SMH Scrapbooking Club !!!!

Orders placed for the above..
BTW, I have Sept bday code for YSS. Can run spree. Since we have a few bdays in Sept and CHA new arrivals are coming in every week, I will close spree once USD340 is hit (ie. USD250 after 25% discount for free international shipping). For any more items wanted, can make use of other peoples' Sept bday code.. I think there are at least 2 or 3 people with Sept bdays here!

Pls indicate interest if you wish with approx amount (after discount). Thanks!
annissa: i think it's from SL July Kit... coordinating with this pc deal... but i've finished off my July kit liao.. kekekeke that's why not getting..
Ming, Kate: Ordered for you.

Annissa: I love this range! Remember that time you came to my house with your girl and I said the colors of her dress is the same as the Fabulous range?? Haha.. I still remember. I have some of the pps + embels that came with the SL and LT kits, but they're not the same as today's deal.
CL - fever boy was down with fever suddenly also, yday bed time, was 37.8...heng subside and went school to celebrate his birthday...than weekend going langkawi. keep finger cross...
heard from my old time friend, this is good for children.

Will update you when I'm back but Sun I need to go back to work till 4pm!!! I'm going to die flat flat. Tmr need to be at Golden Mile at 6am!!!
have a great time! Fruit farm and Ostrict farm ? When you have some time, can post photo of your small bottles of glimmer mist ? cos there are many types of small bottles in Daiso. Thanks a million!

hope the kids are better already!
THanks Michl
Her fever subsided since 1 pm but I crossing finger too. Because if not if the fever comes up tonite she will be put on Tamiflu.

this is very nice. I brought in the Together for MemoirActs and i realli like it
Ladies, up for a quick lelong at $4 per set:
Half shares (18 pieces, all different) in each of the following 6x6 paper pads.
Each 6x6 paper pad is a miniature of the full size papers. you can see the designs at the URLs listed below.

1. Basic Grey Euphoria (very girl set) -
2. Basic Grey Offbeat (bright and cheery) -
3. Basic Grey Ambrosia (super glam and vintagey) -
4. Basic Grey Granola (very boy set!) -

Also, half share of Webster's pages 6x6 paper pad for Postcards from Paris and Sweet as Cherry PIe (2 of their latest collections).
Also 18 pages, at $4.80.

Pls let me know if interested, thanks!
Hi ladies,

The Unity stamps are here.

Collection areas :
1) NUH Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm
2) Yew Tee MRT weekends (Una)
3) Wheelock lunch time and after 6.30pm (Una)
4) Postage

Hi momma2omar, I'll like to collect at Yew Tee MRT weekends ... pls kindly pm me to get contact and arrange. You don't accept pm. this weekend can?

Momma2omar, pls pass mine to Una. Thanks.

More to lelong:
DCWV Crafty Stack (1/2 the stack, 24 pages) at $10.00
My Little Yellow Bicycle Love letters 12 x 12 paper pad (1/2 the pack, 12 pages) at $12.00
My Little Yellow Bicycle Love Letters 6x6 decoratve edged paper pad - its cut into artisan shape, scallop shape etc) (1/2 the pack, 12 pages) at $4
it want My Little Yellow Bicycle Love Letters 6x6 decoratve edged paper pad - its cut into artisan shape, scallop shape etc) (1/2 the pack, 12 pages) at $4
Hi ying,
I've only got the Euphoria pad left for the 6x6 pads, but all the 12x12 ones still available =)
i'm still clearing, finally got time to do so after my new maid arrived.

<font color="0000ff"> hello dorcas.. hee what is moments recorded??

any try the glimmer mist.. is it we have to get those " screen" to do the effect??

one just did earlier... another is for teacher last week..