SMH Scrapbooking Club !!!!

Steph - if you calling to reserve the trimmer, can help me reserve one set? Esle u let me know, i can call and reserve for us too

Ming - i can pick up from u and pass to Erna if she ok to mit me at Toa Payoh Hub...both of us work in TPY

Hi hippybaby, I actually called just now to reserve liao.. hehehe

But hor, now I thinking if I should order from If its cheaper cause I can get the other blades as well

Anyone can advise?
Stephanie: If you can wait, you shd wait for 40% discount off tools on Then I'm sure it shd be cheaper than getting locally..
I'm also waiting for the next time the tools and punches go on 40% discount.. Am eyeing another border punch..
i'm still working w craft knife and green mat. maybe shld invest in cutter / trimmer. i shld wait for joann 40%
stephanie: i don't know leh.. that's why i say u can wait if you're not in a hurry.. they used to have it quite often a fwe months back.. but recently, don't have leh..
hippy babe: u'll go to mwl this thurs lunch to meet ming? me too! but not sure whether she'll be there before i left or not... if i happen to leave earlier before she reach, can i ask her to pass to u? kekekekek.. and i also got some small stuff from annissa... can i ask her to pass to u too if u dun mind? thankssss...
A&A: oh no wonder i was thinking.. how come the cutterpede in joann now so ex.. i thought last time when i bought it from joann it was quite cheap... kekekekek.. apparently i got it at 40% off arh.. no wonder so cheap =p
I go by a simple rule when deciding to get locally or oversea, if saving is just S$5, I'll go locally since I can get it immediately. Oversea, I need to see a saving of S$10, the work involved in placing order, monitor shipment, pay shipment, arrive at my place is far more than S$10. I'll opt oversea when I know I cannot get locally.

That is how I managed to accumulate so many suitcases recently because I need to "re-place" all my tools. EK Honey Bee is US8.99, S$29.90 less 30%, get locally. I'll take the exchange at 2x to cater to exchange and shipping. many do you need? I can spare u 2-3pc since I just stock up. Price is similar to Popular less discount.
I hate this loh... hahah Cause I need to get the items by September... So like MWL is a better choice now since only left like 1 month plus... but hor, scarly I buy at MWL this week and I see Joann got 40% I will bang wall... hahaha
Erna: Wah! That's a very strong advocate for the cutterpede.. Ok, when they go on 40% sale, I will get one too.. My trimmer is serving me well now, but I can always stand-by another one.. Kekeke..
Hi ladies, I did this for the fund raising. But I'm leaving it to Ming to see if it's suitable to put this up as well.




how come cannot see our cards.

Me working at cityhall besides bras basah complex and staying at CCK. That day i drive past your place then I realise I should have bring out for you. old liao memory oso bad
CL, must be patient. Cause I resize, then edit, then resize. Always exceed the 50kb. hahaha...

I will post pictures of the cards tonight if I have time.
hahaha... thank you hor. Actually, I think long time ago, someone provided this link as a gift idea. Don't know is it Annissa already. Then it suddenly pop up my mind and decide to do it for the fund raising. Takes about half an hr or so to complete one. Very fast. Faster than designing a card (for me lah). :p
Nice work JChew !

I want a Fiksar border punch too. If joann 40% off tools, give a shout here. Thanks!

What time apprx you be at MWL on Thursday? If can meet, I have some stuff to pass to you.

TSL is history already. Online forum but closed down.
MichL.....I should thank you for your purchase, glad that you like the little freebie I gave.

Hippy....thanks, see you on Thur.

Those who have purchased from Label Tulip, should received your stamps soon, I got mine yesterday. sad that TSL is gone...I met so many of u ladies there. I wonder how we can revive it or set up something similar, how can Singapore not have her own proper scrapper's forum?
kekekeke, 7.50 off, reach home by 8.10. I drove pretty safely, nothing beyond 120km.

I've no access to web-mail in office, therefore reach home straight away check mail then do other things.
I shld be there from 1230 till 145pm? Anyone who fails to meet Erna and has things for her can just pass to me

Steph - think i will wait with A&A for 40% at joann then... afterall, i survived 3 years already... what is with another few mths? hahhaaa
Oh man... I can't meet u girls again. Cause my conf call till 2:30pm.. so think after that I will have quick lunch then go MWL and buy my cutterpede.. hehehe Super Broke this month liao... but just can't resist.. hahah

When I went to MWL last Thurs to settle my bill, I was telling my colleagues that the papers are calling me man.. hahaha
Ming, 1.45pm tomorrow ? Can I meet you to join your suitcase ? I have some stuff for Erna, can pass to hippy too ?

A&A, you coming ? :p
Ok, I'll give a shout here when there is 40% sale.

MichL: Hahaha!!! I'll check to see what are the new arrivals tom first.. If tempted, I'll go down.
But if the weather tom is like now, then forget it, I'd rather stay indoors.. Kekeke..
Wow, so happy, tommorrow can meet so many of you, must introduce each other then. Think tomorrow about 50% of the crowd is from here.
Ya, agree with Aimini. coz finally can know each other liao!

Me too be there probably around 12.30 - 1++.
can tag along 40% with those who have stamps? ;p
I am going too tomorrow. Shall I bring your ribbon dispensar ?

Then I should be there around 12.10 - 12.45 then I will run scare later stuck there eyes and hands uncontrollable
Looking for Crystal ... anyone has her mobile?

MWL ... enjoy yourselves. So 'heng' I got burdens so no way I can go and get tempted there ... I'll just tonpang my purchases :->

CL: I'm not sure if I'm going yet. Want to see what are the new arrivals first. So don't bring first, scared you got to lug it back. I'll email you tom if I'm going ok?