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Teacher Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by moonlightmist, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. moonlightmist

    moonlightmist Member

    Hi teacher mummies,
    guess we're a special lot..
    shall we gather here for some support?

    my baby is about 7 weeks young [​IMG]
    nice to meet all of you!

  2. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    my girl is 9 days old...
    nice to meet u all too..
  3. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    My baby is still in my womb. is only 8 weeks. [​IMG]

    Just wanna ask you. my EDD is early dec. So, does your sch counts the sch hol as maternity leave? If so, then i lugi one mth in that sense. I heard some sch let their teachers start their maternity from 1 jan if they deliver in dec.

    How about your sch?
  4. capri_gal

    capri_gal Member

    Hi min, tan and rachelle!

    Mine is like rachelle, in my womb, but i'm 19 weeks now. My #2. :D My EDD is Sept, so confirmed no need mark year-end exam, hehehee!!! Hpefully can coincide nicely with Dec hols too!

    Rachelle, never heard can deliver and start later? at least my school cannot leh. But maybe some schools are nicer, and the AM is more flexible? For my school, ML can start 1 - 2 weeks before delivery or upon hospitalisation (NOT deliver date) and will be a min block of 8 weeks at a shot. the remaining 8 weeks can be taken anytime within 6 months of the delivery date. So you can plan carefully, like if your school is like mine, my collegues whose EDD where sure kena hols, they prefer to take ML early and rest at home to wait for delivery. Then minimise the ML during hols. Then they'll take the rest of the 8 weeks when term reopens.

    Hmmm... am i confusing you further? hehehee... But do check with your GO, cos each school differs very much.

    On a side-note, gonna be tough carrying a heavy load esp in 3rd trimester and have to stand and teach for hours! I'm sure those who have delivered can attest to that! :D Ironically your students are more empathetic and concerned about your well-being than your colleagues.. Geez...
  5. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    Hi ladies,
    for what i know, the maternity must take 56 days together first and these days must include ur delivery day..
    Rachelle, maybe u will lugi man.. cos i think they will start ur maternity leave when u deliver in Dec.. Even when we submit the mc to the office also must make sure that the mc include the date of admission into hospital, delivered date and discharge date.. my doc actually wrote 112 days and my school say maybe cant accept it and i ask the doc to change it cos i did not take the leave in June.
    like what lil jade say.. not easy to carry ur big tummy around to climb up and down and stand long hours to teach.. i took 2 week before my EDD as i tot that my gal will come out 1 week before the EDD. so when i start my leave on 13 Apr, i went back to school to print and settle my exam papers and imagine after that i went to see my gynae and was told to admit into hospital.. so that night went TMC and the next day delivered my gal... I am so totally unprepared for her to arrive so early...
    well now she is 2 weeks old liao... but the stitches still hurts alot...
  6. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    It's so nice to have this thread where I can meet all the teacher mummies!! I guess only teachers can understand what we are going thru!

    Jade, I think i get what you mean. I calculated many times and no matter what, I will still lugi so, I will not be so calculative lah. But will take into consideration to take 2 weeks before EDD to rest. I can imagine carrying a huge tummy and work around in a school where children run round like monkeys. hahah BTW I'm in a pri sch. you all leh?>

    Tan, Congrats on having a baby gal!! Yours is natural birth? How come stitches still hurt?
  7. capri_gal

    capri_gal Member

    Hi Rachelle,

    Maybe you can ask your math colleague to calculate all possible permutations, see which one is best loh.. hehehe.. :D By the way, why not you check can take max how many weeks before ML? Then maybe your Nov can be freed up? Cos first block of 8 weeks right? Then your other block can start next Jan? Dunno if that will work...

    My #1, I worked all the way, cos suddenly water bag broke at 37.5 weeks, which is way ahead of full term of 40 weeks so i did not take ML early! This time, I prob will take it 1 week early, cos I heard that #2 will follow same pattern as #1... :D

    Yeah, like Tan said, heavy load to lug around man, especially if got 4th level classroom.. sigh.. we not like office people, got lift, and can sit in cubicle whole day. Although they'll say we got shorter hours, BUT we got to stand the whole time we're teaching, and morning assembly when the P nags on and on and the sun is beating on our backs.. FAINTZ...

