Sterilising Tablets Vs Steam Steriliser?


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I've came across sterilising tablets in the stores. Any mummies with experiences on using these for sterilising milk bottles and feeding accessories?

Not sure whether tablets are better than steam steriliser cos I'm thinking of buying 1 before my EDD in Feb 2010.



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I personally prefer steam sterilizer as I feel it does the job better and feels less chemical invasive. Also more convenient. [IMG=]



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Hi Chestnut,

Thanks for your reply.

Not sure whether sterilising tablets will have side effects too. Any comments from other mummies?



Better use a steam steriliser then the tablets.

I have used the tablets before , leave a kind of chemical smell, in the end I throw all of them away.

Are you going for the tablets becos of convenience?



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I agree with Pet Su. The nurses used it to sterilise my nipple shield and it left a smell. And if u deep ur stuff too long, it will spoil the teats/silicone parts.