SMH Scrapbooking Club !!!!

hippy: thanks a loooooot for offering to collect my stuff first.. kekekek..

michl, ming: i'll be there at 12:20 - 12:40.. hopefully can meet u gals there!

a&a: yes yes anna just informed me that she got the card liao.. thanksss.. and actually i'll be meeting her at mwl tomorrow during lunch time too ekekekekk... anyone who wanna tompang the suitcase can.. but i need to leave around 12:40... :D

i super kiasu.. i just came back from mwl to reserve some stuff.. so tomorrow can "concentrate" on the new arrival.. lol..
erna, no problem at all
I will just blur blur take whatever people pass me :p
taztaz, what I meant was I don't have the luggage stamp and not sure who will be there that will have.

SL August main kit sneak looks cool - very boy!
wah... so happening...
Me on mc these 2 days. Throat infection. Can't really talk now.
Hmm... maybe i shld join you all today in MWL during lunch time... haa... I was at ps last friday but simply refused to go MWL coz i dun have any briefcase... hee...

So who is going MWL today lunch time har?
Will be great to meet up you girls...
a lot of effort there! great cards!

ming, AA
i'm having problems putting SB kit together based on girl design! cham.. i may need to borrow a nice butterfly stamp.
Jchew, nice cards!!

Me me! And Dorcas, Annissa, Hippy, Erna.. thats all I can remember for the "gathering" tmr.

Dun worry about it.. hey.. dun stress
I will look thru my stamps, should have some butterfly in there somewhere. How to pass you? can you FORGET me!!!! Packed for you, return to me when done. ALL new, havent use!!! See u.

Sorry, hasnt really follow this thread. What SB kit you are doing?
I will be there. A gf is picking me up around 11ish, so i should be there around 11.30/12pm

other 2" stamps can or not arh? I don have buttlerfly so small.
Thanks thanks. Me and my sis very funny. She said my cards are nice, while I prefer her cards cause I find my cards not like cards. :p

So sad today still cannot join you all. May go tonight with my friend.
Pax: Don't fret. See what the girls pass you later. I have some too. Can pass to you.

MichL: Me not going to MWL later. Saw lots of yummy papers, but I'm not supposed to buy more pps leh.

Dorcas: I can just imagine you loading up your basket with teh SL papers! Kekeke..
well, same thing as last week. hahaha
but this time round, i not getting much for myself, since the SL papers are old. WIll get some for my aunt. hahahaha
Dorcas: Thanks for the reminder for the MR challenge. I've printed the photos, but was too caught up with the preparation of the DIY cards.. Will want to complete my LO for the challenge, and got to put to good use the overlays you've passed me..
no problem

For the rest who submitted to me already. Pls give me awhile. will load them up as soon as my blogspot stoped giving me problem
MichL: Yeah, agree the aug SL kit is very boy.
I find that's quite a change to her normal style, which is good I guess.

Dorcas: Your aunty must love and appreciate your help so much.
Are there SB supplies available in SH?
thank you ladies! i did manage to come up w smthg vv vv late last nite. now zombie. somemore, mr pax reminded me that i was supposed to do a bday card for his client's son. slept only at 4am! see ya gals at MWL later!
Jchew - your sis and your cards looks nice, can advise what size did you use? Think i need to buy the trimmer first, tried cutting but all slanted. Cannot do anything out of it.
CL - colouring not bad already. We shall meet on Monday then, arrange again.

See you gals later at mwl, will be there around 12.30pm.
A&A, nice LO!

Aimini, the first set of cards are 4x6". The 2-4 sets of cards are 4x4". The last set is from my friend which are a mixture.

The trimmer is definitely a must for scrappers. Very very useful one.
Me back, brought the trimmer and D-ring album.
Thanks JChew

Annissa - Thanks for the stamp for the suitcase. Met so many of you from this forum, a fruitful trip today :)
A&A - wow, cute LO, so got someone to help you buy stuff eventhough you are not there, next week is the last week for the suitcase sale, will you be there?
Aimini: Kekeke... Yah, couldn't resist last min.. So got Pax to help me..
I hope to go down next week.. See first.. But I really don't have much to buy leh.. Hmm..
A&A: nice LO... hmmm not much to buy but will still buy hor? hahahaa..

i bought mostly papers.. ekekekek from sassafras, october afternoon, and 3 bugs in a rug..
Erna: I also got pps from SL.. Couldn't resist.. Ha! Enough for me liao.. See, I used up only 2.5 pieces of pps for my LO above, yet I bot 5 pcs of pps.. *sigh*
A&A - I got too many pps so I just see only, good that i managed not to buy any pps. I also brought the stamp with a bird - what dorcas did for her cards, so nice cannot resist.
Erna - we have been there every thursday, but today met most of ppl. Maybe just go there and meet and chit-chat lor ;>)
Aimini: The basic grey mini bird tweet stamp? How much did you pay?

Erna: That's a diecut pp from MME Penny Lane, Maggie May Hattie Marie..
Wah, such a long name..
Hi!!! Just got back.. Hehehe met quite a few folks there even though I was quite late.. I saw Dorcas with baby (Kudos!), Annissa, Ming, erm two other ladies which I can't put the name to...
Sorry ah.. please pardon me... Before being preg already sotong, after preg even worse.. hahaha

Well, if it was you that I saw just now, can let me know your names again.. heheh *Paiseh*

I got my PINK Cutterpede!!! Hahahah can't wait to get home and blog about my recent purchase.. hahah

Got really really cute Sassafrass Chipboard, my Honey Bee Scissors which I always wanted but cannot bear to buy.. hahah bought STICKLES (can't stop using it since Annissa recommended the last time), PP from Sassafrass and other labels and some misc items...

Oh man... got to stop buying like this.. hahah

KY got the items you want, will drop you an email on the pictures just to make sure that I got the right items
A&A : BG Clear Stamp actual $8.95 after less $5.37.
Stephanie - I saw you too, same as you, in white. me too, got to stop buying like that ... only for this month, next month, take a break
yes, its me, i dun know its you at first, its Marcus who greeted when you stepped in, I was paying at the counter at that time. Nice meeting you

Hehehe Yeh Yeh... Nice Meeting you... hehe I remember faces better than names.. Paiseh..

Marcus very good.. can still remember my name... No wonder many ppl say he is very friendly and cute.. hahah