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Sterilization for Contraception

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by bushflower, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. bushflower

    bushflower New Member

    Can someone share this mode of contraception.

    I'd like to know how much the surgery will cost and if there is any side effects like affecting your menopause later, your menstrual cycle, mood, hormones, etc.

    I'm seriously considering as the other methods all seem troublesome or disturbing to the body natural rhythm.

    I am 45, kids are in their teens and independent, so now we are quite relaxed and starting to get more sexually active again [​IMG]

  2. guest28

    guest28 New Member

    Hi shannon

    will condom be a better choice? any side effects.
  3. 2dogs2kids

    2dogs2kids Member

    hi Shannon,
    I had Mirena and everything is good. No mood swing, no weight gain and no menses! some ppl cannot accept no menstruation though. it's about $600-700 for 5 years. [​IMG]
  4. hugomum

    hugomum Active Member

    I am 34 and am consider to go for ligation as we had decided to stop having babies.

    But in the other hand, many had asked me to think twice as this is irreversable once done unlike those temp method.

    Kind of vex.
  5. bushflower

    bushflower New Member

    Condom is troublesome and spoils the mood.

    What is Mirena? I don't want to upset my natural rhythm or menstrual cycle.

    I was 34 too when I had my last kid. didn't do it just in case we want more kid's. Perhaps, you want to wait till 40's to decide on ligation.

    I heard there is also a method called tubal occlusion whereby they clip or glue the tube (not sure). Heard for this one, possible to get pregnant and if it happens pregnancy may be ectopic if it is at the wrong side of the tube.

    Anyone who has tried ligation ot tubal occlusion, please share.
  6. 2dogs2kids

    2dogs2kids Member

    hey bushflower,

    sorry for my lateness. too busy to check msg. ;p
    mirena is the plastic umbrella that is being insert into the virgina and it release hormones. some ppl who has super heavy flow use this to bring down the flow. as my menstrual flow is usually light, it stops! only occassionally have 1 day menses. [​IMG]

    it only take the doc 3 sec to push it in. there will be a thread attached to it but doc will cut it shorter so that hubby wont feel it. to check if it is still in place, i usually will insert my finger in to check. also every year go ultra sound to scan the position.

    my 1st child was born when i was 32 and 2nd was 34 too! dont waqnt more as of now. [​IMG]

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