    And ladies, don't forget that we all get 6 days of childcare leave once baby is born! So quickly utilise them this year, cannot carry over to next year woh!
  8. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    ya i agree with wat jade say too...
    sometimes during assembly is so tiring to stand there like 1 period just to hear the DM scolding the students...sigh.... but at least if ur kids are like mine all teenagers, they will help u to carry all the things around... during my last trimester, i am like the "tai hu", all my stuffs my kids will carry and also my mini fan too(classroom too hooooot liao) so everytime i go anywhere i got like 3 bodyguards.. hahaha...

    well as for my stitches, maybe it has been cut too deep during the delivery..so the pang sai area there still hurts alot... sigh...

    childcare leave must take also.. anyway also cant carry over next year.. will force my hubby to take his too..(cos he also teacher...hehehe)

    wanna check if there is a cs card for our bb?
  9. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    I can truly understand the morn assembly part. Now I dun bother that much. when P or DM is talking, I will still sit down at the steps and listen. Now, I am already making my P4 pupils do arm exercise by helping me carry me stuff. Strange enough, little children like to help teachers. They feel so privileged if I ask them to help haha

    Oh dear, Tan, I can almost feel the pain as you describe it. I dun dare to imagine the pain we have to go thru during labour. At least you and Jade went thru before. I am scared everytime I think of the pain. EEEEKKKKSSSSS

    By the way, my colleagues told me not to scold children so much cos later my baby will be very grouchy. Jade, were you fierce when you had your #1? Hows your #1 temperament? I always scold the naughty children in class. You know lah, no choice have to scold else they will not hand in HW. sigh....
  10. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    Rachelle, start thinking of pain..hahaha.. this is wat my gynae always tell me... he don encourage epidural... for me is natural w/o epid..the pain is like sheng bu ru si one....
    but when u deliver ur bb, u don realli feel that painful anymore
  11. capri_gal

    capri_gal Member

    Hey gals...

    Hahah.... rachelle you can sit during assembly meh? Wow.. I don't dare leh. My P will tell the teachers off man, hahaha! He very garang one!

    Scolding students = grouchy baby? No lah.. But I don't scold that much, only sometimes. But my baby very sunny leh. Maybe cos I laugh more, more relaxed and take it easy during preggie lah, else sure stressed. Cos already so much stress from all the work that needs to be marked! So i only pretend to be angry in class, and after that i think happy thoughts loh!

    Tan: the CS card for BB will be slightly later. I got mine about 1 month + later. You can call your GO and ask them to see if it's ready loh.

    Regarding labor pain: wah, tan you very garang, NO epidural????!!!!! I asked for mine immediately when i detect pain liow, about 4 cm dilated.. then i was watching TV, reading mag in the delivery suite til 10 cm dilated, then they off the epidural supply, and the pain came and i pushed like mad! This time, I will still want epidural cos my dilation took about 12 hours for #1 so I predict #2 also will take long time and I refuse to endure the pain. Hehehe...
  12. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    Wa jade u so steady... still can watch TV and read mag...
    for me is like when i admitted is oni about 3 cm dilated, 7pm when i admitted and slow contraction... then at midnight my gynae came and check and say morning 8 am induce and break water bag...
    so all night have to endure the contraction and the real pain come when my water bag is break at 830am.. and they also drip solution to make the dilation faster....the pain is realli super man... i am like blur blur liao cos din get to sleep the whole night and still have to endure the pain... i was like a crazy woman, keeping grabbing my hb wind breaker.. (luckily the wind breaker can tahan if not it will be super torn liao) and also cant push out the bb cos haven fully dilated and the doc is not here yet....the nurse did ask if i wan epidural but i am in too much pain to ask for it...
    and my hb can still be veri calm to say "breathe in breathe out".. i was like "u shut up, don say anything..."
    so Rachelle, if u realli cant tahan pain, then take epidural.. if not realli veri jia lat one...
  13. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    Aiyoh!! I think i better take epi. I have low threshold for pain!

