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Shimono OHM Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner V-1013-D

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by oktochannel, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. oktochannel

    oktochannel Member

    hi mummies,

    Want to share my experience with the above product.

    I believe many of you have seen this product selling in malls.

    It looks good during demo. But the material quality sucks. Its made in China. Material used is not as good as those you see selling in department store.

    We bought 1 unit. When wanted to remove the dust container (plastic), it accidentally slip from my hand and drop on the floor. And to my shock, it cracked!

    There are a few things specifically mentioned that is not under warranty which I now understand why because it breaks easily.

    So sad. Paid $138 for an expensive lesson.

    Hope my sharing helps

    Last edited: Sep 19, 2013

  2. Mary001

    Mary001 New Member


    Glad you've shared your experience and I totally agree with you that some vacuum cleaners in the market are more of just promises, just to share with you I came across this water-based all purpose cleaner and the sales person showed me how it works and I was shocked with all those disgusting dirt and dustmites he got from my mattress and even cleaned almost everything inside my house and can be used as air purifier as well yet I'm still considering getting one and hope it will solve all my household problems. if you like to see the demo and free cleaning just like they did to my house you can drop me a message here cos they gave me complimentary free cleaning service for my friends and family and I can give one slot for you.

    I attached some photos for your reference.thanks a lot
    934630_531874716849676_366151166_n-1.jpg 971443_531874593516355_1438196895_n-1.jpg 934630_531874716849676_366151166_n-1.jpg 971443_531874593516355_1438196895_n-1.jpg 7293_531875490182932_15431901_n-1.jpg 998622_531875270182954_567309902_n-1.jpg 1001063_531875566849591_459097876_n-1.jpg
  3. WonderNwonder

    WonderNwonder Member

    Hi Mary001,
    I have bought a delphin vaccum machine and has used only twice. If you don't mind, i would like to sell this to you if you are interested. PM me or email to wonderNwonder@gmail.com
  4. Sun Cloud

    Sun Cloud New Member

    Hello mummies,
    Any recommendations on the wireless vacuum cleaner? Was looking at Shimono brand but seems like this is not a good choise.

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