Student care VS Care Giver


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Anyone has child in the care of grandparent and stays far from you? Please share your experiences.
Need advise on whether to enrol my gal in primary school near my mum's place (in amk) or enrol her in school near my home (in woodlands) but send her to student care before school.
P1 registration is starting soon but I still can't decide...
I personally prefer student care as it is structured. They have proper time for the kids to complete their homework and good centres will have guided study time/tuition.

If you leave your girl with your mum, will your mum be able to ensure she finishes her homework with minimal distractions? Is your mum able to guide her with school work?
If your mum is not able to guide her, you'll need to spend precious time in the evening to guide her when that time could be spent doing other meaningful activities together.
Anyone interested in lookig for home based student care for your primary 1 or 2 child who will be in the afternoon session and staying in woodlands? Meals, homework supervision, tuition, and transport to school provided. PM for more details.