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Social Behavior problem for my kid

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by aarti, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. aarti

    aarti New Member


    I am distressed mother of 3.5 years old boy. I am facing serious issue regarding my son's social behavior. He is quite talkative n active at home and comfortable with elders.

    The moment he is in company of similar age group kids he just don't utter a single word and literally becomes dumb. He started a year ago with playgroup where he never interacted with other kids and never answered any of questions of teacher. Nor he participated in any kind of activity and just sits idle. He was never comfortable with other kids. Once came out of his school he is fine.

    I thought he will be fine over the period of time and I need to be patient. With this hope I enrolled him in nursery in an international school. Shocked to see symptoms just continue.

    Teachers try to encourage him to participate but with no results. Lately I got him enrolled in a dance class but for complete 1 hour he just stand in class watching other kids and not uttering a single word. On the contrary he is talkative at home and dances well.

    Problem from my angle is he is just not comfortable with other kids.

    Been advised that solution is socializing which I am trying hard but with no results. He is not ready to mingle with other kids. Otherwise he is intelligent, talkative at home, quite active.

    Can some suggest me how to deal with this problem? Or is there any such school who deals specifically with such personality(socialization disorder)?

    Any help or pointers will be of great help.

    Will appreciate if anyone can suggest way to move forward.


  2. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Have u tried those play gyms or letting him interact with others at the playground? Best not to force him to say "hello" etc if he's rather shy/stubborn. They'll outgrow this. My child used to watch others too quietly and refuse to talk to strangers. Now slowly starting to chat and laugh with strangers. Takes time to warm up.
  3. happyzhuo7

    happyzhuo7 New Member

    How about try just let him hang around other kids? Like invite yr friends n their kids to yr place or u bring yr kid to their place. Even if they r sitting far apart let him just get use to the presence of other children?
    I think the term is playdates or something..

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