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Services at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Novena

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Ellin, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Ellin

    Ellin Member

    Hi guys,

    Have any of you gave birth at Mt. E Novena? I'm currently seeing Dr Wendy Teo and decided to give birth at Mt. E Novena. But my friend told me Mt. E Novena services not good and expensive, my friend recommended me Dr Fong Yoke Fai from NUH and its cheaper.

    Can anyone advice?

  2. Mayochuu

    Mayochuu Active Member

    Hello :)

    I delivered my baby boy last year april in Mt. E Novena via Caesarian Section. And that I can say was the best decision I made. But also, that is a comparison to my friends who chose Thomson Medical etc.

    The team of nurses were very kind and helpful, like every single of them! And I was so lucky to meet my lactation consultant who aided me pass through the most difficult day of engorgement in the hospital, which I am still grateful till this day, after hearing more of horror stories of engorgement cases badly handled.

    The food was pretty good, I had my husband stayed with me thru out the 4 days and he says the food is not bad too. Housekeeping people very polite they dont barged in either in case you are feeding your baby and not properly dressed.

    So my personal experience with them was a good one from start to end. They were like a 5-star hotel! Lol~
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  3. Ellin

    Ellin Member

    Thanks Mayochuu! Make me feel that i've made the right choice.
  4. jassylicious

    jassylicious New Member

    Hi! My doctor was Dr Wendy Teo too and I delivered at Mt E Novena last Nov. You are in great hands! Agree with the mummy above on the great service by the maternity team
    Furthermore they have newly renovated the nursery in Nov so it will all be brand new.

    The food is very good, you could also customise your own menu :)

    The nurses are very helpful and friendly, they helped me a lot during my sleepless nights when I was engorged too. However I think they were a little short handed as there were only 2 night nurses over the weekend. But I have heard things have changed :)
  5. Hi Grace

    Hi Grace New Member

    Me too! I will be deliver there this June.
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  6. Ellin

    Ellin Member

    Yah, i also think that things may be diff now.
  7. steffdarling

    steffdarling New Member

    Hi jassylicious, could you share what is your total bill?
  8. Puipui@26

    Puipui@26 New Member


    I'm also with Dr Wendy Teo. However I still can't decide whether to go Mount E Novena or Mount A.
    I went for the maternity tour at Mount E Novena in Dec, more like a hotel to me.
  9. Ellin

    Ellin Member

    Mt. A is out for me due to some news I heard from my colleague who have given birth last Nov at there.
  10. Puipui@26

    Puipui@26 New Member

    Hi Ellin,

    Really so bad at Mount A? I also read some bad reviews online about Mount E Novena too.
  11. Ellin

    Ellin Member

    My colleague's baby died after a few days. Heard from her that there is a negligence of the baby when the baby is out from that very moment. The midwife just busy taking the weight, and length of body & head, but she did not notice the baby was wrong.

    So when she told me her story, I cried and swear Mt. A is definitely out of my list.
  12. Puipui@26

    Puipui@26 New Member

    That's very sad.
  13. WttThong

    WttThong New Member


    It's really sad to hear that. However, I have been to mt A many times to visit my Fren giving birth there. I have not heard any negative feedback.

    Currently I'm trying to conceive and looking at mt e novena or mt a too
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  14. Vinnie9117

    Vinnie9117 New Member

    Hi Ellin,

    So sad to hear about your colleague incident but i will like to give my 2cents worth of opinion as i do not understand the background of the story. If the baby became an angel after a few days of life, likelihood should not be due to the 5-10mins of measurements taken at birth. I might be wrong but as i mentioned, i do not understand the full story of what happen hence i shall not comment any further.

    Regarding to your enquiry about MNH or Mount A:

    My wife has just given birth to our precious girl in december 2016 with Dr Wendy Teo.

    Due to my girl's jaundice and suspected urine infection, she had to stay over at:
    1) Mount E Novena
    2) KKH
    3) Mount A
    At 1.5months of life.

