SMH Scrapbooking Club !!!!

A&A......your paper is with me, BUT I'll be out tonight till late. SL 4pc.

Erna....did you share your suitcase with anyone? Cause I've "referred" a few persons to look for you since you are checking out. I wont check out so soon as I juz arrived and eating my lunch.

Steph....when I reached, Marcus also did that announcement "hi Annissa, Annissa is here!!!" I was like shhhhh, I want a silenece entrance and exit!!!

You need to pay me $12.50 + $8 Stazon Azure + $3 OTC metallic ink pad + $3 Plaid Multi ink pad = S$26.50.

3rd time in a row, I'm settling EVERYTHING by cash!!!! really nothing much to buy liao!!!

Hahah Annissa, I can imagine, cause I was looking at the chipboards at the entrance and walked in and Marcus went "Stephanie! Hello! Your Kakis all inside"... hahah

I was like @@.... "Thanks.. Yeh I thought I saw Annissa just now" lol
steph - i missed you. I bgt the cutterpede too! All thanks to Annissa who so kindly gave up hers. It was really fun meeting some new faces

Aiyo, i have been buying so much! and not producing a single layout. tsk tsk.... bad.
annissa: yes yes i shared my suitcase with hippybabe and anna.. is there anyone else wants to share suitcase?? *oops* i left before 1 leh...
Erna....oh ok, good to share if your basket is not full yet. kekekek

Hippy.....dont mentioned, I've reserved it early this week and is for my friend not me. I already have 2 trimmers at home which I've loan her my cutterpeded since I'm not using it for the time being.
ha ha marcus is quite a nice guy. Once I went on a weekday with my gal, he kept my gal entertained while I shopped. ha ha but it has been a long while since i go.

Next thur I on leave so high chance I can make it
Hey... I am there just now... hee...
I am in white too but NOT preggie... although I looked like preggie... oops...
erh... I also dun know who is who leh. Only know Ming, Dorcas, Annissa, Huajing... oh and new friend pax... who else har? It was fun!

Din expect to spend so much... sigh...
but I am glad that I bot my zutter corner rounder and wire cutter... hee...
I totally forgot that I wanted to stock up the zutter rings!!! sigh....
Ladies, I bought the below: American Crafts Embossing Powder from Flowers to Flourishes sale earlier. The colors include Thistle, Glacier, Vanilla, Fern, Brownie and Navy.

Want to split the bottles when they arrive, half of each bottle. I've bought them at USD14.99, not including shipping within US and to SG, letting go all 6 half bottle at SGD14. Each bottle sells S$12.90 at MWL, so this is a VERY good deal if you are into embossing. Pls let me know if interested.

Oh who was the lady with Dorcas earlier har? hehehe

That before I left, I asked her to help me tell Annissa that I chao first cause was in a hurry.. heheh
aiya dont bother who is who, next time sure gt chance to meet again.

Ming / u need me to spilt for u? BUT me no bottles. Last time I share is because I've my own way of storage, therefore, no need the orignal bottle.
hihi.. i havent scrapped for a while and feels so out of touch.. and also feels out of touch with you ladies cos i didn't join in the shopping fun. ha!
hihi-so much to catch up here after mia 4 abt 2 weeks.

Autum-like u,feel so out of touch.

Erm,wats a trimmer and how it looks like?cost? I dnt hv tools, only use scissor and normal cutter for my LOs.
A&A - realised your layout is getting messier n messier, ub a gd way of cos! Impressed by your progession which is in leaps and bound!
Baimom: Yo! You're back! Am looking fro you to collect your loot from me..

Hippybabe: You make me paiseh leh..
Erm.. I think it's because as I have more and more stash, I make a conscious effort to use as much of it as possible on my LOs, so that I can still spree at the same time.. lol..
But it makes sense right?
yeh a&a, let me setle dwn to routine first, 2weeks and momentum all gone. Wil colect loot fm u asap! Saw yr cards,simple and sweety.

Annisa,i hv loot w u oso,wil arange as well,sory for delay.
Ok here is my simple take for MR12. Journal on a mini note pad hidden in pocket near title.

Finally I scrap on my Hong Kong trip in Nov 07 ha ha .

Disney H.K. Memories Nov '07



correcto. should do that. Not like me ha ha keep thinking use for next one. Then now all go into lelong. More sim tia
BAI....passed the Glossy Accents to Angie liao, pay my S$7.50 when you've settled down.

<font color="ff0000">YSS</font>, pending for 1 more box then can distribute, will advise later.
CL - Noted, keep for you.
Ann - Great if you can help us split.. erm.. but I am not sure how to store. Small ziploc bags? Or those small chili sauce kind of container?
Ming / Angie.....I need to go buy the screw-top bottles for you, think those lelong shop got sell like 5pc for $2.50 or so. Share the cost among you 2. I'll spilt the bill for you. Ok?

Anyone needs AC Zing GOLD, SILVER or Opaque RED embossing powder??? I'm letting go half-bottle at retail less 40%.

Where can I download FREE chinese character font?
Re: Scarlet Lime Subscription
I need 3 more people to form up a sub group, as some of the original pp from my sub group are no longer continuing.. Anyone??

1) Ming
2) Hua_jing

T&amp;C, the sub will start from Sep 2009 (ie. the first kit you will receive is Sep 2009). Pls commit to a 6 month period (ie. Feb 2010 is the last kit), if you wish to stop subscribing before then, you will need to find someone to take your place. Each month kit is USD31.95+USD7.79 shipping to SG, works out to about S$58-62 depending on the exact exchange rate then.

I need replies by 30th July latest, if cannot hit 5 people by then, I will not go ahead.

Thanks ladies. Now I've left with half bottle of RANGER Rainbow Sparkle to go.

CL...What I gave you is the original bottle which the lelong shop have similar or you have spare?

Where sell bedroom hat? I wanna get for my girl to wear when she sleep then her hair will not get into her face when she turns.
Ehh... everytime I come in, sure late one. As I read thru, I say ok, I want red, then saw someone reserve, then I say maybe gold and silver, then again got reserve. When I finally read left with rainbow sparkle, my eyes also sparkle, then see the last message, my face becomes
hahaha... comes to think of it very funny. Ok lah, save money also, cause till now, I still haven't done any embossing cause I scared my children come and "ga jiao" me.
JChew - early bird catches the worms, true hor
Luckily I have not started with embossing, actually thinking of buying and keep first, sure to use later. But also too slow.
Eh.. hahaha Yeh.. I coloured my hair twice in fact..

1st time for a Survey which was very very early in my pregnancy... I didn't know I was pregnant at all at that time..

Then when I was about 5-6 months preg, I coloured my hair red.. but the stylist was very careful and did not colour near the scalp.
Stephanie: For my #1, same as you, I rebonded before I knew I was preggie. And for #2, I'm sure I colored my hair as well.. Want to go now but my friend said the chemicals are not good for the foetus..
Think I'll wait until the 2nd trimester bhah..