SMH Scrapbooking Club !!!!

1) momma2omar - UK344A School Rock Star Qty 1
2) unazukin - UK344A School Rock Star Qty 1
3) unazukin - UK-399A you + me = happy Qty 1
4) ming - UK-403A Birdie Inspiration Qty 1
5) Chic lil - UK-403A Birdie Inspiration Qty 1
6) ivy - UK-403A Birdie Inspiration Qty 1
7) ky - UK-403A Birdie Inspiration Qty 1 (alt if OOS : UK-405A Quote Bundle Pack Qty 1)
8) kate - UK-403A Birdie Inspiration Qty 1
9) felicia : UK-405A Quote Bundle Pack Qty 1
10)kaimom : UK-403A Birdie Inspiration Qty 1

Alritey ... Unity spree closed.
Will proceed with ordering.
Thanks a bunch ladies ...
Will keep u updated re stamps
wow...I offline for 2 hours and there goes unity spree !! Felicia, can tonpang yours ?

KY : I agree with momma2omar - rubber stamp gives the cripier image than clear stamps. Clear stamps are cheap but image not as crisp.
michl, yes can

let me know before 11 pm tonight?

jojo : pretty gifts
are those post-its?

anybody going made with love pasar malam tomorrow?i heard there'll be great discounts!
ladies- anyone any idea if EC-HuaJing has placed the recent joann orders...else, wanna get the promo fm MWL for thickers...
Jojo: nice patterns!
All those cards or ??

Felicia: ya, i too saw it in their forum. I think start fm 6pm...

Balmom: EC still have joann orders - open. Think she havnt place orders yet.
BAImum: yest HJ was telling me that she'll order joann on friday... so u can still grab thickers from MWL :D

felicia: ME ME ME! I'll be going tomolo night ard 8:30pm i hope.. but will be there for a while onli... kekekekek.. i hope there realli is great disc!

Is is post it. Actually inside still have something but no time to take, as I take the pic in the morning.

I bought normal card to make the hard cover.
The other mostly is from QK dies.
The post-it at the 2 left bottom. Is the Banana split alphabet that I mention to you. Will pass to you next week.
*latest from Laines*

MichL : Maya Road Sheers ... robots, bird, postage stamp. got a few in stock. who wants? she can help get n she's there for another 10 mins. pm me if keen.

A&A - erm... can i trouble u to send tomy office add again? thereafter, can u pls pass to Ming?

Ming - May i trouble u to pick up my stuuf? And Yes, I wanna order from 2 peas :p
A&A, sorry! I should have SMS-ed u. The thread moved so fast I thought you already grabbed some. You want 1/2 pack of my bird sheers ?

MWL : 44% off all adhesive alphas - no need any card but new arrivals today not included or you meant the Pasar Malam tomorrow ?
MichL: I've really been MIA on this thread. Would love to share with you. Let me know how much to transfer + postage ok? Thanks

Referring to the pasar malam sale.
Two peas orders placed.
For those who have sent me orders without listing the item URLs, I've had problems finding the items even though I searched through the brand/item type pages (if stated) one by one. Pls refer to your emails for the items I could not find and thus did not order.
To avoid "disappointment" in future, pls do ensure to include the item URLs so that its easier for me to find. Thanks.
HJ....when are you closing the Joann Spree? Also how do you calculate shipping? by item value or you own definition of shipping unit? Please advise.
A&A - i dunno why i cannot recv leh? Y dun u just PM me the amt to TT? (Just checked, dun have)

Ming - Thanks for ordering the 2Peas.... this time, all Bellies and no PP... hahhaaa.....

But i have not been doing layouts.... no output, but input as per usual. Haiz.
Erna: That's for MR#15.. Clean lines mah..
Very good for me to break the dry spell.. Phew!

Erna, Jelly: Not sure what I'm looking for. I don't mind owls..
Already got the birds from MichL.
i am thinking of going MWL in the afternoon to get the alpha stickers.. i shouldn't be going in the afternoon is it? cos i read here there is some sale but only starts at night??
autumn, the alpas were on 44% yday, not sure abt tonite. but there's some pasar malam sales tonite at mwl...if u looking at a.c thickers, many oos.