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Subsidy Patient @ KKH

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by rojakz, May 27, 2006.

  1. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi, just wondering if anyone else is/was a subsidy patient at KKH. Can share what to expect? Thanks!

  2. xiaohui

    xiaohui New Member

    hi, waiting hours to see a dr is very very long... i reach there at about 9 plus as appt is at 10am, after finish all my scanning n collection of medication, i walked out from kkh is almost 1pm..
  3. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    hi xiaohui,
    ya i agree that the waiting time is super long. how far along are you now? i am 14.5weeks now. And my doc scheduled my 2nd appt 8 weeks apart from my first (when i was 7.5weeks). Did yours do the same? [​IMG]
  4. afcai

    afcai New Member

    for me, my first visit to KK is as follows:
    - AMC scan at 11.50am (no appt).
    - waited till abt 1240pm then it is my turn to go in.
    - First time at the clinic so need to register. Went there 1330pm and wait till 1400pm then my turn to fill up those forms etc.
    - Went for my routine test at 1400pm. wait till 1410pm then my turn.
    - Appt time for doc is at 1425pm. Only get to see doc at 1440pm.
    - Queue at cashier for payment.
    - Go pharmacy to take medicine.
    - See the bill then realise they missed out urine test even payment has made. went bck to do the test.

    I only walked out from KKH at around 1600pm.

    Second visit:
    - Scan my appt card, go for routine test at 1340pm. Wait for 10 mins.
    - At 1400pm, wait till 1440pm then my turn to see doc.
    - Doc asked me to go for scanning. need to queue again at AMC.
    waited 40 mins.
    - Return to clinic to see doc at 1540pm.
    - Queue at cashier.

    Walk out KKH around 1600pm.
  5. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    hi afcai, which clinic did you go to? My doc is at clinic C. My next appt will be this coming Monday.
  6. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BBS,
    my clinic is also C. my next appt will be on 27th June. so did u see diff doc each time? so far, my first visit is is at rm 10 and then sec visit is at rm 9.
  7. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    Yup, so far I have been to see the doctor twice and both times I see 2 diff doctor. I was testing whether morning or afternoon appt will have shorter waiting time but i guess not... cos' both times I waited for about 3hrs plus. My next appt is on 3 July and I will be going for my detailed scan soon.
    You went for your MSS liao? I just took the blood test on Monday.. Pray that they won't call me... [​IMG]
    You intending to see a fixed gynae? For me I dun think so cos' this Monday when I went to see the doc, she say most prob I will have to go for C-section cos' I have 2 uterus. So maybe thinking of staying as a subsidized patient so that the costs will not be so ex.
  8. xiaohui

    xiaohui New Member

    hi, clinic C is for the subsidy, n every time we will see different doctor... Bss,my adivse is to get a experince doctor rather than a non experince as u may going to C section. i feel that i much safer for u n your baby... of cos if u wan 2 have a much experince doctor then u cant under subsidy any more...
  9. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS s,
    what is MSS? for my first visit, I signed up a blood test package (tested 4 diff blood test including HIV) for $40 or else each blood test cost abt $20. my hubby also tested his blood for the "pin xue zheng". results all are fine.

    what is the blood test u take for? hmm how come there is 2 uterus? what's the cause? dun think I also go for fixed gynae unless there is complication case.
  10. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    the Maternal Serum Screening is a blood test that they will do for you before your 16th week (if I'm not wrong) to check for Down Syndrome. Dunno why the first time I visit the gynae he only scheduled me for this blood test and not the Oscar test that I read other ppl went to. The Oscar test is a scan done to see the thickness of your bb neck to check for DS. I read MTB did it between their 11-13 week.

    I dun know what causes to have double uterus but I think it's inherent lah. I think I'm born like that... [​IMG]

    Hi Xiaohui,
    Thanks for the advise. I am still looking for good gynae but kinda worried abt costs esp if I go for C-section. C-section means must stay longer also...
  11. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    oic. my 2 frenz and cousin who has given birth past 2 mths did not went for this type of test. they only went for detail scan. OSCAR test is expensive and is optional. detail scan which I heard fr also measure bb's neck, other part of body etc...

    so what 's the gyne advice when u have the 2 uterus, will there any impact on bb?

    yup heard that C- section stay at hospital up to 5 days.
  12. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    Yup, I will also be going for a detailed scan in July. So hope that everything is fine and I can know whether it's girl or boy... hehe... so excited... [​IMG] So far the 2 doctors that i've seen told me no big deal about having 2 uterus. But just that maybe need to go for c-section. When's ur next appt?
  13. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    oic, didn't u ask what is the cause of the 2 uterus which is unique and unusual? haa, yr bb might have a lot of space to move ard since there are 2 uterus. (juz joking).

    many ppls can't ta han labour pain, they need to go for the epil - pain relive. all my friends and cousin who have given birht this yr also have that.

    yup, my next appt (third visit) will be 27 Jun. these fews days, dunno why encounter a few yellow watery fluid flowing so have to place panty liner (which bought fr watson - watson brand cheaper - 36 liner for $1.95) unlike other brand - 20 for $1.95). I need to highlight to doc then. wondering what's that?

    I also encountered twice during my wk 11. it stopped a few drips only. but quite scary.
  14. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    Hmm... never thought of asking the doctor why I have 2 uterus. Thought maybe its cos' when I was a foetus, the uterus didnt fuse properly so that's why i have 2 lor. Nope, actually it's the reverse bb have less space to move ard cos' the bb is in my right uterus...

