SMH Scrapbooking Club !!!!

ha ha if not for your lelong I would not have found you. I wanted the hero art border stamp - cloth peg line so much but too bad sold liao

Welcome here

a&a- like u, i was trying to spot steph,easiest. Keke

Michl, ming, steph- i going tmr,need more boy pp and items. Want my help,wil tap on anissa suitcase.

Cl-Nice seeing u again. Bougt sei fm u b4,yr gal was than k1 or so. Hee.
I never really have a chance to really shop and the items I originally wanted was OOS so didn't buy much. I really ought to stop buying since I'm not scrapping as much, still recovering and somemore moving house soon. I'm sure there will always be newer and nicer stuff next year. I still have lots of paper to work with. So I'm trying to de-stash as we speak. LOL.
CL - sorry lah sold alrdy that one! C other stamp lah

Ming - hei girl! Hws the little one doin!

Wahhh u ladies are pretty chatty here huh!
No problem Annisa, I am sure there's chance to meet again too. I did tap on your suitcase anyway..Marcus was grumbling under his breathe...hahahaha...

Baimummy Thanks for asking! I am seriously tempted ....will contact you if there's anything. Have fun shopping !

MamaChan Health comes first...I agree there will always be newer and nicer stuff.

*Big Wave*Hi Wati! It is me..Mich...from your kampong :)
Mich, Oh man... OOS so early?
I really loved the owls..

Hi Wati! Welcome to this thread

BAImummy - hehehe yeh.. I do admit I am an easy target judging from my size.. hahaha but sighz.. I went late today.. else can meet many of you...

Anyone bought extra Hambly Owl Clear Stickers and wants to sell it off? heheh
I feel that I can't keep up with this thread anymore. feel a little sad that all of you can get together to shop and so many lovely creations here.. I hardly have time and energy to scrap now. haha.

Will still come in to see nice creations!

Chicken Little, Annissa,
really lovely cards you have made. NICE!
I did get a chance to buy some papers, but that's all...trying not to be too excessive in my purchases

For those moms who has yet to know, I had a procedure done last week to vacuate the womb as it turned out that even at 9 weeks (based on LMP), my pregnancy was non-viable. I'm feeling ok now le...just recovering physically. Still feeling tired out.
I'm ok, am at peace with what had happened... just gotta move on and not think too much
Now gotta rest my body and hopefully try again at a later time.
hi MICH!!! nice to see you here girl

waahhh....those owls stickers oos fast!!
i still have the kraft ones still haven't use....*bang head*

sophia...sorry to hear that...take care and hugs!!
Yeh Yeh Baimummy,

Thanks!!!! cause I got the Hambly screenprints (the one with baby clothes) I'm sure the stickers will match it real good!!!

Thanks Thanks!!!
mamachan: oh.. so sorry to hear that...
rest well... and keep trying! =)

i guess i'm one of the lucky ones who manage to grab the hambly owl sticker.. haha.. still got a few when i left =p but no.. i'm not selling it off! hahaa..
Adam (or can I also call you wati?): Welcome!!!

Mamachan: Glad to have you back here.
Am sure your mojo will be back in no time. Have a good rest first.

Steph: No lah, not selling off..
I love owls leh. Had wanted to buy the onesies one, but then I don't know the gender of my bb yet, so didn't buy. Am sure they are gone by now. :p But you know what? Tempt you further. I bot the Hambly sheer paper with the onesies - the one dorcas uses to make her cards.
Kekekke.. There were only 3 more pieces left when I was there. No more pink ones though, only the turquoise for boys.

Jellypurin: The MME paper packs - the O La la series are selling like hot cakes. The ones for her are all gone; I had one last pack for him; and then I gave it up! :p Oh man, I didn't know what overcame me that I decided not to have it and left it at the cafe table. Then I changed my mind and called Annissa while I was still driving home, she said it's gone liao.
So sad.. It's only $13 plus after the discount. Good luck to you.
2as, I have that too.. I have one turquoise for boys and 1 pink.. heheh bought last week or the week before one.. hahah

When I was there, think only left last pc yesterday.. but cause not in a very good condition so I never get it.

If YSS have got spree, u must tell me k? hehehe
i manged to get the ooh lala and the x'mas papers but i missed out on the entire abbey road series *bang head* and now i regret.. i shopped hastily yesterday which i should not... now, no more suitcase laio... sadz
i am willing to let go of my hamply's bb ger clear stickers if you want it, cos i realise i dunnid it anymore. if you want, pm me. will sell u at the same price with the 40% discount fm mwl... via HP surfing..
but abit tough cos connection bad..and I was like getting more things into my basket while waiting for the msg to get thru !!lol..

so cfm I got 3 for u...the other OOS...will post u ? email me yr add ?

Dorcas, Ming, Mamachan - nice meeting u there
MamaChan Don't spend too much ! Hahaha...
Bai What other boyish pp did you get ?

I used the smaller owl stickers today on a new LO! A&A if you see the long owl+birds stickers on YSS, SMS me ! THANKS! No spree, I'll ask my friend who is on their DT to get for me. I have never been able to get that sticker sheet!

By the way, CL & Ann I met Teacher Regina today and directed her to this thread! The copic-marker cards are really gorgeous in real life ! The glaze is a nice touch!
I finished the ribbon dispenser..
It's actually smaller and easier to fixed up than I thought. It can't keep all the ribbons I have, and I don't have a lot.


A&A - thats a nice storage for yr ribbons,u bought or DIY ?? I was packing the ribbons u pass me yday, must tink of a way to store it properly..

Michl - that abbey stomp chipboards, today replace alot (or i didnt see them yday?? ^o^) dream streets pps (owls/trees) 4 chipboards sets edgy albums, pens etc LOL

I would like to join ur club. I'm new in scrapbooking. 请多多指教。
Do anyone of you come across of Quickutz product for scrapbooking?
welcome welcome.

About Quickutz, some here owns squeeze, revolution or other brands die cut machine too.

What do you need to know ? We can share information with you
Baimom: It's a crafts kit from Kaiser.
Comes in raw wooden pieces which I painted, added pps, and fixed up. Very easy lah. You have so many ribbons, I think you'll need like at least 3 of these. lol..

Erna: Surprisingly, before I place my ribbons in this box, I didn't know I have so many ribbons. But this box is visually bigger than it actually is. So don't be deceived by it.

Jojo: Welcome. By the way, I'm Baby Girl.