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New Spree Here !
Get Stokke Tripp Trapp for your beloved baby
Spree Site:

All orders are welcome.

Important - please read before joining
Payment Information

1st Payment
1st payment : Items in EURO x 1.75 (will adjust if rate is higher)

2nd Payment
2nd payment : International Shipping via DHL + Local Postage/Courier Charges (if any) + currency adjustment (if higher rate

Payment Method
My POSB Saving 180-06953-4. [Please use SMH forum nick for IB]

I have OCBC if you need too, pls PM/email me for them.

Kindly email/PM me your contact number & collection method after payment transfer.

No confirmation needed. Please make payment ASAP after posting your order

Order Format:
Email: (pm me)
HP: (pm me)
Collection mode:

#1: Name of item / Description
Price in EURO:

#2: Name of item / Description
Price in EURO:

Total 1st payment in SGD = EURO(total)x 1.75

For those who can’t post on restricted thread, do email your order to [email protected]

Other conditions

a) I will make refunds within 4 days if this spree is cancelled.
b) I am not responsible for any defects/ missing items due to merchant error and shipping.
c) Items may arrived 3-4 weeks after spree closed to reach, do not order if you cannot wait.
d) No payment, no order.
e) Orders will be placed once 1st payment received.
f) Please join me in this spree only if you are comfortable with my terms & conditions.

Thanks and enjoy shopping online

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Just for those who are new to Stooke Tripp Trapp high chair please go to for detail.

This chair come in few parts. You can go Motherwork/Mothercare to take a take at the item physically.
Basically the full set comprises of :

Stokke Tripp Trapp :
(SG retail price SGD$519)

Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set
(SG retail price SGD$129)

Stokke Tripp Trapp® Harness for extra saftely feature for infant
(SG retail price SGD$99)

Optional item:
Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set Cushion which offer additional comfort for infant
(SG retail price SGD$98 Normal Design or $138 Premium Design)

Stokke Tripp Trapp Newborn Set
(SG retail price SGD$267)

Newborn Set Textile Set
(SG retail price SGD$55)

Other questions can post here so other members can benefit.
I have some PMs , guess many concern is on shipping charges , GST incurred.

Base on past few orders for my own circle of friends , custom did not charge me GST although the total value between > SGD$400 and < SGD$500. ***touch wood 1000x*****
Therefore it will be 1 box per member if chair is 1 of the item, unless they are consolidating multiple smaller items which can accomodate in 120x60x60 cm boxes eg 5 stokke cushions cover for tripp trapp

Eg 1 chair,1 harness,1 babyset will fall under
7-10KG weight category based on past experience.
So far no problem with DHL Economy, yet to try DHL Premuim.
<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Order Placed For Spree Batch 1
I have placed order for mummies listed below: </font>

Payment Received.Thank You.
Payment or PM left out? Pls PM me

22 Feb 2012 ITR I-BANK Karen S$262.45
22 Feb 2012 ITR I-BANK cushion S$57.70
19 Feb 2012 ITR I-BANK vaxvms S$395.17
19 Feb 2012 CAM 11320349,QUEENSWAY BR 2 S$395.17

I will email each of you tracking detail of your item once store delivered to my counterpart in Germany.
thanks for the update.
let me know the shipping cost &amp; looking forward to received my full set soon
Hi Cheri,
Yes it is come in original Stokke packing.
You will have to fixed it up yourself but quite simple.
M's Mummy
Yes you can mix and mixed any design u like.

Base on Feb 2012 EURO rate
white chair 149.97euro X 1.75 = SGD$262.45
Shipping: est 45euro X 1.75 = SGD$78.75
total for chair=SGD$341.2

If you all notice EURO rate actually went up.
<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Hi, for batch 1 buyer who have not done the 2nd payment for international shipping please kindly do so.Thank you.</font></font>
<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Order Placed For Spree Batch 2
I have placed order for mummies listed below: </font>

Payment Received.Thank You.

29 Feb 2012 ITR I-BANK desmondkoh S$446.04
Hi dink,
I am using DHL but will be dispatch to my hubby office instead.
For chair itself it will be est $342

You mentioned that the chairs will be delivered to your hubby office.
Does it mean we have to self collect from you or pay additional for local delivery?
Hi Ade, I am keen on a chair and a cushion set. Could you clarify on the delivery part, as enquired by dink? Thanks.
Hi dink/Vinny,
For purchase of chair it will be advisable to self collect as I think delivery via local post will not come cheap, since item is bulky.

Thank you for the interest.
Hi Ade,

Have all items for Batch 1 arrived safely and any issue at customs? I note this is quite a new spree plus the Tripp Trapp isn't cheap, so am doing my research and a little bit more cautious. Am keen to join the spree if you are opening up another batch, but would like to know if Batch 1 arrived without issue. Do the chairs have to be collected from your place?
I will inform here once batch 1 mummy has collected their item.
By the way I have done this order for myself and girl friends before so no worry.

