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Erm, on birdnest, I ate a lot during no1, not so during no2. With no3 - alot also since I thot my last preg, better pamper myself with nourishments.
than my no1 and no3 are asthmetic, nightly inhaler required. my bbsitter than recently asked if I ate alot of birdnest during preg and attribute it to their asthma..its my first time hearing this, and true enuff, i had more when preg with 1 and 3, but not 2, 2 is ok.. and the fairest of all...despite no birdnest...keke...i guess diff old wives tale

in gist, i tink evything shld be taken in moderation.
Bai: I kinda agree with you re birdnest. I ate so much BN for my #1. As much as 3 times per week from my 5th month on. My girl is very tan and has sensitive airways. And for my #2, I hardly take any BN, definitely not as regularly, but guess what, he's super fair.
I think drinking milk makes a baby fair. Cos I drank lots of milk for my #2. Am trying to drink more milk for #3.
3As - hahaaa... my first 2 also A, shld i have another one, will start with A too!

Ginncher, u mentioned u wanna share the Unity Kit? U stated those # that you want to share, but i don't know what those # represent.... where can i cross reference? I dun mind sharing if those r what i want. Esle, I will order 1 kit too.
3As, Yea this time take a long time to come. Nearly 2 weeks after the first box. i even thought is lost! Email them and get no reply. The first box starts to collect dust liao. Luckily they will redelivery on Sat.

I started a new thread for #3. Guess will be my last YSS spree before i move
Got new arrivals and no one organising so i started one. haha
25% off YSS is tempting but my last spree 2 months ago still haven't collect loot. My neck is longer than giraffe's liao.... :p

How to share glimmer mist ? must buy some extra bottles somewhere ?

3AS, ligate has 2 kinds : 1 using clips,revisible; 1 tie the tubes, not revisible. Why you going thru C-section ? Mine was C-section too, under epidural...that time I gung-ho, want to be awake when my baby arrives but I was really scared while on the OT table and saw the blood spattering on my gynae's overall! Yikes..seems like yesterday when I think about it.

Mamachan, the shopping sounds so exciting! I am more concerned abt the boy and the long flight. He cannot sit still and I think I will go mad trying to keep him entertained and comfortable.
Bai, I was reading babyrainbowz's comment looking for people to share and wondering how to share. I have 2 bottles. Each spraying uses so little and I wonder when can I finish using them. It would be great to have more colours but less volume.

Question is how to share ? Any suggestions ?
thank you ladies for your reply on mod podge and glossy accent. now i know there's royal coat.
not using for anythg. jus wan to know the diff
i'm still deciding whether to buy..... i hv quite a lot of flowers liao... but then there's always room for more! :p
Oooo...I see!!! I missed Annisa's reply. I got Sunflower 50960 and Simply Khaki 60540 but no chance to go Daiso to reckee the bottles.
MichL SIA's plane quite advance. They have in-flight games and a game console for the kids i.e. psp or nintendo looking console. There's always kids friendly movies/cartoons for them to watch. I think most times after awhile, they will get sleepy and start to doze off as well.

the first 4 hours was my flight up to Hong Kong where we transit, followed by another 12 - 13 hours of flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco. If there's tail-wind, we can be faster by a good 1/2hr or so. I spent most of my first flight up sleeping coz I was so tired and sleepy..but it can be quite uncomfortable, and moreover, I was sitting with strangers while my hb was in business class. But on the flight back, I watched 4 movies back to back from SFO to Korea. And then from Korea to SIN, I switched seats with my hb who let me sleep in his comfy business class seat! So was quite ok.

I've seen quite a number of parents travel with their young children too.
Wah... I want to share the glimmer mist. I've got copper and 1 other colour I think. Need to go back and check again.
U all make me tempt to go SF...... yesterday night just ask my hubby when can I go there.....then he say......wait till kids bigger first. So now save save $$ then go there spend spend $$...
Now exchange rate very good. I think is worth going now.
Any photos of tried and tested small spray bottles ? I think with the mist it helps if the nozzle is good and gives a fine even mist.
Mich....all my glimmer work is from the small bottle cos whenever i share, i gave the original bottle out to save space.
wah... I MIA for a few days nia, got 3 archive threads!!!

sigh... my boy got high fever since last sat... rushed to A&E coz fever dun go off (went to as high as 40deg). Then went pd again... fever din drop...then went back for review again.... sigh...
PD say must monitor. If still fever go up, must immediately admit to hospital, suspecting pneumonia. sigh.... haven been sleeping well since last weekend... wat a teachers' day for me... now my turn to be sick liao... sigh...

Will post up my Teachers' Day gift which I made for my boy's cc teachers later... they are still on my desk!

btw, reading all those shopping spree overseas so envy!!!
I understand what you going thru. Me now stuck at home with my gal too. Yday she oso fever. You know because she usually will take temp in school. guess it is mother instinct, i just pick up the thermometer and take for her and yup fever

37.7 then she was ok till 11 am see dr it was 39.5 then cannot go down at night always above 38. Just came down to 36.7 1 hour ago. expecting it to go up again later man.

crossing finger now. Hope yours will get well soon too.

nice layouts
Oh no...hope your kids will get well high fever not coming down within 2-3 days is indeed a scray thing!!

Lovely layouts!!!!!

haha...actually, if you and hb really wanna go there and shop, should go as a couple
Though bringing your kids are an incentive for additional baggage space :p
We didn't bring my boy along as it's solely couple time for us as well as it'll be slightly harder for me to handle my boy alone when I go out and roam SF while my hb is at his meeting...I'm very certain walk halfway up the steep slopes of SF, he'll want me to carry him! *faintz*... but I would definitely want to bring him back there when he's older say when he's 5 years old. He should by then not hassle us to carry him anymore at that age and he would be more appreciative of the sights and feel the thrill of riding the cable car too
Thanks. Anyway for the 2nd LO is about my son pouring the whole bottle of cornflakes on the bumper mat. A evidence of his naughty act if one day i get heart attack!
Kid fever got to be extra alert.
Friend of mine, her kids fever din come down. And admit to Hosp. and annouce he had Kawasaki...
Try to put the cool patch on his head n get him drink more water. Monitor the fever.

Nice LO. Ya the evidence can show him next time.

I wan the PC deal too
1. 3As
2. jojoyp