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Singapore/Malaysian moms in Korea

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by mylife, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. mylife

    mylife New Member

    Hello there

    I have a good friend who will be relocating over to Seoul in end feb next year. She tried googling some expat support group in Korea but to no avail. She heard how difficult it'll be for a non-Korean speaking person to live in Korea so she's a little nervous right now. Does anyone know of any Sg/My community there that she can join? Hope someone can help


  2. ai_sakura

    ai_sakura Member

    Don't know of any but we came back from a recent trip to Seoul. Can view our trip details here:


    It is a little difficult for non-Korean speakers, but my Korean friends say most young people, esp those from Uni, shld be able to speak English. Plus there are Chinese migrants there too so if she can speak Mandarin, can kind of get by too [​IMG]

    Ai @ http://www.sakuraharuka.com
  3. gracezone

    gracezone Member

    hi, I just PMed you
  4. ai_sakura

    ai_sakura Member

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