Should I go for No. 3?


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Hi mummies

I am wondering if I should go for No. 3. I had always wanted a No. 3. But with everything going up, I am wondering if financially we can make it.

What about you all? You all do lots of planning before giving birth?


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Wow U really a wonderful mommy..... I only got one and already stop thinking about having no 2 liao.....

No energy and then money no enough hahahah!

Cuz huh, if have 2 child then all money spent on them le no money for old age then gotta stress them for pocket money....

Then have one, not living in luxury but at least can go yrly holiday, more relaxed mode, no need budgeting...

When go sch, the tution n sch fees etc sure can be a lot.....

But everyone have different thoughts ba, if u and ur hubby happy, wants to have more children, no one can stop u =)


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Initially we wanted 3... But now hubby said stop at 2 as scare that financially we cannot cope...

Don know lei... I still would like to have a No. 3... Now my two are age 5 and 3... So if want another one, thinking that it would be better to have it soon, as I scare the age gap will be too big.

Well, see how it goes...


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Hi there,

I aso tinking of having #3 and me n my hubby are planning for it. No doubt we will have tight financial budget in future, but tinking of having another baby seems 2 overcome it..
well.. will see how it goes..
Ruthhan.. do let me noe if you hv decided and pregnant wif #3..tink tat will give me modivation as well..


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Hi preciousMom

Will let you know if I get pregnant.
Well, its true... If there's another baby coming, everything will overcome...

By the way, how old are your kids? Mine are 5 and 3...


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I have 3 kids and i never tot i wld i say this, but having 3 kids are fun! It is definitely tiring and i always wondered why i got myself into this initially. But with the 3 kids growing up now, i really have no regrets.
I am a FTWM with no maid, my kids are 6, 4 and 20mths. I have to admit, the initial period was really tough, breastfeeding, pumping, housework, and 2 pesty, perpertually fighting kids. Now that the youngest is older, she is able to play with the jie jie. There is definitely some form of unfairness. The younger sisters wear mostly hand-me-downs, and they attend less of these baby gyms and what not music classes. But me and hubby see not need for this since they are already well stimulated at home (by their own silblings and child / infant care). So the amt we spend did not rise by 3 times. The sisters grew up together with the 6 yr old big jie jie taking good care of the 2 younger ones. We need not organise play groups, a ball and 3 kids at the void deck was already lots of fun for them. They are not lacking in interaction with other kids since they attend childcare.
Just to share a little story the other day. Dad the disiplinarian was scolding the youngest, S.

Dad: S, are you going to answer me, yes?
S refused to reply and kept mum.
Oldest, A quickly came over and gave dad a massage on the shoulder.
Middle, C and A started cajoling S.
C & A: S, say, "yes". Quick just say "yes"
Dad trying very hard not to laugh.


i very much want a no3 as well, but i worry no one can help to look after my no3 coz my mum has other young grandchildren to look after. plus, kinda of silly of me, but wen i tink i have to squeeze the train, my heart sink to want to take the mrt when i am pregnant... i have no car as well, so having 3 kids might be a chalenge to bring them out... i have endometrosis as well..i ever tried but no gd news...

juz wondering whether u have a car as well? coz all these all up to financial constraint


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Hi B2B3M4

You really encourage me. I am also a FTWM with no maid.

Hi mybabydream

I dont hv car either... And I just changed job... My co is quite far from my place. Abt 1.5hr journey time. But if no3 is coming, I don't think it will be a problem.

Well, I am waiting to see if my period will come this weekend. If it doesn't then it will be dream comes true... Heehee...

Cos recently feeling dizzy, not sure weather or ...


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Yep! We do have a car, but hb is the one who drives it. I take public transport to work while hb sends the kids to the centres. I either do my grocery shopping on weekends or after work. Dinner is either simple 1 pot dish or sometimes buy some cooked food (eg. sushi) and cook some simple porridge or noodles to add. Cannot buy all outside food, too expensive.
I am very stingy on clothes, makeup and toys. I buy the barest essentials for everyone in the family. I buy branded bags once a year to keep my sanity. However, i splurge on my kids' education and outside lessons (e.g music & gym). We hardly go on holidays, and now with the kids older, we check in local hotels on promotions to give them a little taste of holidays. Otherwise, most of the times we bring the kids to MArina barage, children's garden, parks and beaches that do not involve lots of $$$ and they love them. ANd when out, we pack food so we do not need to spend too much on those snacks and drinks.


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i wanna #3 oso but TTCg wif no result, mb too old for being preggy liao. Imagine a preggy kolic 10yrs younger than me sitting next to me (if i would be having #3), will be so embarassing, like 老蚌生珠。。。 sad.


Hi mybabydream,

You 'look' familiar..i think we used to talk on the endo thread before we had any kids? Glad to know you've gone on to have 2. Same here, I have 2 also - 1 & 3 year olds! How old are your kids?

Hi all,

I am also trying for #3. I am very sure I want 3 kids! It's not easy but I guess I am blessed with help from my mom and a maid, plsu support from my hubby (he's not complaining about having to make another baby ;-)

For those contemplating #3, this what I have to say. I've not met any elderly couple with grown up children who say they regretted having their kids. But I've met quite a few, including my own parents, who regret not having more!!

So jia you to all of u ttc'g #3!!


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There are 2 extremes.

As a mother of 3, i hardly have time to dress up. So I'm usually in my glasses, shorts and T-shirt with my 3 kids in the neighbourhood malls. There will always be these bo liao people who will stare and stare, thinking i am some underage, uneducated girl who do not practice family planning and now stuck with 3 kids! So, dun bother abt others, u have kids, dun have kids, people also gossip. Then there are those who make so much noise at work. Some can even say maybe i should switch to part time since i am away half the time (4 months maternity).

I have grown to be super thick skinned. No choice, imagine out with 3 kids, one want to play on the rides, one refuse to give in, one want to go the other way. I dun care, i just left the one who refuse to obey instruction behind. They make a scene ONCE, but they learn and never do it again.


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I suppose the average muumies here are at most in their early 30s. People will laugh at my age for being preggy plus so many pressures like who looks after, health issue, bb health etc...

there are so many things to consider in order to re-start the factory.


i din realise there were replies here. by the time i read it, it is a yr later. wondering how are the mummies in this thread?

i am finally expecting my no3, to my surprise coz i had given up trying. it will be challenging for me. now i am upset that my mil keeps givng excuses about not wanting to look after my bb. i scare she will fly aeroplane one day. then who can help me? always thought families should help one another but not in my case. i need to work coz i have a new flat in few yrs time. i dun feel safe my bb is looked after by maid or nannny. n it will not be easy to find a nanny who stays near my house... what should i do? quit my job and b financially tied down? by right, having a kid shold be a happy occasion but turn out this bb is not loved by family members...

so are u pregnant?

sorry, my reply came one yr later, hope u would read it anyway. yes i was once active in the endo thread, i have bad memory but i think we muz have interacted b4. :p my kids are 5 and 3. glad to noe u have kids too.