    I also have discharge but mine is whitish and pretty thick... i read somewhere in a pregnancy book that it's kinda common leh... I go check it out and let you know again... so you going for your detailed scan on your 3rd visit? You know it's boy or girl already?? I am looking forward to seeing my bb (through the scan) again.. heheh... [​IMG]
  15. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    I only go for my detail scan on wk 20 - that's 1 Aug. wow, u so fast, doing detail scan? tot recommended to do it ard 18 - 20 wks more accurate.

    oic, anyway, if I were u, I would ask the doc since we are payign the consultant fees liao and also it is quite unusual to have 2 uterus. if there is 2 uterus, I dun think there will be another sac right...unless one is carrying twins.

    yup, dischatfe that is white are consider normal. for me, the past 3 days in wk 13 and 2 days in wk 11 have been seeing some yellow watery liquid drip out. but these 2 days there isn't. hence, I need to highlight and ask the doc abt this.

    next tue, will be my normal check up, dunno will I be ask to scan or not. last time, during my wk 6 and 8 visit, the doc asked me to go and scan to make sure the bb 's heart beat is there.

    so u prefer bb boy or gal. hubby and in law side prefer boy and for me, I pray my bb healthy can liao.
  16. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    Hehe...I am ard 17weeks liao so by the 3 July, I am about 19.5weeks. So it is within the recommended period lah. My left uterus is empty cos' its not fertilized.

    Actually you can check on your bill whether the doctor arranged a scan for you or not. Cos' for mine, when I need to scan, it's written down that I need to visit the AMC (or something like that).

    Oh dear, I think you better check with you doctor regarding your yellowish discharge leh. Better safe than sorry ya?? Let me know what the doctor say k? Are you given folic acid & obimin by your doctor? I am still eating them now.

    Who is your overall consultant/senior consultant in charge of your case? Cos' from what i understand, although we are subsidy cases, there's still a senior doc in charge of our case.

    hahaha... i also like you leh!! [​IMG] No preference whether boy or gal. But my hubby prefer gal and my parents-in-law prefer boy. hahaha... so that's why as long as the bb is healthy, i dun mind lor.
  17. june2006

    june2006 New Member

    My doc is at Clinic A. Yesterday's wait was amazing... I went for the detailed scan at 8am, and submitted my appointment card (for 10am appointment) at 8:30am. By the time I see her, it's already 11:20am... I'm going to the Private Suite from next appointment onwards!
  18. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Ji BS_S,
    oic. u are 3 more weeks than me. I'm in 14weeks. for me, the bill stated that for my next visit next tues, just go to clinic C. as for the detail scan which is scheduled on 1 Aug, i will need to go to AMD(level 2).

    the yellow discharge have already stopped since wed, it has been continue from sat - tues loh.

    yes, have given folic acid since april but for obimin, I started in my wk 8. will need to replenish them for my next visit liao.

    for me so far, I am seeing the doc at either rm 9 or 10 at clinic C. am not sure , which doc will be visiting next visit. yup, how coem yr hubby prefer gal, is his family all guys (mean siblings). normally, in laws will prefer the first born to be boy.
  19. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi June,
    tot climic A is not under subsidy patient? wow, yr waiting time so long.
  20. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    So what did the doctor say? Is everything alright with your bb? [​IMG]

    Yup, my hubby prefer bb gal but i think my parents in law prefer boy lah. Hahaha...cant wait, hope that the bb will cooperate and open his/her legs wide wide so that I can see the gender.

    I am feeling sharp pains in the right side of my pelvis. Do you experience the same thing? I think I will ask my doctor abt it cos' I am experiencing it more often recently... haiz...

    Hi June, sorry to hear about your long wait. But it's like that lah at KKH. Have you decided which gynae to see yet?
  21. super_nannies

    super_nannies New Member

    Its very good to get subsidy i feel it was very cheap to see doctors. I only switch to a good gynae after about 7 months pregnant so see i save a lot. But i guess you have to be very healthy before you opt for my suggestions.
  22. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Super Nannies,
    So which gynae did you switch to? Cos' I heard that at such a late date, some gynae dun want to take on the case one...
  23. afcai

    afcai New Member

    HI BS_S,
    during my third visit to doc on tue, I highlighted the yellow liquid issue to doc. she asked me some qns like got itchness etc. I told her (another doc from clinic c, rm 8) it resolved on its own after the 5 random days. then she said maybe it is an infection and resolved on its own.

    oic, doc also use doppler to listen to bb heat, so loud man....even hubby who is outside of the checkup rm heard it. hubby prefer bb boy. doc did ask me if I'm interested in doing the down sydrome test. I told her that I'm not in the range of high risk age so I am not interested. then she let me sign the acknowlegement form. doc said I will be able to see the gender during my next visit - detial scanning at ADM on 1/8.

    wondering, hubby can go into the rm and see the scannign or not. this is the detial scan loh.

    y'day, I felt itchy and painful on my left buttok. till now, pain is still there.I got cramp in my left legs y'day night, hubby came to resue me. now, my legs still pain pain.
  24. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    Just want to share with you the results of my detailed scan today. I am having a boy! hehehe... Luckily the nurse (who did the scan for me) was v. patient. Cos' my boy was lying on his back and he refused to turn around and show her his back. So she asked me to walk around and come back again. Luckily, when I scan the 2nd time, he already turned around.

    No worries, your hubby can go in to see the scan one. In fact, i forced my hubby to go in with me cos' I think it's an experience that shld be shared by both lor... I think my hubby definitely dun regret goin in with me.. hehehe

    But the wait at the clinic was super long today. My appt time said 1519, I ended up seeing the doctor at about 5plus. Sheesh... cannot stand it.