    Being a typical Engineer (thirst for detailed information of our girl status when we are not with her) and in the customer service line for over 10 years. I will provide my personal feedback of the 3 locations and services rendered:
    1) Mount E Novena (Parents 4 nights stay, Baby 5 nights stay)
    a) Environment (As you said everything is like a hotel)
    b) Care for baby (Only a handful of nurse is good. We compliment one of the nurses as she took extra care and went the extra mile for my wife and our girl. On a separate note, there was once my baby girl came into the room with hoarse voice which i believe is due to excessive crying and they did not managed to comfort her or bring her to us. They will only bring her to us when it is nearing feeding time and will only push her back to the nursery during doctor visit or when we push her back)
    c) Medical (All explanation is at very high level detail, only on the third day then they said that my girl cant be discharged due to jaundice level. We stayed one more night but when home the next. Girl was discharged on the fifth day of life)
    d) Other Remarks (On our last day of stay at MNH, we decided to leave our carrier and a set of baby discharged cloths behind and upon discharged can wear nice nice home. One Chinese nurse, actually gave our cloths to another baby that is to be discharged that day. I guess it is the parents instinct which we decided to visit our girl at the nursery that we noticed of this mistake. Can you imagine what happen if we did not check and our girl will have lost her pretty discharged cloths and a tula carrier)

    2) KKH (Baby 3 nights stay)
    a) Environment (Run down but facilities is well equipped)
    b) Care for baby (Most nurses are very patience and handled babies very well)
    c) Medical (Explanation is detailed enough for my satisfaction)
    d) Other Remarks (Nurses are mostly new nurses but they sure do have a certain level of interest for the well being of the baby)

    3) Mount A (Parents and Baby 2 nights stay together)
    a) Environment (Facilities are good but food option are very limited)
    b) Care for baby (Most nurses are very patience and handled babies very well. I still remember a nurse by the name of GEM. She handles our baby very well)
    c) Medical (Explanation is detailed enough for my satisfaction)
    d) Other Remarks (Nurses are mostly attentive to the baby)

    MNH is more of comfort for the parent
    KKH is more of their expertise in dealing with baby care (Jaundice) [As quoted from my wife's cousin: They have seen more cases of jaundice than any other hospital]
    Mount A is more of the well being of the baby and slightly for the parents

    Now that I'm a parent, i rather forgo our own comfort for the best of our precious. But as Dr Wendy only delivers at MNH or Mount A. My next precious should be going to Mount A for wanting the best treatment for my baby.
  15. Vinnie9117

    Vinnie9117 New Member

    Oh ya if u want the delivery fee of DR wendy and our stay at MNH. you can pm me.. i can provide you with a breakdown to the best of my records. :)
  16. inah

    inah New Member

    I'm seeing Dr Wendy Teo too. I'm due in Aug. Am wondering about her delivery fees and bill for the hospital stay at Mount E Novena. Appreciate if you ladies could share.
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  17. Ellin

    Ellin Member

    I've PMed you!
  18. Ellin

    Ellin Member

    My EDD also Aug 2017!
  19. inah

    inah New Member

    Wow coincidence! I had gd experience with Dr Teo for my 1st pregnancy. So that's y I looked for her again this time. But bcoz she only delivers at Mount E or Mount A this time. So the cost would definitely be more.
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  20. Supermum321

    Supermum321 Member

    hi all, is there anyone can share their final bill in Mt E Novena?? I will deliver in Mt E also, but quite worry of the bill....lots ppl said very expensive?? Thanks.
  21. FangWen Foo

    FangWen Foo New Member

    Hi, im curious about the cost in Mount E Novena too as im see any doc who only delivers there too. will ve great if anyone can share.

    thanks! :)
  22. Mayochuu

    Mayochuu Active Member

    Quoting the dad in previous page.

    About baby returned with a coarse voice. I am pretty sure it happens in all hospital. Unless the ratio of nurses to baby is 1:1 it is much not possible that they can comfort a baby just whenever he/she needs. And baby crying, that is nature, some baby cries looking for comfort. So if you had left your baby in your room maybe he/she wouldn't cry that much to look for parents. My take as a full time caretaker for my son, my two cents worth.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2017
  23. michelin89

    michelin89 Member

    Agree with Mayochuu. This happens in practically all hospitals - private or restructured (govt). Speaking from a non-FTM with sibling who worked in such maternity hospitals b4.

