Sembawang MTB or SAHM

Hi Mango,

I am keen to get 1 apple and 1 banana flavours for the HappyBaby Puffs. what about you? If we can get 6 order or more, will get to enjoy the purchase at $5.90 each right?

Any mummies interested too?
me also keen on Happy Baby PUffs...on or not?
Sembawang MRT :
1) mango - 1 apple and 1 banana
2) be - 2 apples
3) snowball72 - 1 apple and 1 banana
4) mrs ho - 1 apple and 1 banana

how to make payment? 1 pax or direct to organiser?
Hi Snowball72,

If we join order, yes. That means ordered under one person's name.

But i think the BP organiser wanted min 5 person per location. So far, Sembawang only 3 interested parties.

Actually, if 5 mummies, each only ordered 1 canister. It is not worth for the BP to make the trip. They should go by qty. Anyway, i'm not the organiser. So I guess we just try to solicit to get enough number of person. Such that the organiser can deliver to Sembawang.

I think if by close of BP, still not enough orders from Sembawang. We'll just leave it to organiser to see if she wants the biz or not.

You may want to post your name under my post in the BP thread, stating sharing order with me. So if there are other Sembawang mummies, they can add on from there.
Hi Mrs ho,

just saw your post, you wanna repost in the BP thread so that you can get email notification from any subsequent orders in that thread.

Same for snowball72.
just a reminder to snowball72 & Mrs Ho. The delivery to sembawang is confirmed. Payment is to make directly to organiser. thanks.
noted...will make payment to baby sparkles directly...
so, you will be the main collection for sembawang area rite...once you get the item just let us know...thanks.
I don't know how it goes for collection. I thought the organiser will fix a date/time. So everyone will meet there.

But if someone can't make it. I don't mind collecting for them first. (though I'm not paid for the mini-coordination effort
So far, you & snowball72 are solicited by me. I can collect for you if you can't make it. But subsequent collection will be from my house.

Which part of Sembawang do you stay ?
if i can make it...then we meet at MRT..if not...might need your help to collect first..
im at blk about u?..i can go to your place to collect..
May i know is your child in My little skool house at sembawang place ? Next month,my son will be move from MMI Canberra to that center.
Hi czin,

I'm new here too. My son is in MMI Canberra too. Sorry I didn't enrol my child to My little skool hse so I can't give you any comments. Nice to meet you

I have 2 bottles of confinement rice wine to let go at $15 each. Pls pm me if you are interested. Collection at Sembawang MRT, thanks!
Hi Mummies....

Anyone interested to attend a Tupperware Party - Pizza Demo on 22 Jan'10 (Fri), 2.30pm to 4.30pm at Blk 411 Sembawang Drive? Let me know if you are keen...


I am a sembawang mummy. Can i join this thread.

I am looking for a playgroup for my son of 25 months. He currenly attends GUG once a week which I can send him.

BUt by next year I thought of signing him up for Tots house at Blk 400 plus. I stay at Admiralty drive so this is the nearest I can send him too. Just realised that it only has playgorup and no nursery. Where do you guys send your kids to in terms of playgroup/Nursery staying around Admiralty Drive the blue windows one ah.

I prefer a private school so any body has recommendation. Better not to have one too far away or too hard to bring.

I heard Jelutong Cc has a good one but then again transport is very inconvenient unless there is school bus which is not too safe for a young kid in nursery right?

Need some advises here.

Hi mummies

I'm looking for a babysitter in Sembawang . . for a 3 month old baby in Jul 2011 . . .
please recommend if you have good one.
Hi, i'm an experienced pre-school teacher now SAHM. My kids are both 4 and 8 yrs old now. I started doing playgroup style cum phonics teaching with them when they were 2/3 yrs old. Both started reading elementary books and able to spell many words by age 3.

Many parents sent their kids to phonics at the age of 4 and some kids at age 5 still unable to spell or read well. In fact, once a week phonics class is not enuf. At least 2 times a week is more effective. Giving toddlers early exposure to phonics with effective material and fun lesson plan is beneficial. My girl loves reading and without tuition and the need to do assessment book, she's the top scorer for english in P1. Her strong english foundation will not be possible if i did not expose her to phonics at an early age. There are many phonics material sold in bookstores and internet but many are not interesting. The one i have is used by a popular playgroup and my 2 kids loves it and listen to it many times which is impt for their learning process.

Thus, I'm thinking of starting a training course to mothers who wants to learn how to teach phonics YOURSELF effectively. It's oso good bonding time with your kids and with those who have more than 1 child, it's even better to do it together. U can bring yr kid along as long as they dun distract you. Lesson plan, CD and material will be included. I will teach hand actions on songs and rhymes as well as ideas on art and craft to make the whole teaching session meaningful.

Details as follows:-
- 6 to 8 week course
- 2 hours per SESSION, once a week
- Weekday morning except Thurs (pls state your preference)
- Time : 9.30 to 11.30 am (time can be adjusted)
- $50 per SESSION (including lesson plan and craft material)
- Phonics Book and CD to be purchase at $20/- per set.
- Location : Sembawang
BTW, the phonics course is basic phonics comprise of Consonants and Vowels. Suitable for children upto 4 yrs old.

If you are interested, pls email to me at [email protected].

All enquiries are welcome