    As for the pain in your legs, i think you shldn't stand on your feet too much. Cos' there was one time when I stood on my feet for 2 days for nearly 7 hrs/day. My feet cramped for the next days after that. Are you sleeping with your legs propped on a pillow? I heard that it helps to prevent water retention
  25. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    wow, congrats. it's another bb boy I heard. most of the ppls I came across are expecting boy. in the Dec thread forum where I am involved there, only 2-3 are expecting gal. haaa, in future, more guys for NS man.....gd for sg.

    wow, bb not co-operate loh. hope mine will co-operate. so did u also go to the ADM level 2 for yr detail scan? the nurse allowed hubby to go in or did u ask or request? yup, I agreed, it is gd tat hubby shared this experience.

    wow so long man....my appt time for scanning is at 1400pm and seeing doc is 1440pm on 1/8. usually, I will go there early 1 hr earlier. so routine test also need to wait esp queuing in the toilet. oh, I can;t wait to know the gender. many ppls also asked me abt that.

    yes, my frenz who has given birth since apr did share with me what to look out for during pregancy etc... so fr then onwards, I also placed pillow under my legs and a pillow at my side and another small one in betw my legs. haa I also have another cushion which I hug when I slept. hubby said I have so many pillows which occupied half the bed. :p

    yup, it is true, this prevent water retention.

    every time after bath, I also applied the stretch mark cream which my col bought it fr my in malaysia. for my thigh, some purpish veins and red dots appears liao. there are also some red dots on my tummy. it is itchy at night but can't scractch it loh.
  26. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    Thanks! hmm.. i think hubbies can go in with their wives for the scanning lah. Although I asked, but i saw many other dads who just went in when their wives names are called. so shld be no problem lah.. ur hubby can go in with you.

    I think hor, you must talk to your bb before you go for the scan to open his/her legs big big. that way, it's easier to see the gender. [​IMG] Mine actually opened his legs wide wide so thats why the nurse was so sure that he is a boy! hahahaha

    hahaha... i am like you leh.. i also applied baby cream and stretch mark cream cos' I worried abt the itch and the marks lor. I already have a lot of stretch marks, so I dun want to add on more...

    quite excited now that I am nearly half-way there.. cant wait to feel my bb kicking. The doctor was quite surprised when I said that I havent felt him kick yet... but i guess it's cos' I'm quite fat when i got pregnant. So got a layer of fat thats preventing me from feeling him. :D

    How are you feeling these days? Are your MS over yet??
  27. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    oic. thks for the infor. Cos when I was at the AMC, guy usually wait outside while wife go in only. but dunno how the ADC (beside the delivery suit) is like.

    haa...like that, bb can understand meh....wow, yr bb is so guai, listening to yr 'command' loh.

    for me, my MS is not so serious but got nausea during wk 6 - 9. from then onwards, no more of it liao. now, still feel tired. usually sleep before 11pm except on certain days where I checked my email.

    acc to book which I have read, leg cramp is usually occurred for 4th-5th of pregancy. got these cramp these 2 wks. hubby need to resue me and after that, legs muscle quite pain.

    how's abt u?

    oh, lunar 7th mth is coming (fall on 25/7) and need to beware of stepping onto the joss paper etc.

    many ppls do ask me the gender of bb, I told them I will only know next visit - next mth.

    hai, what cause me to be fed up during my last visit to KK is that, I waited almost 1hr for my doc appt and find it funny as the system skip my number. so I went up to the nurse and ask why my number is skipped and I have been waiting for almost an hour. then she realised that my appt book is still with me and told me I shd leave it at the counter. I told her how do I know and I tot by scanning it my appt book, one know I'm already here. stupid system. last time, the nurse used to take my appt book when I was doing my routine test.

    anyway, for my next appt, I need to go there early for my detail scan to avoid the delay of seeing the doc.

    the doc only replenished 2 mth of obimin and told me that no need to consume folic acid liao. what's abt u?
  28. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    No worries lah, I think at ADC they are more relaxed cos' the nurses know that since the scan is to know the bb gender & overall health... so both parents shld be inside together...

    But at the ADC, you just drop in your appt card and wait for your name to be called. THe nurse will call u then u & ur hubby can go in liao. THe scan usually takes about 15-20 mins cos' she needs to take the bb detailed measurements. Too bad the machine there cannot scan the weight of the bb. Feel envious when other mummies share the weight of their bb... hahaha.. but what matters is that our bb is healthy and ok ya?? [​IMG]

    Yap, sometimes nowadays I have leg cramps at night... and my hubby also have to massage for me. Haiz... so painful leh.. got woken up while sleeping so nicely cos' of the pain... Luckily for me it's not so often *keep fingers crossed*

    The doctor also stopped replenishing folic acid for me. Only obimin for 2 months. Nowadays, I feel much better but somehow feel like I have 'reflux'... cos' I think the womb is pressing on my stomach. So everytime nowadays feel like got something stuck in my throat.I think it's just as bad as MS cos' I feel like puking also... [​IMG]

    Will your MIL or mom be helping u with your confinement? I think my mom will be helping me during that period... [​IMG]
  29. afcai

    afcai New Member

    The Coffee Bean Cards Beans pt earned in Year 2006 will expire on 31st March 2007. new drink: Honeydew Ice Blended with $1 off when purchase with coffee bean card.

    Hi BS_S,
    Nice to hear fr u...
    oic. I'm glad to hear that too. hope mine bb is a bb boy.yup, what is most impt is bb healthy. doc only give me a form for the detail scan loh. tot appt card is for seeing the doc only?

    yup, my col reminded me not to stretch(which I usually will during night, will hear a lot of crack crack sound) as stretching of the legs will prone to cramps. did u place pillow under yr legs? haa for me, got so many cushions all over till ocuupy half of bed. my hubby complaint that.

    what is "reflux"? for me, whenever I brushed my teetch, will have some pinkish bleeding loh and tend to vomit so I have to pull my side mouth to brush the upper teetch. this is to avoid vomiting.

    yup, my mum did say she is helping me in my confinement. at first, she said, it is not adviseable to ask mum to do confinement cos it is 'sinful' acc to religon etc. now engae confinement helper is quite expensive loh.

    my frenz who has given birth since Apr this yr share her tips with me. she told me that pregancy is tiring so is the parenthood. but seeing her bb grow healthy and her chubby and lovely smile, the tiredness is worth it. she told me her bb is getting more chubby.

    for me, I'm still go ard 2 weeks to go b4 my next visit (detail scan) loh. so which part of sg u are staying?

    if I do not have any bleeding during April (admitted to KKH for 4 days 3 nights for observation loh cos they can scan any fotus during my 6 wks, only water bag can be seen), if not, i will having my check-up at poly clinic liao.
  30. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,

    I dun have the bleeding problem when I brush my teeth but rather, after every meal, I feel like the food is stuck at my throat. I think this is called reflux. I read that this is because the bb is resting on our stomach so thats why our stomach now can hold less food.