    Jade, you mean the effect of epi has to wear off first before you push? Meaning that in any case, I will still feel pain during the delivery but only no pain during contractions? Oh dear! All along I tot is less pain all the way till baby delivered!!

    I really salute you, Tan! I think I will not survive if I were to endure the whole contraction pains. But your hubby very nice leh. with you the whole time.
  14. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    Rachelle, if my hubby wasnt there, i definitely cant take it one..
    but can u imagine, when i called him to tell him that the gynae want me to admit to hospital, he first respond was "what about my students?" i was like "......, i am more important or ur student more important?" hahaha..
    He did stay with me till i delivered after that he still went back to his school to settle his stuff..
  15. capri_gal

    capri_gal Member

    Tan, I have epidural so NO pain, that's why can relax mah... so I was happily and blissfully unaware of any pain while my cervix happily dilated... :D Anyways, my waterbag broke first, then I started dilating then the first pain came.. so diff from yours hor?

    Rachelle, yeah. cos when you're fully dilated at 10 cm, they will cut off the epidural supply, then the pain will resume.. OH MAN!!!! Then no choice but to push. I think Tan will know more about the diation process, cos nurses keep telling me (while I was still on epidural) when my contraction came and I was like.. blurr... cos no pain mah. So you can see how powerful epidural is! :D
  16. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    if ur are not on epidual, when the contraction come u feel like u want to pang sai one.. when my is not fully dilated, cntraction come, u feel nothing but want to push and pang sai but u cant cos u will hurt ur bb.. imagine u wanna pang sai but u still have to hold back.. the feeling also terrible..
    so when i see my gynae, i like see angel like that cos can finally push and pang sai (but of cos not pang sai but push the bb out).. 3 push my bb is out...
  17. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    Tan, your hubby also teacher!? I always think is good for both couple to be teachers cos can spend the holidays together as a family. so nice! Also, hubby will be more understanding towards our job. Like now, whenever I complained about work, my hubby will be like "why you so worked out? I dun see a need to be angry." he dun understand the agony we are going thru!

    So lucky to need only 3 pushes to get the baby out. I think I beta not think about the delivery process first and enjoy my early preg hahah

    By the way, something pai seh I wanna ask. Do you feel horny during first tri? I am extremely horny these 2 days. But my gynae advised me against sex during first tri cos I had difficulties concieving so she doesn;t want to take chances. But i cannot tahan leh!!!

    Anyway, which hospital you going? Mine is at Glen E
  18. moonlightmist

    moonlightmist Member

    hello teacher mummies,
    started this thread and saw that it didnt move so only checked back now and *wave* to everyone [​IMG]

    hi lil jade, your timing is so good!
    hi tan, you're really super to take the pain without epidural salute!
    hi rach, my baby is about 9 weeks now and my edd is also late nov or early dec.. same as you, i'll prob lugi one month in ML.. hais...
    but think on the bright side dec more cooling, better for confinement and every year, you'll be able to celebrate your little one's birthday [​IMG]
    my hubby is in NIE now, mid career switch, he used not to be able to understand my complaints, now he is more understanding liao and so deliver in dec also good, he'll be around..
    ey regarding sex, my husband will ask for it but i am more scared for bb, read that sometimes may have spotting after sex, so be more careful lah.. erhm my gynea says its okay though

