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!!!!!!!!!!!***Suntec Chinese Restaurant at 3rd storey***!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by sadsinglemummy, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. sadsinglemummy

    sadsinglemummy New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    Yesterday i went to Suntec Restaurant at the third storey of the with my two kids and one of my x colleague. Their age are 3 and 7 years old.
    When i reached there, i was immediately reminded from one of the captains that my gal is above 1.2m, so need to pay for an adult buffet charges, and my son is above 0.9m, so i need to pay for a child fare. When she was informing me about this issue, she gave me a "Kan Bu Qi" look.
    At that moment, I am sure that my gal is shorter than 1.2m, so she suggested me to go for a height measurement and was told that she is 1.3m tall.
    From there, i decided to call for an ala carte since both of them are small eater, esp my gal is only 7 yrs old. How can she eats an adult fare?
    After i have finished my meals, i walked out of the restaurant and realised that the measurement tape is totally inaccurate. Why did i say that?
    It is because as an adult, we will definitely know our height. We can't be exceptionally taller than usual on that day or time.
    When i talked about this issue, my colleague also told me that although she is wearing heels, but can't be taller than 1.55m.
    From then, i realised that this restaurant is trying to make parents to pay for their children under adult price even though they did not hit at the height of 1.2m.
    My purpose of writing here is to tell every parents about this issue because i did not want any parents to be cheated by this restaurant tactics by bringing in more profit.

  2. mikerdema

    mikerdema New Member

    Hi Coral,
    thanks for highlighting this!

    there should be a thread on good and bad restaurants! Personally i think those 'money sucking' restaurants should be BLACKLISTED [​IMG]
  3. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Thanks for highlighting!

    I'm not willing to pay for buffet price for my kids even is child fare. How much can the kids eat?? I usually order ala carte to let my 4 and 5 years old share. Sometimes, they can't finish. I don't order child meal for them cos usually it comes with useless toy or drinks.
  4. sadsinglemummy

    sadsinglemummy New Member

    Hi MikerDeMa/Jen,
    In fact, i don't mind spending abit more on buffet because they can eat whatever they like in a very small portion, but due to this restaurant, they are really very bad to lie on the height issue.
    As what you all have mentioned, children don't eat as much as adult,so they should not be so strict that expect me to pay for adult fare instead of children fare.
    In this way, most of the parents in Singapore cannot enjoy buffet unless those restaurant are willing to charge less under kids fare.
    Jen, may i know how do you control the kids by not allowing them to get the toys?
    My kids are really hard to control them, especially there are samples on the display and demanded me to get one for each of them, or else they will keep asking why?
    Wanna share?
  5. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    I usually keep away the kids menu LOL
    Even if they see it, I will tell them no lor, they usually listen.
  6. la_mommy

    la_mommy New Member

    Aiyoh! Are you talking about the Chinese restaurant on the 3rd floor? I always go there one! But luckily never eat buffet cos always rushing to go off. Didn't know they so terrible. Will stop going there in future!
  7. dada1609

    dada1609 Member

    Can pm me the restaurant's name? tia.
  8. poopoo

    poopoo Active Member

    what is the restaurant name?
  9. blueblue

    blueblue Member

    dun tell me it is PRP? wanted to hv dinner there last time..
  10. panababylon

    panababylon New Member

    Which tower? Near Toy's'rus that area? I remember buying some children books from a pushcart around that area but only saw Kushinbo there...
  11. raygal

    raygal Member

    Hi Coral, I am surprised that this happen to you. I have been to the restaurant 4 times in last year, together with my nieces and nephews (9,4,1yo), I was only charged child price for my 9 year old niece and was never charges for the other 2. Infact, I always receive very good service from them, and one of the captain who is there know us and will always come over to play with my son. It could be just an one off incident. Or maybe the waitress is new. Thanks for the information though, I will keep that in mind when I go there the next time. [​IMG]
  12. latio

    latio New Member

    If I'm not wrong, she is talking about the Chinese Restaurant located at level 3 convention hall area.
  13. asher99

    asher99 New Member

    Thanks for highlighting this, will take note of this retaurant if i bring my kids there to dine
  14. thatsme

    thatsme New Member

    will take note of this. Thx for sharing.
  15. sarah

    sarah New Member

    Buffet charges are based on the child's age. Not by height. I would tell tat smart aleck off..and give her my "kan bu qi" look back.. hahaha
  16. cindy_mummy

    cindy_mummy New Member

    I also never heard of buffet charges based on height.
    The captain whom served you most probably is a foreigner?

    Send in an email to question them, absurd service they are giving.
  17. feif

    feif Member

    Which restaurant is this? Thanks for sharing this - what a cheapskate tactic to earn more!
  18. ai_sakura

    ai_sakura Member

    thanks for sharing this... I'm compiling a list of places nice enough to bring kids to dine out so if anybody is interested hop by. It's under the "Kid-Friendly SG" tab. Or if you have other recommendations for me to add let me know too [​IMG]

    Ai @ http://www.sakuraharuka.com
  19. serena86

    serena86 New Member

    Thanks for the heads up. Will take note.

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