    Hmm.. it's good that your mom is helping you in your confinement lah. I think during the first month, especially, we need someone to help us so that we can rest & recover.

    I am trying to attend yoga class recently and I realized that I really need the exercise. I feel so unfit when I went for teh class yesterday! hahaha... realized that I need to exercise more otherwise later during labour, will have a diff time.

    Are you intending to attend any prenatal class?? I have signed up for the class at TMC cos' the one at KKH dun have any Sunday class... [​IMG] More expensive lor...

    Err... did you mean August? Does this mean that after your detailed scan in August, if everything is ok, your check-up will be at polyclinic? I stay around Bugis area so that's why KKH is a good choice for me. What about yourself??
  31. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    for me, whenever, I have meal, my tummy will bloat like a balloon. yup, I also heard before that the stomach fluid do not digest the food easily. as such, pregant person will feel bloat. my mum always asked me to eat for 2. when I go bck to her hse on sat, she will cook a lot like I got a lot of appetite. I told her even there is 2 person but I do not have so much appetite but she just can't understand, asking me to eat.

    yup, how's abt u? anyone helping u with the confinement or do u need to engage a confinement lady. nowsaday, confinement lady are very expensive.

    oic,for me, I will be doing brisk walking often. I might be walking to my MIL 's hse in the later part of the stage. she lives within the same estate and last time, used to walk to her hse which took only 30mins but I guess this time rnd, will be twice the timing.

    think if one is TMC patient then it will be cheaper. did KKH has any sat prenatal class then. wondering what 's the course is abt? I dun think I'm signing up.

    no lah, if I did not encounter any problem during april, I would have the follow up check up done in polyclinc or else polyclinic won't refer me to hospital at that pt of time. polyclinic did refer me to NUH which is nearer to my hse (live at Bukit Batok) but hubby said KKH is better so that's why we go KKH for check-up loh.

    did u get refer by polyclinic or just walk in? wow, quite conventient living near KKH, any emergency (in case early delivery before 40 wks) can arrive KKH faster loh.
  32. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    haha... it feels like we have this thread to ourselves. But I'm glad we are able to share things with each other. [​IMG]

    I agree that nowadays although i feel hungry faster, i cant eat much. Cos' after a while I will feel that the food has went up my throat and it feels funny lor... hahaha.. although most ppl say that now must eat for 2, i will still try to control cos' i think most of the food will go to the mummy and not bb... [​IMG]

    I dun think i will be hiring a CL lah.. so ex... i think my mom & my MIL will be helping me during that 1 month lor. AFter that, must cope by myself. I am only worried after my 3 months maternity leave, no one to look after the bb... haiz... you have any good nanny to recommend?

    Yap, we should be walking more often these days lah cos' walking & swimming seems to be those exercises left that we can do w/o worry. You want to try out the pre-natal yoga? Can check out my class at www.inneryoga.net think she is not too bad and the class is small so have pretty personalized attention...

    I think KKH have Sat prenatal class but you beter double confirm with their website. My hubby works on Sat also and afternoons dun know what time finish. So rather than risk him not being able to go with me, I chose the Sun class at TMC lor. It's ex but I hope its worth it.

    Does your hubby accompany you to go for your check-ups at KKH? Do let me know the results of your detailed scan k?? hehehe.. feeling quite excited for you now... [​IMG]
  33. reading_rm

    reading_rm New Member

    If you are pregnant get a letter from Polyclinic and make a appointment to see any gynae in KK, and you will be given subsidies rate, but you cannot have a choice of gynae just anybody that's available.

    Its very cheap. At times i only pay $25 where my friend pay $70 and above.
  34. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    yeah, gd mah....private discuss rm.... yup, cos as first time mum-to-be will be at loss, at least, we learn sthing fr the thread. I also got to learn a lot from the Home and deco thread.

    yup, bb only absorb thru the platena....attend the free talk on atental class held by NUH. one thing mentioned by the speaker is that bb urine inside the amino fluid and then drink it. what a surprise man....

    hmm for me, luckily, my mum will be quitting her job to look after bb. of cos, need to give more $$ to her and bb to buy the neccessary things. nanny, so far, I did not know of, maybe need to ask my frenz who has given birth. so yr MIL and mum not gg to help u to look after yr maternity leave?

    ok, thks, I will take a look at the website. so u have signed up for the class?

    hmmm those pre-natal class can include the accompany of hubby meh? yup, so far, my previous few visits to KKH, hubby accompany me. wondering is there any appt to see doc on sat. cos if one 's delivery date is neareer, one has to go for weekly check-up liao.

    yup, me getting excited, next week (tue) will be gg for my detail scan. hope that everything is fine and bb co-operate. I can feel the bubbles like feeling in my tummy since sat. I felt more when I sit down without moving after dinner to watch TV. have learnt from the motherhood thread that it is bb 's kick. hubby said I'm naughty that's why bb box me.

    my mum said she prefer gal cos gal are more filial while my hubby and MIL side prefer boy. anyway, hope in future to have a boy and gal to balance out. what more impt is the health of bb. will update u then......

    my mum even ask me to eat more durian. she said last time, se eat a lot as it is kind of tonic. I told her durian contains lot of sugar and hubby also mentioned that durian contains lot of pesticade. last time, I dun like to eat orange now wanted to eat but hubby retricted to eat (only give me 2-3 pieces only) cos he said eat orange will cause lot of plegm....
  35. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi reading room,
    for me, every visit (if scanning not included), I will pay $27. if scanning is included then it will be $39. how come u only pay $25.
  36. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    Yap, I saw from a show that the bb is actually drinking the amniotic fluid and that he/she is doing so cos' they are learning to suck. There was a good show once showing on Ch12 but i dun know if it's still around. Darn.. I cannot even remember the show name liao.. haiz... getting more and more forgetful...