    nice to meet you ladies!
  19. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    Hi Min, u are back...
    I agree that if hubby same career as us they understand better.. cos now i am still doing my confinement with my mom help. sometimes she will complain why my hubby go off so early and come back so late so have to explain that teachers are not realli that free cos we have to mark, plan lesson and also do admin stuff..
    Like what Min say if deliver in Nov or Dec realli better, not like me now.. Initially go into depression for the 1st 2 weeks cos of hot weather and my mom super one lor.. no fan no aircon, ended up i got rash all over and she got no choice but to allow aircon oni at night..
    so even wanna give birth must choose the correct month...
    Rachelle, like min, i also more scared for bb during pregnancy and gynae advised better not to have sex during the 1st tri. i also veri KS (so througout i din have sex with my hubby...ask him to DIY hahahaha..) cos i had a miscarriage last year when it is 11 weeks so that y for this one we super careful....
    Enjoy ur pregnancy first (although i cant tahan my in 1st tri cos i got morning sickness until veri jia lat and luckily my kids are having their prelim so i no need to teach just invigilate) then when the bb start to grow u can also feel and see it's movement one....
    I delivered mine in TMC cos i find it more convenient and my gynae oni deliver in Mt A or TMC
  20. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    Hey, Min, such a coincidence! we are due around the same time!

    Can i ask is it necessary to go for the Down Syn test? I am just worried that it could be a false alarm and only make me worry cos I get anxious very easily. But then i would want to know. dilemma. Did Jade and tan do the test?

    Min, is this your first preg?

    Anyway, I agree with Tan that mayb dec deliver is beta. Now is really so hot that I cannot survive without aircon. If confinement, I reeally cannot imagine - no bath, no shower, no fan! Oh man!

    So sorry to hear about your lost, Tan. But glad that you hv a cute baby gal. [​IMG]
  21. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    Hi Rachelle, I did the test..I think is best u discuss with ur hubby and u all decide together..
    But if u are <35 yrs old should not be a worry....
  22. capri_gal

    capri_gal Member

    Morning everyone!

    It's a cold day today, goodie for Tan, you can escape the terrible heat these few weeks!!

    Wow, the swine flu thing is really getting all schools worked up! My school just gave 2 surgical masks per teacher. I will wear one to my gynae appt tomorrow.. hehehe! But rachelle and Min, please exercise precaution cos we come into contact with so many students everyday! So try to refrain from being too close to students when explaining stuff to them. :D

    Rachelle, I went for the triple blood test even though through ultrasound measurement, the thickness of the baby's neck is ok, but hubby KS lah. luckily the results were good. If not, think at 16 weeks will have to do the invasive DS test when they withdraw the amniotic fluid for confirmed reading... cos the rest were just probabilities.

    Tan: Man, i know how confinement is like without fan and aircon!! But hor, according to my previous massage lady (who is very experienced in confinement stuff), aircon is OK! Cos the air is not moving like fan, so will not have wind loh. But got to wear thicker clothes lah.

    Min: Great that you started this test, and you're back to check and join us! :D So envy you and rachelle, I so want a year-end baby cos me and hubby are dec babies.. sigh. then my first one is Aug baby, this one sept. :p
  23. capri_gal

    capri_gal Member


    I simplify the DS procedure for you, cos I also blur blur when i re-read my msg.. :p

    1. doctor / untrasound technician will do the neck thickness measurement maybe 10 - 12 weeks? Then doctor will decide, together with your age and any family history if possibility of DS is high.

    2. Some more KS doctors, or if this is your #1 baby, will ask you to do triple blood test, where they will withdraw one test-tube of blood from you and test. Then doctor put all the tests together and work out the probabilty of DS. But it is not confirmed. Just a mathematical guess.

    3. If DS possibility is high, then doctor will ask if mummy wants the invasive amniotic test at about 16 weeks I think, that will give a confirmed result of whether got DS. But this invasive test has risks loh.. cos poking the baby sac to withdraw the amniotic fluid mah...

