SMH Scrapbooking Club !!!!

hi erna, check out

this is a singapore-based forum and SG stands for Shichida and GD. I'm more of a GD mummy, but I've stopped flashing the cards since #2 not very keen... need to clear my stuff if I can find the time... a lot of us DIY the stuff...

becky. very nice. I esp like the first one. with the birthdate n all, I think the mother would love it. mind if I scraplift it for a fren. Just receive sms of the happy news!


Missing for some times. very busy with work.
Snake a bit for rest.
Reading all your msg really make me feel good n relax. Not so stress over work n family. I like this thread.

I do use flash card to flash to my children.
It's working. Most of the flash card I do it my self. Some source from friend who willing to share what are the level to teach at their age.
That's help me save a lot of $$. And the $$ goes to sb........=)
Jojo: Even though I was working then, I was very conscientious in making sure one of us flash to my #1. And now that I'm home, I got lazy, so #2 was flashed less often.. :p What an irony..

Agree.....normally #2 one less often. But as what my friends mention. Most important is the #1 one. As the #1 will teach the #2. So more hard working on the #1.


You will need some help source to do the flash card without that you don't know how to start.
Eg. Father, mother, brother at the begining stage. And your flash card wording got to be in RED(there are some reason behind). Do it 3 times per day. 5 words per times. Change each word after 5 days.

Me can't do it 3 times per day as I'm working. but will make sure do it once a day.
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I'm going to A&A's place tonite around 8+pm. Meeting Ming around 9-10pm.

I know where to buy blank flashcards. It's COD, no delivery since buying in small quantity. Office is in Boon Lay industrial area. need different font size for different stage for GD. Those at Popular is different, totally different.
Ann: Will try out to use less cardstock.. once i got hold of the blending. :p

u have any idea which website (SB)also offer FREE international shipping?

CL: Nope, i will be back to SK.. Quite far.. :0
u use those pageframes to display is it? I yet to buy album and got 3 pageframes, alot of empty walls in my living room but dunno where to hang. How do u hang them? in clusters or horizontal across? I'm not so used to hanging sq frames.. usually photo frames are rectangle. ehhee.
taz,annisa,jellypurin - nice work! good to see everyone using up stash!

becky - love how you used the cute embellishments! I can't do such stuff too.

A&A, u MIA ?

CL, msg-ed you thru FB.

My simple take for MR#15. 1st time using dewdrops!
michl: wow.. nice nice nice!! i like ur LO! saw that u're using the new sheers liao.. hahaa..

A&A: can pass my items (joann & the MM stuff) to ann? i'll transfer to u on my way home tonite..
Will pass the following stuff to Annissa.

Ming's LT kits; Jellypurin's MM journals; Vivian's journals; Erna's joann + MM journals.
Anyone else? If I don't acknowledge here, pls sms me.

MichL: Haven't been scrapping outside of the fund raising. Nothing to post so MIA lor.. Love your clean lines for your LOs. And the robot sheer is so cute!
Hi michl ... the LO is so your style. Sorry, what's dewdrops? Did you distress the pp or is comes like that?

btw, like to learn more abt distress ... can I just use sandpaper to do it? Any proper technique?

Erna, grab a copy of the GD books ... can find them in library. There's language, maths dots, encyclopaedia knowledge. It really depends how much effort u want to put into the GD prog, but the most important is seeing it thru' and frequency.

ky: ok.. thanks... kinda confused which one should i choose first coz seems like there's so many choice.. hahahaaa.. i should try to find them in lib first.. thanks.. =)
A&A, will transfer you later at night.
will collect it from you maybe over the weekend. i still have joann stuff right ? if not i collect after joann arrive and ur YSS items is all in.
chix little - passed 4 sets of cards to your colleague for the fund raising
hope they are ok.

MIA cos brght the kids to hkg.... urgh... tiring. Plus last yr, now i have 2 sets of disney photos!
I bought a set of Grolier's products included Disney wordx3 and a story a day but haven open yet, what you want to know?
yes, they will teach how to use the books. quite interesting, I await the ppl to come and teach me.
the pkg is abt 2k+ can remember the exect amount. they will give free books if you pay cash.
Thanks for all the kind words.

CL, no problem. Reply me at home.

KY, you want totally distressed look LO ? or just bits ? can try tearing, ink edges+wet fingers to rub OR crunch up pp gently and rub distress ink over the creases/pp lightly. I don't have much experience because the few times I played with distress inks were disasters! I tried sandpaper before but I don't like cleaning up the dirt bits. Maybe the distressing gurus here can give better advice.

The pp came like that :) Dewdrops are those clear beads that look like water droplets.
got it from her liao. Thanks. Of course ok.

I oso got your mail with the cards too. Ha ha maybe I should try to sell during my open house on sunday
Just to share some simple stuff I made for Teachers' day. The form teacher is really really great so I put in more efforts for her gift. My boy penned the messages in the card & behind the bookmarks.


packed and ready to go :
sugarbebe- tks again.. wow thread fun so fast i can hardly catch up..

(styliciously)- oh mine is ikea frame i bought.. i only hang a few.. still thinking where to display the rest...

michl- tks.. i just trial and error... i like you LO esp the robot.. hehe

wow the teacher day gift is lovely.. is that a book & a frame?

what is the small blocks like stuff?
Mich....nice. That is a file with altered paper clips and a card. So nice that your boy is old enough to pen his thought. I'm still thinking HARD how to get my 3.5yr old girl to be involved in my gift project???
Tinkertoe- u color the stamp images very pro also? yrboy in primary ? Got ruling say cannot give presents on Teachers Day??? mine say no presents, can make card, so just do a simple card with my boy and he wrote the msgs inside.
Thanks all! :) I feel so encouraged. I hardly do such alter art stuff.

The big thing is a Popular d-ring file. I slipped pp into the front cover. The hedgy is a card. The small blocks are clips - for clipping stacks of papers together. I 'decorated' with the pp & flowers. Flowers are not Prima :p I bought them from popular. Flower centers - I punched from the pp.

Bai - my colouring hardly PRO! Ann and Angie's using the copic showed much more intense colours. I got my boy to colour a bit and I blend using a clear water pen. His school doesn't have no presents rule but usually teachers cannot accept lavish gifts. I stick to handmade cards/stationeries throughout the years. Yup, he is in P3.

Taz, the bear is a PennyBlack wood mounted stamp. I colour using Tombow markers and blend using Tombow clear. Got these markers from the Presence in Cornation Plaza last year.
Jojo, EC_mum
I have grolier's books too. my package is abt 1.5K, includes Disney words x4, story a day x4, wonder why book x 24, Logico & clifford phonics packs x6. I cannot get anymore books already. too many. so far i used story a day the most coz will read during bedtime while my daughter drinking milk.
Ying, I transfered to you yesterday via atm. Pls check.

Autum, I emailed you using my office email but did not hear from you yesterday morning and now I'm on my 2nd day of MC, only back to office on Fri. Will check and transfer then.