    I dun think my MIL and my mom can help to look after the bb leh. they are both working so kinda looking around for nannies or infant care.. haiz.. very worried leh. Good for you that your mom can help you take care, less worrying ya?

    I have actually attended 2 lessons of pre-natal yoga liao.. dun really feel much difference but feel more calm after each lesson. You may want to check it out ya? I think hubbies are encouraged to attend the pre-natal class with the wife cos' then they can help the wife remember some stuff. Hehehe.. read from some other thread that the hubby is taught how to massage the wife's feet... so we can relax. You decided to attend teh class liao?

    I have been feeling the baby's movements everyday these few weeks. the stronger ones i think is the bb kicking while the less strong ones, i think it's his hand. I saw from the show that the bb is stretching inside us. it's also good when he kick cos' it's a beginning for him to learn how to walk actually.

    But there are times when I feel like a sinking sensation in my tummy that I dun know what he's doing inside... hahaha.. it's like he's doing somersault like that ....

    Do you have a particular day when you prefer to see the doctor? I prefer to see the doctor on Monday then I can have long weekend... my next visit is on 31/7, too bad no scan otherwise cant wait to see waht my boy is doing... hehehe
  37. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    oic, dunno why bb drink amniotic
    fluid, can it be drinkable meh. seems not a nice smell.yup, u are right, memory seems to be weaken. I heard fr my col that woman after birth will be more forgotfull. same applied to me now, maybe bec of too tired, anxious or....

    can say it is lucky that my mum is quiting her job and will be looking bb then.

    I dun think I will go and attend. too tired or maybe too lazy to attend. for me, I also feel bb bubble like feeling on my tummy and dunno if it is the hand or the legs? haa.. maybe he is swimming (since he is protected by water bag) inside out tummy that why I felt a bubbles like feeling.at least, thru the kicking feeling, one know bb is ok.

    haa maybe yr bb is learning how to dance inside yr tummy.oic, my next visit (scannong) is 1/8 or else maybe can even meet u there. I did not go for any visit this mth as my next visit is near the end of the mth. when I required I prefer fri (4/8), the staff said most of the appt has been taken up during the first 2 weeks of aug. so jialat....so I only left 1/8, that's why my scan is bought foward to 1/8.

    last time, the staff put me on mon but then bec no slot so become tue liao.

    did u let yr bb listen to music?
  38. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai
    I think the bb drink amniotic fluid cos' he/she is surrounded by it hahaha... i dun know the scientific explanation for it lah.. just praying that bb will be healthy and the delivery will be uneventful [​IMG]

    I find that sometimes i become more forgetful and very clumsy esp when the tummy becomes bigger. Sometimes when sit down on the floor, will find it diff to get up cos' the front is heavy... hahaha. luckily the ppl at my workplace are quite supportive so I dun really need to lift heavy stuffs...

    I see that you prefer to go KKH on Fridays. For me i prefer Mondays leh... dun know why also but maybe cos' at first I thought that Mondays will have lesser ppl but its not true!! hahaha... the past few visits show me how wrong my thinking is... oh well, I think i will still stick to Mondays.

    Are you drinking 'an tai yao' already? my parents and my parents-in-law are all for me to drink and I have actually started drinking a few times already. I think today I may have overdone it cos' I actually had bottled bird nest, durians and a dose of 'an tai yao'. I think bb is super 'bu' today... :p

    Yup, I really think that bb is learning how to dance inside me... sometimes i feel that bb is doing somersault inside my tummy... hahaha... it feels quite strange actually. But now it seems that his kicks are getting stronger... so i am worried that it will be painful like what some of the mummies here say towards my 3rd trimester...

    hmm... my hubby actually likes to listen to music so I have been letting my bb listen also. But nothing specific lah.. however, I may start listening to a few CDs regularly cos' I read from a thread here that if bb get used to a certain music while in the womb, they may be soothed to sleep with the same music after they are born. What abt you? Do you let your bb listen to music also?

    Btw, you intending to BF after you give birth?
  39. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    yup, that's the only fluid bb has ard. same applied to me, absentminded nowasdays. I also find it hard to get up whenever I sit on the floor, need something to support to 'pull' myself up or else will need to stress the knee to get up.

    no lah, so far, last time, my visit is on mon. now it is on tue. later, will be gg for my detail scanning liao. I think most ppls would like to place their appt either on mons or fri cos got long wkends mah.

    what's an tai yao refer to? my mum said durian very gd cos got tonic. but hubby said it's sweet and got lot of pesticide. anyway, can eat but eat less loh. tried not to eat too much carrot and papaya cos bb 's skin will be yellowish next time. on sat, I just boiled the bird nest loh. sometimes, MIL side cooked too.MIL also bought cod fish or another nutrient fish for me.

    I guess so, but feeling the kicking is gd than none, right. at least, mummy know bb is active.

    yup, whenver I'm on pc, I will playing those relaxing and nice music. sometimes, sing along....

    yes, BF during the first 3 mths of the maternity leave and afterthat, quite hard cos it is troublesome to express milk in workplc and there's no plc to do that except toilet. Also not sure how to do that too.haa..will be claiming bb's diapers every week cos company can claim $15 weekly during maternity leave.

    what's ab u?
  40. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    So how was your scan on Tue? you know if bb is boy or gal already?? [​IMG]

    An tai yao is like a mixture of chinese medicine that my mom got from a medical hall. I think its supposed to stabilize the foetus and to make the bb strong i guess. But if your family dun really believe in this, then its ok also cos' it taste horrible! yucks...