    SO.... no need to worry or panic until you have the results for the first 1 or 2 tests lah. There are enough things for mummies to worry liow.. :D
  24. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    Hi Jade,
    Lucky today is a rainy day.. cos feel better after a hot shower..
    Well, nowadays i place the fan blowing towards my window.. wanted air con but my gal seems to have flu and i find that she seems to have difficulties breathing through her nose so she end up breathing through her mounth and "sh.. sh.. sh... " all the way... so bo pian cos of her i cant switch on air con and have been having sleepless nights cos my gal sleep on my right and her dad on my left.. when they two combine their powers (one sh.. sh... sh... the other snores like nobody business) i realli cant sleep man.. Sigh..
    now everyday my edumail is filled with the swine flu thingy..
    must be tough on u all to do temp taking twice a day...
    like wat jade say: realli better be careful and don be too close to ur students..
    i also told my hubby that he come home shower first before he touch the baby..
    so ladies do take care of ur health...
    Me counting down everyday to the end of my confinement... 6 more days and i am free .. hahahaha...
  25. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    Thanks, Jade for the detailed description of the DS test. I have decided to go for it and keep you gals updated.

    Ya lah, now we have to take 2 temp taking everyday! And you know kids are kids. they never bring thermometer, we have to wait for them to come back to class before can commence exams.

    Now exams period, pupils get sick easily. some having flu and I'm so scared to be near them. Kids can be quite ignorant when it comes to hygiene. They wiped their mucus from the nose using their hand and smeared it on their uniform. I nearly fainted when I saw one doing that. I have to scare the kids a bit by telling them the scary effect of getting swine flu.

    Hey, Tan, your hubby sleeps with you? My hubby said he may want to sleep in another room during confinement cos he said many of his frens did that as it is quite disruptive at night when babies cry and they still need to work the next day. Sometimes, i really think that govt should also give at least 2 mths paternity leaves for daddy. Can help the mums out a bit.
  26. capri_gal

    capri_gal Member

    Tan, you sound like you don't have confinement lady issit??? For me, I did not have for #1, and not intending to do so for #2. :D Prefer to DIY everything. But must be tiring for you now, babies will wake up every 2 hours or so.. will be good if got support from someone to help while you catch some hours of sleep.

    For my #1, I slept in study with baby! Sigh.. men loh... complain of baby crying etc.. wah.. my #1 really tiring.. nearly got post-natal depression. For my friends, they actually got their hubby to take annual leave leh... But Rachelle should be ok, since your EDD december.. but your hubby teacher also?

    Yesterday went for gynae check in hospital. Now got temp checks everywhere! Then everyone must wear mask :p except the small kids cos don't have small masks for them! :D

    Gosh, 3 more weeks to June hols, counting down! Lucky next Monday is holiday again, yippee!!!!!
  27. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    Rachelle, initially he sleeps in the study room on the tilam but cos he injured his back while demonstrating standing board jump to the kids during their NAFRA test, no choice but to sleep together with us on our bed.. luckily ours is king size if not with me so fat now cant squeeze in all.. but even if he sleep with us, i tell u it make no difference cos he fall asleep faster than my gal and her cries will not wake him up too.. yesterday night i am so tired patting my gal to sleep and my hubby the moment lie on the bed starts to snore.. (Ah... cant take it cos the gal almost sleeping but hear the snoring wake up again...)
    Jade, my mom is doing confinement for me now.. so that why so much restriction in the first place... initially she wake up at night to feed my gal.. but now cos almost full month for my gal and my mom will be moving back to her house, me undergoing training.... hahaha... so that y at night i have to take care of my gal myself..
    luckily my gal wake up oni 1 time at night and yesterday she slept through the whole night(cross my fingers)...
    June holiday coming.... Must enjoy man..
  28. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    Hi Del,
    Tummy size? hm... i guess that varies for different people.. Don worry too much for the tummy size, most important is that ur bb is growing inside.. by 18 weeks, it should show already but for some people at 20 weeks still cant see...
    Do try to apply oil or cream for stretch marks...for me, coming to my edd, my tummy is so super big that alot of people tot that i have twins...even my mom also say so big.. but my gal is like oni 2.81kg when i give birth... during one of my scanning, my mom even ask my gynae" u sure that the bb is about 2.7kg?" cos her tummy look so big..." my gynae was like "....., maybe my machine not so accurate..."hahahaha...
  29. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    jade, mu hubby not a teacher so he already said he wants to sleep separately liao. Anyway, still early to say all these haha.

    hello Del! I am also quite concerned about the tummy size. I am only 10 weeks but pple said I look like 4 mths. *faint* Tan, since you got a big tummy during preg, did it shrink during the 1 mth after giving birth?

