SMH Scrapbooking Club !!!!

wow, din log in for few day already so many good news & nice LO......
myself n son got stomach flu. My son just discharge from Hosp yesterday, n same time me got the stomach flu yesterday.
Any spree?
Thanks again to Dorcas and MamaChan ! Thanks Lady Luck too ! Congrats June ! *happy dance*

Jelly, oh no! my hands itchy again ! Argggghhhh !!!

Jojo, sorry to hear that,hope you and your boy feeling better already. Ming accumulating for YSS sept spree - 25% off with bday code.
Ming's YSS spree Sept '09
Have hit the min to proceed, pls send me your orders if you ave not done so yet. Will be ordering tonight.

1) Jchew - USD35 + USD35
2) Ann - USD15 - received your order
3) styliciously - USD 30 (tentative amt)
4) MichL - US$15 (dependant on spree close date)
5) Ivy - US$44.23 - received order
6) Ivy Chong - USD $30 - received order
7) Baizzz - USD ~$20 - received order
8) Ginny - received order
so cool, make me drool.

Just a quick update that I cannot squeeze your order in. My next shipment I will remember to ask you if you want to order again.
Annissa, saw your sms, but weekend I can't even though I really want. Sigh... life being a mother with 2 kids and no maid is that inflexible. hahahahaha......

Ming, I send you my order for YSS something ago leh. You never receive huh?

CL, inform me too. I remember you told me deadline last Sun, but really 'bo eng' to log in and surf. Thinking of getting the doily punch.
Just a page I just completed. Made use of the paints I bought from Anna.
June, nice work ! Love the colour combi!! Which stamp did you use for the musical notes ? 2 different stamps or the lower one is from pp ?

Mamachan, I spent a long time looking at the photos! Wonderful ! Now I really want to go SF !!! Arggghhhh....the cupcakes !! WAH!

Ming, emailed you. Thank you very much !!
Hehehe, that's just all in one day! I still have Day 2 - Day 8 photos... actually when I'm on my own...the photo-taking died down a little. hehe.
thks dorcas, ming, CL... finally completed it..

erna, babyrainbow
nice LOs!

ur son wah.. really notti n dangerous leh.. the tv may jus topple over him. that was wat happened to my friend's son. got a cut on his nose..
hi mummies, does anyone know where can i get value for money 12 x 12 albums? Finally saw some nice ones at MWL today but they range from 49.90 to 100 plus. Appreciate any tips!
Curry....if you intend to get Making Memories brand album, this week they've promo, 30% off for Making Memories supplies if you spend above S$50.
oh at MWL? i didn't realise that...but i am trying to refrain from buying more stuff, except for the album haha...thanks for the tip though
Paz, yes is very dangerous. that was a few months back but he no longer does that. lost interest in the dvd player already.
There is once he actually climb up the tv console and was hugging at the tv screaming. didn't take a photo of that cause is scaring me.
YSS spree,
a quick update, received the parcel yesterday, as usual few wrong items sent, I'm sorting out now, will e-mail the table once I'm done.
Found a bag of RIBBONS when cleaning room. some bought from Prints, some from Germany, some designer ribbons. used them to add touches to bibs that i made to my nieces. but they are so versatile to use for crafts, sewing, card making, scrapbooking etc etc. the sky is the limit. Don't have time to do crafts anymore with the 2nd baby on the way. hope these ribbons will find a nice home.
can u pass my stuff to Ming, then to AA? thks!

paisey, got to trouble u. will arrange to go by ur plce to pick up. thks!
just a quick update on YSS spree, I've placed the orders but my birthday code was rejected as invalid, I've emailed them to sort out the problem. Be prepared for quite a few items to OOS because of the delay. However, we still have MORE than enough for the spree to go ahead, never fear.

300+ items, USD600+, OMG!! I collate and order till cock eyed.
This shall be my last spree for awhile.. gosh.
Oh my! That sounds really scary alright! Currently my TV has been wall-mounted. So no problems with kids touching the TV.

Likelihood we will be wall-mounting our TV again in our new place. Takes up less space probably.
urs is LCD / Plasma tV right? beta mount them. bcos these panels r lighter n not as "stable". kids can pull them off the tv console leh..
I don't meet HJ very frequently actually. Lots of people have been asking me to collect things from her, be prepared you may have to wait quite awhile ya.