    I been to KKH, Mt E Novena, Mt A & TMC. Delivered #1 in TMC, #2 in Mt E Novena. Miscarried in KKH. #2 was admitted to Mt A for jaundice at first week.
    If I'm conceiving #3, Mt E Novena will still be our number 1 choice for delivery. First hand experience for these 4 hospitals rather than hearsay from other ppl to make my choice.
    My main complaint for TMC is the lack of delivery room (hence the need to be housed in Observation Ward that is shared by many even though u taking single bedded) plus the lack of single room (many had to make do with double bedded & hub can't room in).
    For Mt A, only my baby stayed there b4 (for jaundice). Nothing major to talk abt except for the renovation (noisy) during her period of stay.
    For KKH, it's terrible horrible... I don't even want to think abt it. Staying away from their O&G dept.
    For MNH, it's indeed like a hotel experience. My hub said it's a v v pleasant staycation, he eat well, sleep well, bath well (Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries) & gain a bit of weight from that short stay. A happy hubby = happy wife.
    Only complaint is that certain team of nurses on duty were pretty slow & 1 of them lack patience. However, there r a few v good nurses ard. Many of the nurses in MNH r poached from TMC/Mt A/etc.

    Regarding bill size, it depends a lot of which gynae & PD u choose. The doctor fees make the main diff. Dr Wendy Teo charges higher than my gynae (whose clinic at MNH).
    I had natural with epi delivery last Sep in MNH.
    Total bill (mummy plus baby plus all the doctors fee) = 9k+
    Cash = 5.6k (after Medisave)
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  24. Eilingtan

    Eilingtan New Member

    yes have to agree! felt pampered! 5 star!!
  25. CHH_Mummy

    CHH_Mummy Active Member

    Hi mummies, just to share my experience of delivering my #1 at Mount A.

    The nurses were amazing, they were very attentive to my baby and I and they are also very patient. My baby had jaundice and stayed at Mount A. for a week and I noticed little things like: they change his diapers very often, they will pass him to me for feeding on time and at times when he didn't drink much from my breasts, they bottle fed him and will always inform me how much he drank. They will always check to make sure that he has his mittens and booties on so he didn't scratch himself - not even once.

    When I stand outside the baby ward, I can see that they will attend to babies who are crying very promptly and instead of just patting the baby, they will check if it's the diaper soiled, or hungry, etc.

    I was actually so thankful to the group of nurses who was in-charge of my baby's ward, my mom and I bought them food and gifts to thank them. I'll be happy to deliver at Mount A. again this time but to widen my options, I am also looking at Mount E. Novena. :)
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  26. CHH_Mummy

    CHH_Mummy Active Member

    So sorry to hear that... her pain must have been unimaginable. Did your colleague shared who the pediatrician/which pediatric clinic it was?
  27. Ellin

    Ellin Member

    I din asked her much as i dun wan to make her keep thinking on her lost.
  28. Kayalingam

    Kayalingam New Member

    hi everyone! i am also under Dr Wendy Teo delivering at Mt E Novena.
    may i know if anyone is kind enough to share with me the total delivery bills? thank you
  29. Sely_jap

    Sely_jap New Member

    Hi Michelin89, would you mind to share who your gynae was at Mount E Novena? I am currently with Wendy Teo and I feel her charges are quite high so I'm thinking to change to other gynae who can deliver at Mount E Novena. Thanks.
  30. michelin89

    michelin89 Member

    Mine is Dr Choo Wan Ling.
  31. neuyihs

    neuyihs New Member

    hello, do you mind messaging me privately on your final bill?
    i'm seeing dr wendy teo and planning to have my c section done in mt e novena too!

    thank you in advance!
  32. bebe12

    bebe12 New Member

    Hi michelin89.. I'm under dr Choo too.. am considering which Jospeh to go ... do u mind to share your bill.. I can have a ref .. thanks
  33. LadyM

    LadyM New Member

    I just got to i'm pregnant a few weeks ago and now on research for a good gynae. Heard lots of good reviews on Dr Wendy Teo and i'm thinking of setting an appointment with her.