    Oh yes, luckily next mon is holiday!!! but next week the kids are having SA1 and I have to mark those compo this weekend Sigh..... How i wish holiday comes sooner!
  30. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    My tummy shrink a little after birth.. but still look like a little pregnant... (good to have the post natal massage)
    don worri lah.. the tummy will shrink back one..
    i am always on the bigger side.. gain about 17-18kg during pregnancy now still have the 7-8 kg to lose.. so sad man...
  31. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    It's amazing how much weight we can gain during our preg! The baby is about 3kg but we can gain up to 15kg! I'm so worried now cos i gain weight easily but hard to lose weight.

    Del, My baby was 1.85cm 2 weeks ago. can see the head and body. Life is such a miracle! That time was about 8 weeks. Going to see gynae on Mon then will update you again.

    Oh ya, when do we start using stretch mark cream?
  32. blessedcyn

    blessedcyn Member

    Hi all! I am expecting my #1. She is 15 weeks old!
  33. blessedcyn

    blessedcyn Member

    My EDD is on 31st Oct... 2 weeks before school closes. [​IMG]
  34. haffa

    haffa Member

    Hi all...i'm new to this thread. This is my 1st pregnancy and i'm into my 11th wk. My edd is early dec.

    Gosh..i feel terrible coz i had terrible morning sickness and has to take mc. Will only be back on thursday. Was quite worried abt students' exams..but after giving it sooo much thought this baby is much more important so decided to juz stay home and rest. Don't u all think that sumtimes as teachers we tend to think abt others more than ourselves *sigh*

    Anyway...i'm glad to be joining this thread.. ;)
  35. blessedcyn

    blessedcyn Member

    I agreed totally with you , haffa.
    Wanted to rest at home but on second thoughts, its revision period. Haiz
  36. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    Hey Haffa, I'm also 11 weeks, EDD 2 dec! so coincidental!

    I seriously agree that we teachers are too dedicated. hahah I will also think thrice before taking MC cos i cant bear to leave the children with a relief teacher and doing nothing but drawing and talking in class. Esp now exams period I'm more gan cheong for them.

    You know, that day i scolded a child at the top of my voice, i got cramps. I got so scared that I ran to the toilet and check if got bleeding then i started crying cos i so scared of losing baby. So, i really think we shd really let go and dun scold children tho i know it's so difficult not to scold them! haha

    Cynthia, then you will lugi one mth maternity leave same as me and Haffa loh. but i got fren EDD same time as you and is contemplating to take 2 mths before the EDD then 1 mth aftr giving birth then so called return back to sch during dec hol and continue 1 mth of maternity. so, in all, she would have like 5 mths paid off. but then it also meant she got to return to sch earlier in Jan instead of feb if she has taken leave after delivery. You can consider also la
  37. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    Rachelle, don get angry and shout at the students. think of ur bb first..
  38. haffa

    haffa Member

    hi Rachelle...guess wat..my edd is also 2nd dec..hehehe

    yup..we muz really take it easy and think of ourselves and our baby. Seriously...i am really looking forward to the June hols so can rest at home...can't wait!
  39. freshpoison77

    freshpoison77 New Member

    Hi rachelle,
    It's nt possible to take 2 mths pre-maternity cos the earliest u can start ur maternity is 1 mth b4 EDD.
  40. june_sp

    june_sp Member

    Hi,great to see all teachers here[​IMG]
    I'm expecting my 2nd child in early oct..
    Now is the exam period..all papers starting to come in..sianz..
    Just wondering, can i take 2 mths maternity leave first, then break for dec, continue my ML in jan and feb?
  41. kyrie_el

    kyrie_el New Member


    Just found this thread by accident! Glad to see teacher mummies here! My EDD's in Aug and am now counting how to max out the ML...lol..just checked with my gynae, she's ok with giving me MC for the few weeks before my EDD so as not to waste my ML! Yippee!
  42. blessedcyn

    blessedcyn Member

    Hi Rachelle,
    Yeah how to stop scolding them? We seem to be the one more anxious than them for their exams. They are so nonchalant about everything.