<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Order Placed For Spree Batch 3
I have placed order for mummies listed below:

26 Mar 2012 ITR I-BANK vinny S$320.15
24 Mar 2012 ITR I-BANK steven S$262.45
<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Batch 1 and Batch 2 orders have all arrived. Pending collection from buyers.
Collection detail have been send out via SMS </font>
<font size="+2"><font color="000000">The strike in Germany seem not resolve.
If you are ok with the possibility of delay I can still order for you.
Look at one of the tracking detail delay in Germany before you commit on the purchase</font>

<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Batch 1 and 2 all items collected. Hope your little one are enjoying it. Thank you for the support. </font></font>
<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Germany Union strike issue has been settled, they came to an agreement about pay raise and signed a new contract. No need to worry for the next two years (hopefully).
Therfore I am re-opening this spree.

I have also email those who are keen in the purchase.
Hi Ade

What is the est price for chair + baby set + harness + cushion? And when is the est delivery date for the current spree?

I would like to order the following:

Email: (pm me)
HP: (pm me)
Collection mode:

#1: Stokke® TRIPP TRAPP® Chair / Natural
Qty: 1
Price in EURO: 149.97

#2: STOKKE® TRIPP TRAPP® Baby Set™ Nature New 2010
Qty: 1
Price in EURO: 42.87

#3: STOKKE® TRIPP TRAPP® Cushion Green '09 New
Qty: 1
Price in EURO: 32.97

Total 1st payment in SGD = EURO 225.81 x 1.75 = SGD 395.16
Please advise if the items are available, and the estimated DHL charges?

Where is your husband's office? I would like to self collect the chair. Thanks!
<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Batch 3 on her way to Singapore.Tracking number has been email to buyer.

For those who intertesed in the spree , pls email me before tranferring the money. Thanks.</font>
<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Order Placed For Spree Batch 4
I have placed order for mummies listed below:
12 Apr 2012 ITR I-BANK Mummy88 S$262.45
12 Apr 2012 ITR I-BANK madangel S$435.54
10 Apr 2012 ITR I-BANK Aislyn S$395.17
8 Apr 2012 ITR I-BANK XrisKoh S$787.35
7 Apr 2012 ITR I-BANK kitty S$262.45
chair + baby set + harness + cushion 149.97+42.87+32.97+32.97=258.78 euro X 1.75=sgd 452.87
shipping charge est 50 euro

What do u mean by a set?
a complete set consist of chair + harness + babyset + cushion.
if so the cost is sgd 452.87 + shipping

Your calculation is correct.
If u are interested pls email me for detail.

Jules' Mum,
Pls email me item url detail so I can advise u accordingly.
what i mean is just the normal set wo any accessory. how much will it cost in sg?shipping itself estimate will be how much please?thanks!
<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Buyer from batch 3 who have not collected the item pls kindly do so.
Thank you for your cooperation.</font>
<font size="+2"><font color="000000">I have send out email to batch 4 buyers on tracking detail. Pls proceed with the 2nd payment on shipping accordinlgy</font></font>
<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Batch 3 all items collected.

Batch 4 on her way. Buyer pls check your tracking detail email to you.
I will text all of you once item received.

<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Hi all, I will closed this spree till further notice.

To all mummies who have already send me the items required before today I will try to source it for you but no promises due to Stokke is controlling the number of items purchase.
The next purchase I have requested is more than 15 chairs which is the main reason they are pending my order.
Once I can confirm on stock , then I will email all of you again on 1st payment if you are still interested.

Thank you for your interest in this spree.

<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Order Placed For Spree Batch 5
I have placed order for mummies listed below:

06 May 2012 ITR I-BANK Joy S$262.45
05 May 2012 ITR I-BANK AndrewTan S$1,049.79
04 May 2012 ITR I-BANK rykiellim S$337.47
03 May 2012 ITR I-BANK dolphin S$337.47
03 May 2012 ITR I-BANK SherryTong S$262.45
02 May 2012 ITR I-BANK CSTan S$452.87
07 May 2012 ITR I-BANK jolene S$262.45
<font size="+2"><font color="000000">I have reply all emails for batch 6, which is the final batch for month of May till I re-opened this spree again.

Thank you for all the support.
Please note that I will treat it u not interested and let the next person in line to place order if payment not done before 12 May 2012 2359 for batch 6 buyers.

Order will be placed on 13 May 2012.

I will limit to 1 chair per buyer on my next batch of spree so that more mummies can benefit to this offer price.

Thank you for the support.
<font size="+2"><font color="000000">Order Placed For Spree Batch 6
I have placed order for mummies listed below:

13/05/2012 14/05/2012 3RD PTY TRANSFER INB adechong - 540.31

14 May 2012 ITR I-BANK Calyn S$395.16
13 May 2012 ITR I-BANK MayLam S$262.45
11 May 2012 ITR I-BANK psalm91 S$452.87
11 May 2012 ITR I-BANK Sheree S$395.17
10 May 2012 ITR I-BANK Halimah S$337.47
10 May 2012 ITR I-BANK CynthiaTan S$262.45
09 May 2012 ITR I-BANK joy S$337.47