    Heard her fees are quite on the high side. Do you mind sharing her rates plus an estimated of the "total bill" if delivery is done at Mount E Novena? Thanks!
  34. Ellin

    Ellin Member

    Hi, I have normal delivery w epidural at MNH. Below is the est amt I have spent.

    Dr Wendy delivery fee $3000 (exclude GST)

    I have spent total $11k (before medisave deduction) inclusive of delivery fee.

    Hope it helps!
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  35. LadyM

    LadyM New Member

    Thanks! This really helps a lot so i know how many bags i should refrained from buying to save for this. Hahaha!
  36. Ellin

    Ellin Member

    No prob!

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  37. Guorong

    Guorong New Member

    Hi there

    Can anyone advise between mount elizabth novena and mount alvernia? Which is better?

    My wife is currently seeing dr wendy teo from mount elizabth, i find the delivery charges a little on the high side. Thanks!
  38. jayjayqueenie

    jayjayqueenie Active Member

    MT E is definitely more expensive because usually expatriates are clients of that hospital.

    locals usually choose mt alvernia or thomson because these 2 hospitals are less expensive among private hospitals.

    only thing is mt alvernia does not practice birth control because its a catholic hospital.
  39. babyeve

    babyeve Member

    Hi Eillin

    11k is based on which room type?
  40. X_inyi

    X_inyi Member

    Hi there, you may Wana try Dr chia at Mt E, Orchard.
    I just gave birth last mth. Her charges are affordable
  41. Lisah Baee

    Lisah Baee New Member

    Hi, i'm new to this forum and might be around 4-5 weeks. Looking for a female Gynae. Am thinking of either getting gynae from NUH or Mount E Novena (Dr Wendy / Dr Choo Wan Ling). Can't decide whether Dr Wendy or Dr Choo is better.

    As for the Delivery, what room did you opt for?
  42. tlcp

    tlcp Member

    My gynae was Dr Wendy Teo. She is OK but towards the end, realise the paperwork done by her staff was terrible. Despite confirming with me twice, they indicated the wrong room type selection in the admission form. Dr Wendy was not around when I was due to deliver. And they allocated me to see a doctor that was not delivering at my requested hospital. End up I have to switch the hospital to deliver only 1 day before my Edd!
  43. Starer

    Starer Member

    Basically, it just a 1-2 nights. Its not staycation so no point paying so much for that. Lol
  44. Mayochuu

    Mayochuu Active Member

    To correct @Starer , Csec mums generally stay for 3 nights, so not ALL mums stay for only 1-2 nights. And it's rude to say such stuff in this thread, imo. You don't believe in treating oneself better but not everyone thinks like you. You could tell that to people in other thread speaking of other hospitals. And honestly, I have had friends who paid more in a 2 bedded ward in Thomson then me in single ward Mount E Novena, same 3 nights same Csec. Lol
  45. Starer

    Starer Member

    @Mayochuu What is rude? Which part of my sentence is rude? U can have your own view and I can have mine.
  46. pokeeydots

    pokeeydots New Member

    Hi! Could u share with me the cost as well? :)
  47. princess_pio

    princess_pio New Member

    Hi Mayochuu, mind if i ask you if you paid extra for hubby to stay with you?
    i will be delivering there in september and i want to know if i have to pay extra for hubby to stay with me.
    thank you!
  48. Gisellep

    Gisellep New Member

    Hi can i have the breakdown price, does Dr Wendy offer a package like after 16 or 20 weeks? Thanks
  49. Gisellep

    Gisellep New Member

    Hi Ellin

    Can you share the breakdown cost about the $11K? Does Dr Teo offer a package like after 16weeks or 20 weeks?
  50. Gisellep

    Gisellep New Member

    Hi Ellin

    Can you share the breakdown cost about the $11K? Does Dr Teo offer a package like after 16weeks or 20 weeks?

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