    I felt so tired at the end of the day.
  43. hlmilk1707

    hlmilk1707 Member

    Hi all,

    Me new to this. So happy to see all teachers here! Hee... My EDD is ard 15th Oct.

    Wondering how should I take my maternity leave... Any suggestion?

  44. buttonsjackr

    buttonsjackr Member

    Hi ladies, this is my first pregnancy and I'm expecting twins. I'm in my 8th week. My EDD should be late Dec but my gynae says to expect them out in early Dec instead.
    Very scared and excited at the same time. I'm also going for the Oscar test coz I'm above 35.
    Just wondering where are the nice shops that will have suitable maternity dresses for school? I see many pregnant ladies in my school and their outfits are really blah..... Any idea?
  45. june_sp

    june_sp Member

    Hi Del,my EDD is 5th Oct..we r half way through liao..hehe..
    Hi sophie,i usually bought my tops from Spring, which i find affordable, seldom wear dresses though.
  46. buttonsjackr

    buttonsjackr Member

    When did you all started buying your maternity outfits?
    My stomach still not showing anything, so I feel really odd going into a maternity shop. However, I have put on 2 kg because of increase appetide. Been reminding myself to stop eating so much coz I dun wanna put on too much weight. Very hard for me to lose it one......
  47. jacrudo

    jacrudo Member

    Finally can sit down and surf net... My gal has been making me so tired these days and also making me feel like a zombie...
    Del,I also used that oil for my pregnancy..
    But it did not work for me.. my stretch mark covers the whole of my tummy and my thighs also kana... But i think if u start apply here and there should not be a prob... for my case, maybe is genes,cos my sis also got alot of stretch marks..
    Gals do rest well... June holiday coming.. if can, sleep more cos being pregnant is really very tired....
    I also oni start to wear the maternity clothes when i cant fit into my normal clothes...
  48. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    Haffa, so nice! we have the same EDD!!!

    I just bought the clarins stretch mark cream. But haven used yet. Lazy leh. everyday come home is like finish fighting a battle. too lazy to do anything except to zzzz. By the way, just these few days i cant get to zzz at night. kept waking up and then feel so tired the whole day. Anyone has same prob but overcome it?

    Tan, I heard having stretch marks is hereditary. So, it's kind of true for your case huh? I beta go check if my mum has stretch marks.

    I get some maternity clothes from Spring as well. I like their pants cos is elastic band and is comfy. As for tops, I go Chong Pang Mkt to buy hahah. I just buy one size bigger than my usual size cos my tummy still considered quite small to fit into the normal clothing. I think as tummy goes bigger, have to buy babydoll dresses/tops. My fren recommended Thyme maternity at Novena or united square there. They sell maternity jeans. Also there's this martin-bell or sth like tat at novena sq as well. Can check it out also.
  49. buttonsjackr

    buttonsjackr Member

    Thanks for the suggestions. I saw some at Thyme and the jeans skirts are really nice. Even the tops are T-shirt kindof material and suitable for absorbing sweat in class.
    Where got rest in June??? Already the first week burn with workshops and classes. Last week there's meetings. Can only have a good rest in the 2nd-3rd week. Thinking of going to Bali to relax, wonder if it's safe to travel? Anyone?
  50. rachelleling

    rachelleling Member

    Hmmm not so sure about traveling. But i think mayb it's gd to stay in singapore esp now with all the swine flu going on. moreover, I thought is beta not to travel during first trimester?

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