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Sold-Mint Disney Winnie The Pooh My Very First Encyclopedia - Animals / Nature

Discussion in 'Want To Sell (Preloved Items Only)' started by h20fantasy, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. h20fantasy

    h20fantasy Member

    Set of 2 hardback books.

    Young children will enjoy accompanying Winnie the Pooh and friends as they discover the amazing world of animals and nature, and learn, for instance, how a seed vecomes a flower and where clouds cone from. This real life learning and world of knowledge is communicated through stunning photographs, charming illustrations and simple factual text.

    The world of animals/nature is organised and presented to young children in an easy to understand format, with each chapter devoted to a single broad topic. Recurring strands of bite-sized facts reveal interesting facts relevant to a child's world.

    A combination of playful images, beautiful photography and bold illustrations will captivate and stimulate young children.


    RP: $30 each ($60 for both). $20 for both.

    Excellent condition, almost unread.
    carousell_1450004630695_0.jpg carousell_1450004630695_1.jpg carousell_1450004630695_2.jpg carousell_1450004630695_3.jpg

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  2. YWCY

    YWCY New Member

    Hi there, may I know if these 2 books are still available? Thanks!
  3. h20fantasy

    h20fantasy Member

    Priced down.

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