Terrible experience with PEM Confinement Nanny #1497 YONG SIOK SIANG 杨雪仙


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Extremely disappointed with our nanny that was assigned to us #1497 YONG SIOK SIANG 杨雪仙
This is our second time hiring PEM. Our first nanny 2 years ago was a gem and incredible. We were expecting the same but to our horror it was absolutely a terrible experience

Out of the 2 nights this nanny has been with us, both times she missed her alarm at night and did not wake up to feed the baby. As a result baby was not fed for almost 4 hours and cried very loudly and painfully. If we have to wake the nanny up, why is she here. When I asked her the second time what happened, she had the cheek to point to our milk chart where we wrote: 11pm - 40ml and say “oh last feed was 11.40pm and now is 2.50am”. Totally unapologetic and instead arguing with us.

Furthermore, she keeps interrupting our conversations to ask for the simplest of instructions and things that a nanny should know. We bought the Eu Yan Seng TCM package that comes with a detailed schedule of what soup for what day, and we told her to follow it. Instead of following it, she went ahead to cook all the soups (Week 1 supposed to only have 2 soups, end up cooking 5 soups). I don’t understand - does she think she know better than what is prescribed?

Third, she always gives excuses for mistakes and never apologises. We told her our food volume, and on Day 3 dinner, only a half person portion of meat was cooked. I asked her why and she said “oh the other meat is frozen and not marinated”. We instructed her to cook dinner for my wife and I at lunchtime at 1pm. Dinner is 7pm. There is no reason why, and instead of apologising she just gives excuses

Oh and also on Day 1, after her rest time, we called for her help several times. She was in the room, but no reply. Our helper went in to call her and we saw the nanny was plugged in watching videos on her phone with both earbuds in.

The straw that broke the proverbial camel back was the most recent night. My wife asked each time she feed to change the diaper, but she blatantly ignores the instruction. So when my wife reminded her to change because she heard the baby fart, the nanny retorted in Mandarin “Oh really did she fart?” I mean we have told you already, so why are we engaging in this at 3am?

Absolutely terrible experience and we are changing her out tomorrow. Strongly recommend all to avoid