    But i have to drink cos' I dun want to hurt my mom's feelings lah... and anyway, better safe than sorry also... gaiz..

    wow... good lah that you can boil your own bird nest. At least you can make sure that it's cleaned properly and control the sweetness. For me, I am drinking the bottled bird nest lah cos' my MIL dun know how to cook also. Although its not as good but it's better than nothing ya? My MIL hardly cook lah so most of the time I eat hawker food. Although its not nutritious but I try to have more veggies lah. No choice, nobody cook and I also dun know how to cook so cannot be too fussy lah.

    you can still claim $15 from your co during maternity leave ah? So good... my co is like this cannot claim and that cannot claim... haiz... You work in an MNC ah? Mine is a small Chinese company lah, so that's why very stingy... I intend to claim the full 3 months of leave... are you?
  41. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    I went for my detail scan on Tue. Detail scan shows bb is in a healthy range. however, my urine test show high in glucose. this is the second time. I will be gg for a Glucose test (OGTT)next mth and will be gg for another detail scanning in 10 weeks time.

    Did u do any Glucose test or need to have another detail scanning?

    I guess I need to cut down those carbohydrates food. I already eat rice twice per wk only and most what I ate are ingredients loh....

    also, the person who scan (radiographer, I think that's what called) said she can't see anything so she pressume but not confirmed that it is a gal. so , prefer bb boy....

    hmmm... is it safe to eat the An tai yao and in the meantime, we also eat the vitamin pills (obimin). my mum also told me to go and buy some tonic like "dong chong cao".

    cleaning the bird nest, I just rinse it and then place it in the water to soften it only. yup, bottle bird nest contain more sugar and original bird nest is better.

    oic, for me, I'm opp u, MIL always cook but not my mum. I do cook cos eat outside food till I'm tired and dunno what to eat.

    yup, I'm also gg to take the 3 mth of maternity leave in full....I'm working in gov sector, that's why I have this staff benefits.

    ask u, when is yr due date, my cousin might have a nanny to recommend. so when is yr next appt? mine is on 5/9(tue) doing glucose test (2hrs) in the morning followed by seeing doc. Need to fast the night before - no food and drinks after mid-night.
  42. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    Aiyah... my next appt is on 4 Sept! hahaha... we missed it again by 1 day. I will be going for the growth scan on that day at the ADC. I guess it will be to see how big the bb is now and if everything is alright. I cant wait man... [​IMG] I will be asking my hubby to go with me again. [​IMG] I will be arranging my next scan on 3 Oct (Tue) in the afternoon if possible. Cos' I have an antenatal class at night so I thought of killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

    Hmm... so far the doctor never tell me that I need to go for Glucose test leh. Maybe cos' so far my urine shows N (which I hope it stands for Normal). How did the doctor know that your urine test show high in glucose? Is it through the urine stick that we always do at every visit? haiz.. must ask the doctor too... I meant to ask him the on my last visit but I forgot to. [​IMG]

    I think besides cutting on the carbohydrates, you must also cut down on the packet drinks and sweets lor. I used to snack a lot on sweets/snacks and canned drinks during lunch until I realized that i should cut down cos' I am worried about my glucose level.

    Oic... i think whether it's a boy or girl as long as both mom & bb are healthy is what we should aim for ya? [​IMG] Anyway, you can always have fun trying to have a boy the next time round right? ;)

    I am eating the an tai yao every 2 weeks once. And i usually drink 1 bowl each time. I am also drinking the Obimin. I think the an tai yao help to stabilize the bb while the Obimin gives us the daily dose of vitamins and minerals that our bb & body needs. Maybe you can ask your mom & MIL about it lah. I think these kind of things they will know better... just like my mom.

    No wonder you got such good staff benefits. Haiz... mine is non-existent compared to you. So you should claim to the max ya? Btw, just to let you know, once the bb is born, we have 2 days of Childcare leave per year. So maybe you can check with your HR about this ya?

    My EDD is 23 Nov. Do let me know more about the nanny... I am keeping my options open right now, in case my parents in law dun want to take care...
  43. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    oic. I think my next detail scan - growth scan is 10/10(tue) loh. same same, gd to ask hubby along to experience. hmm how come need to do so many scanning.

    oic, gd news for u.....my urine test shows ++ twice which sugar might be presence in my urine.yup, it is the urine stick which we usually do in the routine test. the tester told me that my urine contain sugar when I showed her the result after the toilet visit. then the doc asked me what did I eat for lunch etc.

    I think so maybe N stands for Negative too or normal. I got 2 ++ in my result as shows in the tiny slip. yup, need to consult the doc , anyway, we also need to pay consultation fees even tough we dun have qns to ask.

    I do not drink soft drinks and sweets leh. only vitagen less sugar and but now after finishing the whole 5 bottles, I stopped liao.sometimes, one can't help to resist the tempatation of drinks, I only slip a bit when hubby drink.

    yup, gd to hve a gal and boy loh.

    my mum is gg to cook black chicken boiled with wine loh to let me 'pu' during the national day. my friend who has given birth since April share with me that gd to have more tonic after 3-8 mths. then after 8mth, one need to cut down cos the 'pu' tonic will increase the size of bb and one might have difficult to deliver later. but gd to have bird nest throughout cos bb will has rosy cheek and skin will be nicer after that. also gd to drink coconut drink maybe twice per week to clean up the system so that when bb come out, it will not be messy and clean.

    for me, haaa...my child sick leave is 5 days per yr loh. of cos, will ask my HR alot of qns with regard to maternity leave, baby cash gifts and hamper etc. we also have $150 or dunno is it $200 cash gift given for newborn bb. I got $200 during my wedding loh. do yr co have that gift too?

    as the delivery date can't be predicted/accurate, I need to ask my HR whether can take hospital leave instead of maternity leave during the day of EDD date if admitted to hospital and maternity leave started only when discharge only that day. cos I dunno want to waste my maternity leave. Also a lot of holidays coming and those holiday has 'eat up' my maternity leave loh.

    so did u produce MC whenever u went for check-up? I have asked that KKH do not have any appt on sat. as the due date approach maybe 1 mth b4 or so, one need to go for weekly check up loh.

    ok, will ask my cousin abt the nanny think once I told her that yr EDD date is 23/11.
  44. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai
    I dun know if there's anymore scanning to be done or not. But i think 2 is too little lah! hahaha... many of the MTB in this forum get to see their bb every month when they see the private gynae. How did you feel when you saw your gal on the scan for the first time? Were you excited? I was so excited man.. hahaha...

