SMH Scrapbooking Club !!!!

this wallet holds 24. The 36 one she says discontinued liao. We have discount of 15% from the distributor because we bought in bulk together so $5 each.

ha ha maybe JDA dun have because my colleague who frequent JDA now says dun have
Angie....did you get the brush? Let me go try the class then decide if I should get the brush.

Told you to get the wallet and all buy!!! Since they have something to keep everything in order and not too expensive, get it.

I saw in US site, the wallet is like US12 then copic is US5-6 per pc!!!

Adeline....if really keen, can tag along Angie's order. I supposed is ok for Angie.
CL has reserved some copic markers colour that were OOS, so if you want can get together to enjoy the 15% discount.
Yes, Adeline
Ha ha the auntie can recognise me liao. If you want just tag along with us. You can pm me or send a note for me via face book. But please dun tell your husband that I helping you ha ha later he ham tamp me. Ha ha you should tell him his classmate is one of the partner of MWL. Ask him to get more discount for you ha ha.Me cannot ask because ha ha I only schoolmate.

I got the brush. Let you try tomorrow. If want I can get for you too. About the wallet, ha ha the auntie cannot help laughing at me when I start calling all of you to check if you want to buy. Imagine yday me and Jchew still say dunno want to buy but aiyo below $10 how to resist
CL! Are u serious??? Who's the partner who is his classmate? My goodness, I will faint if he can remember! I will PM u...facebook here is not working, its banned after the Xinjiang Riots...
you dun accept pm. I wanted to pm you. You pm you I will reply an give you the link to MWL with her face then ha ha see your hb can remember bo. Did you ask him about me ? ha ha my face totally different from school days. Double in size ha ha
Ann...i think the brush is a good deal leh...i tried using normal paint brush dipped into water but not so convenient, gotta prepare water and dip, dry a bit and dab a bit. Once the kids come near me, water spills and is all over the laptop. If the tip is good, its very good for blending!

CL, I also want the brush if have...
Adeline, after reading your posting, now I'm considering to buy the brush!!!

Faint, just for this colouring class, I already spend more than $150! hahaha... this will be the end of my Aug shopping. Imagine Aug haven't arrived but I have to stop shopping liao. whahahahaha........
Adeline ,
You not responding to my yahoo and email. Quick reply me I sneaking out to go buy in 10 mins

You want to brush. Annissa wants now
Here's my LO for MWL DT call.. didn't make it though =( but I really 输的心服口服 man!



CL, I also want the brush! This's the brush which we can put water in and use to blend colors right? Can use with watercolor crayons? How much huh?
I am new to scrapbooking.. so far, only scrap a few LOs. Decided to do one shadow box for my friend's birthday. Any comments on how I can improve on it?

yes you are right. Medium tip is $6.90 and broad tip is $7.90. I clear the shelf today for medium tip. If you want I need to ask them to call me when the stock arrives.

it looks good already. Personally I feel there should be a focal photo you want it to stand out. can use hambly overlay or frame to bring out that particular pix
Hi all
I am helping my friend to sell her QuicKuts die cut fonts - Banana Split. Usual price SGD 99.90. She's selling at SGD 60. Used twice only. Anybody interested?
I just found my very very first scrapbook (if you call that one)... Now i am wondering what to do with it... Its one of those ahesive albums where hb and i pasted all the photos that we took during our pa tor days, movie tickets, recipts of our makan sessions as well as the cards that we sent each other when he was studying in austrialia...Now the album is all yellowish... i dunno what to do with it coz i scared if i take out the items inside they may spoil... How huh? any suggestions?
Thanks for your encouraging words =)

Decided to take time off from doing other stuff and have a ME night last night, doing LO for myself alone.. have been pretty occupied with the fundraising orders on other times. So managed to come up with MR13 submission using Pencil Lines Sketch 143. TFL!



That's sooo Sweet!!!

Sigh.. my Eldest boy already 7.. I'm thinking of using his baby photos to scrap and keep an album just for him.. but this sotong mummy has already forgotten a lot of "first milestones" details..
Steph, sometimes pictures tells alot of things too. Not necessary need to have long story in your LO.

Ming, really nice.
Oops... So many interests?? Sorry, Crystal was earlier and she replied to my email. So the punch is reserved for her until this evening ok? Thanks..

Mamachan: Yah, only have 1 extra and letting go of that one only. I love this punch!

Stephanie: What time will you be at MWL tom?

Amy: I'm eyeing another one too.. Waiting for sale..
Oh man I thought I was first

Actually I'm trying to ban myself from MWL liao.. hahah cause I spent too much already.. hahaha

If I get the punch, I thought easiest to meet u is at MWL mah...

U let me know by tomorrow k? If I can get the punch and u going to MWL then I will go there to meet u k?
Ming, your work are lovely! So sporting of you to try the DT call. You are all winners! Tell us what the tokens are, okay ? Your latest LO totally rocks!

KY, nice to see your LOs here! Great job in cracking MR#12...I see you are using your new stash... swirls&hamblys!

I gave up on MR#13!! Totally stumped by the journaling requirement plus I have been staying up late reading Harry Potter and no more brain juice left.

Me no suitcase...wonder what new arrivals will be at MWL tomorrow. I am scared scared again.....hahahah...
MichL: You're reading the final HP book? I've read all the books. But you know, when I went to watch the Half-Blood Prince, I've totally forgotten abt the story line. And I've forgotten how the story ends altho I've read the last book too. :p I'm so forgetful these days.. :p

Ming: You're not going?
Hi ladies

I've always wanted to start with scrapbooking and other craft work... so I bought myself a rubber stamp maker a few months ago. Unfortunately I overestimated myself and have not really gotten round to doing anything.

Anyway, it is with much regret that I have to let go of my brand new rubber stamp maker for craft enthusiasts. I put up a post in the Marketplace section if you're interested:

I hope to be able to embark on the hobby one day, and then I will buy another rubber stamp kit.

Do let me know if you're keen to take over this kit. You can reach me at [email protected]

I like your layout very very much. Lovely.

good take for MR#12 too. nice nice.

Me , Jchew and Annissa attended a card making class yday. Really fun.

Ming, Dorcas
Ha ha we got 4 cards from teacher Regina to sell too. Very Very nice Must sell high high price. Me and Annissa no time to do cards but ha ha we will combine to contribute the 2 cards each we have done in class.
Check out Annissa and my contribution for the charity drive. And hee hee we are all very happy with our Copic Marker investment. Very Very happy.


Next is Teacher Regina's contribution to our Charity Drive.


Wow juz check out MR blog. All the submission are lovely

Ming Congrats to being the DT for MR

Hmm how come my submission for MR 13 not in ?
A&A, aimini
going mwl today? passed your purchase from my lelong to Annissa so in case you not going then she need not lug all the way there.

Please update asap.

I need to fetch my gal from school today hence I might be very late to reach MWL or cannot go at all depends on my errands in the morning are completed or not.

My arms are aching from preparing popiah ingredients. Very very xiong to do on my own

Chicken Little,
The cards are soooooooo NICE!!!! Teacher regina taught you all how to colour with the copic markers? How much is it to engage her to teach you all? I also have some copic markers at home, not mine lah, my hb's he use for his work one... Thought maybe i can learn to use also...