, for my home practice i made these.... let me know if anyone is interested.... Thanks!
  31. goodgal

    goodgal Active Member


    i have a $100 voucher for use at my little genius at jurong east or hougang,if interested,please pm me.My Little Genius is a brain development school and they were previously called Little Neuro Tree. The new programme incorporate activities such as brain gym, flashing of words cards, storytelling and science which I think are important to bb
  32. davian

    davian New Member

    Hi all,
    My boy started Shichida in Apr 11. He is born in Dec09? Any parents who kid is born in Dec09 and attending his 41 term now at TP?
  33. nashita

    nashita Member

    Hi, can I just ask if there is a difference in the quality of teaching from the teachers in Springleaf or hdb hub? TIA.

    Also, is 1yo+ too late to starty on schichida?
  34. dll

    dll Member

  35. icequeenvic

    icequeenvic New Member

    Mummies who have signed up for Shichida in recent months, what is the average waiting time for a slot on a weekend class? My girl just turned 1 yr old, am thinking of signing her up.
  36. davian

    davian New Member


    My boy had attended shichida for 3terms. He behaves uninterested in class. He will only sit down and do the activities he is interested. All other activities (Memory game, linking memory etc)he will just throw the card and sit on the table and face me without participating. I am thinking should i withdrawl him? Any one face the similar situation? At home i tried to flash the card to him but he keep on snatching the card from me and it is impossible for me to do any home-training to him. Tried to read him a story book he will just close the book and walk away...
  37. poppyqueen

    poppyqueen Member

    Hi mummy_mummy,

    It's a phrase they go through. My son did the same too. Don't give him undue pressure or force him to read or see the flashcards as it will result in him having greater resistance. At home, just continue reading or flashing even though his head or body is turned away. He will still be listening even though he's not facing you. [​IMG]
  38. crystall

    crystall New Member


    Any mum willing to share their Shichida training materials? I had made some kits--about thousand flash cards, memory magic, linking memory, flash memory, ESP and other similar kit used in class. But my everyday teaching already exhuast all the material and Im not in time to make more new one.

    We can exchange or loan or whatever, please email me: notsshort@yahoo.com or PM me.

  39. jesstham_77

    jesstham_77 New Member


    my gal just started shichida for 2nd lessons, she is more interested to hop / move around in class, her attention life span to the bullet-train speed teaching is very short. i am already thinking to withdraw her... most of the mommies are very KS and speaks v loud, but cant blame on them, the fees are soaring high thou.

    Mummy_mummy, your boy shown no interest during the entire 3 terms??
  40. elaineheng

    elaineheng New Member

    Hi mummies!

    Was searching for Shichida's resources and found this.

    My girl started for a couple weeks and can see that she is enjoying it. I think better don't give up because it doesn't train the kid, it also train the mummies. I used to guide my girl a lot at home, and with Shichida, I find that the teacher reminded me a lot of inputting methods.

    And now, every day she will tell us that she wants to go Shichida class.
  41. elaineheng

    elaineheng New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I have some questions of self made flash cards, hope some mummies here are willing to share information with me. It may sound dumb though.

    I am intending to buy the cards from Hiap Moh and its 300gsm. I could hardly find any laser jet which i can fit it into. So does that mean, i would need to print out on A4 paper, cut to size and paste it? Is that what other mummies are doing?

    Possible to share with me some interesting categories which we can make our own? Am intending to invest in Tensai's but would like to add on some homemade ones too.

    Look forward to some replies. thanks in advance
  42. joagape

    joagape New Member

    I have a set of shichida starters kit, cost me $200plus. Now going at $100 as i am moving house. Buyer has to self collect at my place in yew tee. If you are keen, please drop me an email at joagape@yahoo.com
  43. daynablue

    daynablue New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Just FYI. You can try Baby Jumper Gym. Excellent programs, more value for less fees especially that I have more than 2 kids. I think it costs around $400 for one term and you get to learn flashcards, gym, science, classical music, etc....it's very well rounded and my kids enjoy it a lot.
  44. daynablue

    daynablue New Member

    Hi Ms. Heng,

    Sometimes Baby Jumper Gym has a free workshop twice a year. They will teach you how to make flashcard and use them. It does not cost much. I attended once and it was amazing. They will teach you gym as well. However, I don't have time to flash the cards and can't trust the maid to do it. Anyway, Baby Jumper Gym gives free flashcards to the students.

    hope my reply helps.

  45. chiku

    chiku New Member


    looking to buy homemade shichida flashcards.

    pls pm me

  46. busybee_81

    busybee_81 Member

    Looking for home made flash cards... kindly mesg me... thanks a lot

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