    Hmm... I didnt know that the normal urine test will show ++ leh. So far all along I have N so maybe tats why the doctor never ask me to go for the glucose test. I will ask him on my next visit cos' I want to be safe than sorry. I heard that gestational diabetes can be controlled by diet one. So maybe you can cut down on your carbohydrates? How much weight have you put on so far ah? I put on like 8kg to-date... ahhaa.. feel that all teh weight have gone to my hips and thighs man...

    Oh ya.. I also heard from some friends that it's good to drink more coconut drink during the last month cos' can help to cool down the body and cleanse the system. But I cant remember if it's young or old coconut leh. Can you help me confirm with your friend? Or it does not matter?

    I didnt have any gift during my wedding lah. Only the ang pow from my boss and it was definitely lesser than $200! [​IMG] Wow.. guess working in govt sector is really good ah... cos' they are very pro-family. Haiz.... now my boss is even saying things like he dun know whether I will have job to come back to or not after my leave... make me feel so demoralized...

    I havent asked for MC so far for my check-ups but maybe I should cos' I also heard that we will have to go back more & more often as the delivery date draw nearer. So far I have some off-in-lieu that I have been using lor... I must remember to ask the doctor... hahaha

    Have you bought all your bb stuffs? My mom have helped me bought most of it already so I dun really have to buy anymore. Just buy things like car seat and sterilizer then I am done liao. My sis will also be handing me down some bb clothes so I can save there as well... [​IMG]
  45. watie

    watie Active Member

    im also a subsidy patient @ KKH.. im due in sept.. 28/9.. my next appt is in 2wks time.. but dunoe wheder 2 go anot.. coz only see doc.. no scanning.. doc said i dun nid 2 go 4 scanning since my baby lloks fine.. im too tired 2 go 2 bugis.. frm boonlay.. distance quite far.. in fact during my 1st preggie (2 KKH too), i stopped goin2 d doc for appt at my 8mth.. coz too tired 2 go..
  46. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    for me, I dun really feel so excited during the scan but instead the feeling of anxious is before the scan.

    gestational diabetes is quite serious. one might need injection oneself daily. for me, the first 3 mth did not put on much weight only increase 0.1kg each time. but from 4mth -> 5 mth (within 1 mth few days), my weight increase 3kg. Need to monitor what is my weight next mth loh. my col told me the max increase of weight gain throughout the pregancy is 20kg. for her, she put on 1kg of weight per mth. for me, it seems fats all gather around waist, backside and my legs and maybe tummy a bit.

    yr pregnancy is earlier than me almost 3wks + loh. so did doc say yr increase of weight ok?

    ok, will check it out regard to the coconut thing with several frenz. one of them replied me in her MSN saying that young coconut better.

    hmm...so did u invite yr boss to attend yr wedding cermony then? I did invite and boss of cos so generous give $200 AP. but some cols do call on the actual day that they are not coming as they are not feeling well. also those relatives say they will turn up but did not turn up. for my hubby's side worst still, only 20++ out of 45 col turn up though he confirm with them that they are coming. hai-ya....so this event will tell you who is the sincerce one and who is not.

    yup, it is gd to work in gov sector. wow, how come yr boss said that, is yr boss a male or female, married or single? a few cases as reported in the ST forum that the company terminated the pregancy woman out of no reason and the woman is so fed-up that he wrote to ST forum is it a 'crime' to be pregnant etc.... so I think the Manpower respond that there is some rule. woman who pregnant with 6ths onwards is still entitled to maternity leave. hai-yo, like that how can sg boost up birth rate. now ppls dun really want to give birth liao, they prefer to take care of dog instead.my ex-little boss said she is not gg to have any babies loh. dunno why...

    yup, after 28 wks, one need to go every 2 wks and then maybe 1 mth before the due date, every wk. how many MC per yr can u take? for me, 30 days. I have used up 6 days liao. hai-ya, anyway, every visit to KKH, I will almost stay the whole afternoon (from 1330pm-1600pm+). my workplc to KKH also needs an hour or so to reach there so might as well get a MC.

    for me, I have not bought any. Will be clearing away the unused thing in other rm after 7th mth loh. I will only buy 2 single mattress during end of Nov loh.

    did u buy baby cot? for me, I dun think I will buy sterilizer cos too expensive, will use those traditional boiling method.

    bb clothes, I guess will also buy during Nov at Bugis opp guan yin temple loh. last time, i have some robinson/johnlittle vouchers which is gg to expire so I exchange them for bb rashes cream and milk bottle loh.

    as for the nanny issues, my cousin has not get back to me.
  47. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi watie,
    welcome to this thread. so are u also gg to clinic C for yr consultation? wow, yr due date is gg nearer just 1 more mth + only. is yr bb a gal or boy?

    at least, u got direct mrt train which take u to bugis and then u can take the shuttle bus from there. I still need to exchange Mrt train and stand all the way to bugis.

    can dun go for yr appt one meh? so what did the doc say during each visit since yr due date is only a mth away? I find that doc dun seem to say anythg unless u ask her/him qns. the consultation always very fast less than 5 mins loh.
  48. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    I have PM u the contact for the nanny/confinement lady.
  49. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    Hi Afcai,
    Thanks, i will check my PM. [​IMG]

    Wow... you stil gained lesser than me. I think in total i gained about 8kg in 6 months. The first 3 months was worse cos' I gained about 5kg then. Then slowly learn to control appetite and realize that dun need to eat so much so gained less weight... hahaha.. i am aiming to gain only 12kg overall cos' I am already quite plump before pregnancy so dun want to be too fat otherwise v. diff to lose after birth.

    The doc never say anything about my weight gain leh. I asked him before but he said normal lor. I think this month you eat more bland stuff lor so that maybe it'll be ok during your next check-up. [​IMG] jia you ya? We are halfway there liao...

