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I'm a SAHM. I run my own marketing business and tuition agency business, basically earning income from different sources. Now thinking of whether to start giving enrichment classes to toddlers (mainly 2-4 yrs old) on memory training, phonics foundation, introduction to chinese, etc cos I have a lot of teaching materials at home. I'm a trained early childhood teacher but only as a teacher to my 4 year old daughter.

However, have not really sit down to plan cos not sure if any parent would be interested in this kind of home-based one-to-one enrichment class. But if there's any parent who is interested, I'm staying at Bukit Panjang. To find out more, can PM me
Hi quality,

I have heard of n am interested in the tuition agency biz.. Keen to share more info.. Need to earn extre income..

Thank u
Hi mummies, i have a 4 yrs old boy and both myself and hubby are working. Money has never been enough especially my parents are staying with us, and also my son is going thru autism program which we foresee our expenses will definitely increase.

Lately we found and joined a online travel network company call Worldventures.
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Not only do we earn commission, if we travel and book from them, this Pricepledge apply to us also.

Yes, there's a need to pay membership every month, but this membership can be waive once we refer 4 people.

This business just started not long and Singapore is the beginning. Its spreading very fast to neighbour countries. Imagine the growing potential.. it's big..

There are afew celebrities already in our team.

I am here to share, if you are interested, do contact me..

Best wishes..

I am an experienced ex preschool teacher with 9 years of experience at a well known private preschool. I am currently doing home based english phonics, reading and writing tuition for children from N2 - K2 (punggol). I believe in incorporating a blend of interactive, play-based learning and structured worksheets to maintain children's involvement throughout the session.

Kindly contact me at 8810 8564 for more information.

$50 for 1.5 hours

Small group (max 4 children per class)

Monday to Friday: 5.30pm - 7pm