Sharing on good Children books - English and Chinese


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Hi Davihann,

The only way i find is to read, read and read
Find some interesting book to entice them, it is ok if they want to be read the same story over and over again, then possibly you may be able to find there are certain books they like better

Try Shu xiao di series 1, very good for young children from 3 years up


hi Davihann,
You can also find Shu Xiao Di books at Maha Yuyi bookstore at Bras Basah Complex level 3. This bookstore carries a wide range of Chinese books for kids.


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Oh! thanks so much for the recommendations 3Ds! the book's illustrations are fantastic! I must get it. I think my son will love it too!

Hi tamarind, thank you so much for sharing in your blog! Now I feel inspired! hahaha! My son can read but only because I used flash cards to reinforce his reading. It's what they call sight reading so now i'm trying to find out how to teach phonics. How timely that you share! thanks again!


Hi ladies,
Thot of reviving this thread ley! I'm a late starter at teaching my kids to read (they are turning 4 and 1)... Would like some recommendations and help on establishing our home library...

So recommendations please! Any good books to buy from Amazon? or generally it's cheaper to buy locally?

Shall we post here of books sales coming up? I'm very slow in knowing these cos i don't subscribe newspapers...


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glad to find this forum...i started reading story books to my boy at a young age...and he can speaks and sings very well now.... but he will not take a book and read on his own..he will want me to read to him


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there's a 10% discount at the book depository plus free shipping until 11th dec.

click through this link to activate the discount code.

I have ordered from there many times - shipping is fast (ard 6-9 days) and is always free. prices are very often cheaper than local or even amazon.


glad i found this thread! been contemplating what kind of books is suitable for my 4.5 yrs old and 1 year old... been using the story book given by the kindergarten to encourage my 4.5 years to read...
Now i've a better idea what kind of books to get her interested in reading...
I'm lucky that my 3 year old loves to read (or rather being read to). It's something that I started her on at a very early age. Bedtime stories with Mummy, we usually do 3 books a night. She went through a phase where it was Meg and Mog books every night. Now, she likes a variety which we borrow from the library.

For those of you who want to refresh your collection of books at home and don't mind getting 2nd hand books, the NLB's Singapore Book Exhange is coming up. Drop off your second hand books at any public library before 15 Apr 2011 and get a voucher for each book you hand in. Then on 16 Apr 2011 at the National Library Building, exchange the vouchers for 2nd hand books.


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Beatrice: thanks for the suggestion! I totally agree we need to read to our children from young.

I'm so glad to find this discussion thread! It's great to have fellow mums and dads sharing their experiences.

I'm a book lover and really wish my 2 year old would be the same. Kids are exposed to IT at such a young age these days and I'm kinda guilty of that! My son would sometimes ask for my iPhone and iPad.
Anyone else has the problem?

But I'm very thankful that he will always drop the iPhone/iPad whenever I want to read a physical book to him. I love it when he sits on my lap while I read to him.

Interesting English books are so readily available but I've had problems finding good Chinese books! Many of them are stereotypical and dull in content or of low quality.

A friend bought my son Chinese books from a local bookstore called Flip for Joy 乐翻天 and he loved them! There are a few titles that he makes me read to him at least 3 times a day. Haha. I must say this bookstore has a fantastic selection and I'm so happy I found somewhere to get great Chinese books from. Mums and dads can check it out:


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I think most children are interested in comic story books. Monkey King Chinese,which I would like to share with you, is a series of elementary Chinese language primers for primary school children from the 1st year to the 3rd year in English-speaking countries.
Search it on amazon to buy it, and I bought from . The books are really great and my kid loves them very much.


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You can check out local online bookstore, Read With Me Mommy for children chinese storybooks. To each story book, there is an english description, so that parents who has lost touch with Chinese can easily understand the content of the books they are purchasing.

There are also 我会读 series, 桃树, as well as Wink To Learn DVDs for parents looking for chinese learning materials for their kids.

Read With Me Mommy
Hi p_moments ,
i ordered my books via a taobao agent named Peeka .
I am pretty satisfied with their services they have provided and the shipping u have paid for includes delivery to ur doorstep which brings alot of convenience to me !