    My co got 3 bosses leh... I invited them but they not so generous as your boss lah. All 3 AP also not $200... hahaha... But luckily, most of my colleagues turned up during the dinner except for 3-4ppl. 2 got explain and give AP but the other 2 never lor. So you r rght... you know who is sincere and who's not lah.. but seriously, I didnt really expect much from colleagues lah.. cos' some also not v. close one. [​IMG]

    My boss is a male boss lah so that's why he said like that. Although I think he was half joking but I think it still make me feel very bad lor. I mean, I am already trying my best to keep up at my previous level and there he is saying such things. V. easy to feel demoralized lah. Yup, also heard about the woman you mentioned. But seriously, I am not v. confident lah... This country is so pro-employer... even if a female employee is asked to leave cos' she's PG, it's still the employee responsibility to prove that its wrong for the co to ask her to leave. Must waste $$ & time also... haiz...

    hmm.. so the doc will give MC ah?? good good.. I dun have much MC days lah... but cos' the first few months, I have been using leave to c doctor so got some MC days left lah...

    I want to buy a sterilizer leh cos' i think it's more convenient... I think Sheng Siong got sell one 'Lucky Baby' brand quite cheap one.. about $60. Was thinking of getting that or else the Pigeon brand. You know of the Taka sale? Maybe you can check it out for some good bargains.

    I dun intend to buy bb cot cos' I rather let the bb sleep on a matress on the floor. Esp first few months bb cannot turn over so still alright lah. Waiting for someone to donate bb cot to me actually... hahaha...Which milk bottles you got? My mom got for me Pigeon brand so maybe I stick to it lah... WHich brand of rashes cream did you get? My bro told me that Drapolene is good for his son and I think quite cheap esp sometimes Watson got promo...[​IMG]

    wow... didnt know taht it take you so long to get to the hospital ah.. got ppl give up the seats to you on teh bus or mrt? So far i have met quite a few leh but normally i reject cos' I was alighting 1-2 stops away.
  50. afcai

    afcai New Member

    Hi BS_S,
    wow, our conversation always seems to be long, never this thread almost belongs to only 2 of us only.:p.

    for me, I gained 3KG in 5 mths only. guess next visit, maybe gain 1-2 kg loh. did u eat a lot of rice? for me, I dun like rice, only eat rice twice per week if hubby is on night shift. if not, only eat 2 scope of it on weekdays when hubby is on morning shift. wow, first 3 mths, you gained so much weight, u got so much appeite to makan? for me, I dun have any appeitite to eat for the first 3 mth cos eat a bit full.

    yup, gd to go massage after confinement mth (if natural birth). yup, will do that, eat more bland foodstuff, use to like very hot chilli, but now after taking a bit of chilli, I felt very hot, maybe bb can't take it. my mum fried the brown rice and dry ginger and asked me to drink it with boiled water daily. she said it will help in supply of iron, lower sugar level(dunno how true) and also increase strength.

    yup, time flies very fast, u only left 3mth + before yr due date and for me, abt 4mths+ but when the time came, we might be anxious.....hubby dun seems anxious, still not in hurry to clear the rm for bb and also have not buy bb stuff except the nappy cream and a small milk bottle (exchange it with voucher only).

    anyway, yesterday, clear almost 70% (throw away few boxes) the things in the next rm liao. some things all 'dump' into the storerm loh. will be clearing the rest when free. need to iron (hate ironing) the maternity wear - dress cos next week is my co D n D liao. will be wearing the dress there.

    oic, I got 1 little boss and I big bosss. only the big boss and one of my col were very generous. the rest gave standard rate. my hubby 's side more jialat, his cols all gave $50 bucks only. one of the relatives that my grandma invited, they (a couple + 1 child) gave only $20.anyway, it was over, next time, will give back whatever the amt they gave me. afterall, as long as the couple (we) enjoy and those appreciate can liao. it is an experience....anyway,the wedding is only a day but the most impt is the marriage which take 2 hands to clap, efforts , trust etc to build up.

    oic, yr boss dun go thru the PG and is he single?? boss must be more supportive mah....or else how can they lead an example. hai....ppls can brought the case to Manpower if employer fire PG woman without reason bec only she is PG.

    yup, doc gave me MC when I requested. last visit nearly forgotten and I quickly grab the nrse and asked for that when she come out of the rm. then she passed me the MC loh.

    yes, I heard that there's a taka fair but dunno when it is ended.sterilizer which I heard from the forum thread in Dec thread range from $100- <$200. quite expensive.

    tough, bb can't turn over, my frenz shared with me that her bb boy wriggered out of the bb bed for the 2-3 mths (the bed she bought fr kiddly place) till the bb fall half way onto the floor several times. he cries for 'help' and my friend also wanted to laugh or pity the bb for falling out of the bed in funny way. from then, she bought another same size bed and join them together. so I intended to buy a single mattress then. yup, another hubby' frenz also said tought someone donate them the bb cot, but they hardly use it cos it is troublesome, bb need to be carry in and out during feeding and changing of diapers. so they let bb sleep on their bed with them.

    for the small milk bottle which I exchange with voucher at john litle does not have brand. it is a normal bottle cost abt $3 and I intended to use it to contain water only.as for the brand of nappy rash cream, it is also normal brand - pureen (never heard before). my friend told me that after she delivered, hospital will usually give a bag of goodies which contains lot of brochers, a sample of diaper and nappy cream.

    last mth, I went to a free talk at Jurong Library on Antenatal care (look out for talk at urban, straits times, sg). this talk mentioned abt the different kind of test to be done and its impact. eg amino fluid, down sydrome etc... got a goodies bag which contains some bb toys, some cards numbering and lot of brochers....

    hai...for my visit to KKH, i always stand from bt gombak mrt station all the way to bugis station. no one give up seat, maybe I wear shorts and t shirt so tummy did not clearly show. one of the time, when i wear skirt and went orchard with my hubby, an indian guy give up seat to me. hubby said ppls think I'm might be fat not PG.

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