Sembawang MTB or SAHM

yes.. am keen to know more information on Cambridge CDC at Admiralty Hill as well as Care Corners at blk 350C.

Pls share... thanks.

<font color="0000ff">pooh</font>
I had very bad experiences with the people at the Blk 483 RC. I don't even want to have anything to do with them, let alone volunteeer there!!!

<font color="0000ff">blue_skies</font> and <font color="0000ff">katyeo</font>
BBSG's son is at Care Corner. I think Pooh's girl is at Cambridge CDC. Maybe you can PM them for more info.
Hi all..

Long time no see!
Maybe we shd org an annual gathering soon.
Weather's been bad tho.

My boy had fun at Bottle tree longkang fishing..haa
he was more like swimming than fishing.
PLus remote control car racing track there..and organic farm.
Nice way to spend the wkend.

Also, Sengkang swimming pool is fantastic!!!next to stadium.

u heard it here first..shhh

Indoor shaded area for wet days too..pls slides like BIg Splash..

Downside is a little inaccessible as the LRT station N.A. yet.

IF u mummies are concerned abt HFMD, dengue fever, food poisoning...etc..and wld like to hear more abt protection coverage for yr darlings..feel free contact me for info.
<font color="aa00aa">
Yo Ladies,

Haven't been posting in the thread for a long time, decided to drop by and take a look.
And saw my name being mentioned.

For those who know me and havent meet up for a long time, just a short update.. my princess will be due in Mid july. Currently SAHM doing some Pre-orders to kill my time. anyone interested to join can PM me.

Yes, i also been to the bottle tree park. but didn't see the remote car racing and farm. are u referring to the Yishun one?

will go sengkang to try out the indoor swimming pool one of these days.

recently we have also tried out the 'chill out' BBQ restaurant at Admiral Hill. Think still consider family friendly as we brought YX along, we saw some families there too. however, have to leave around 10pm as that's the time when the drinking crowd will comes in.
Good for a 'chill out' sneak away after 10pm.


Long time din meet up with you and Twins too.
Been busy with stuff ever since I back to work force. U take care and keep in touch.
Do sms me as I've lost all contact when my phone spoiled last month.

Me been long time din visit this thread... Happen to pop by to read. Stay in touch, k?
Hi Mummies,

Just to share...

I will be providing a free tupperware replacement/credit value service at
Blk 423A(LinkHouse) Canberra Rd, this saturday 25 Apr from 2.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. Do drop-by if you want a replacement of your tupperware (max. 3 products) or come by have a look at our latest campaign promotion catalogue. Cheers!

Congrats to you. YX has a younger sister to play with. Can I meet you one of the days to buy the mickey mouse blouse from you? Bring along the size 6,7 and 8 that I have asked you for how many months? Thanks
Thanks. sure will bring along

Hi mummies,
cam anyone pls advise me when should i stop drinking tonics such as dong cong cao or black chicken or dang sen or bird nest? i heard have to stop drinking when 1 mth near due date, is it true? during my last pregnancy, i ate too much durian, and my son got bad rashes..

i have been feeling very breathless sometimes. although been thru pregnancy once.. i still have no idea how to take care.. esp my 1+ yr old son like to drag me ard the house nowsaday, alot of squatting up and down that make me feel giddy n breathless..

any advise pls? will appreciate.. thanks in advance.

According the elderly, we should stop taking such tonics during the last trimester to prevent the baby from growing too big and this will caused difficulty during labour. Not sure if this is true... but i just followed their advise then...
Hi Kat,
thanks for advise.. so it will means last 3 months loh. hiaz.. my mum just bought some tonics from eu yan san.. too late..
Hi mummies,
do you have part time cleaner to recommend?
Pls pm me.

I'm looking for one who can start mid may, to come to our place maybe during one wkday morn, to clean our place 3 hours once a weekly.

Pls pm me if you have any good contact.
Thanks in advance.
i took those chinese herbs which u mentioned above...
cordyceps, pao shen all help to bu qi which is good for giving birth ley.. in fact i took it during my 3rd tri also..

i just stocked up on my EYS jin si yan - concentrated form.

if u r talking abt an tai yao. then 3rd tri cannot take liao... coz it makes bb grow v fast.. another thing which makes bb grow fast is durians
Hi all,

Happy belated mother's day!!

Welcome,ABC's mummy!

BBSG: Congrats!
wow, look forward to seeing u ard the neighborhood with your full belly.
EAt well, rest well...

My boy half toilet trained,now..
can indicate poo,and sit him at potty.
as for pee, still no "feeling" until it's too late,haha!
many, can't save the earth yet.

Yup,the Yishun BTL Tree that's opp.stadium.
Thks..for tip abt BBQ.

Share with u ladies a great place in Sembawang to bring your kiddies for meal.5 stars!!

free flow popcorn..
yummy good value well-presented meals.
prompt service.

"Vittles" restaurant along Macdonald's drive thru..after Khatib camp.

be warned, can get really packed on wkends.

For those keen on financial planning advice, or want a second opinion on yor current coverage,
don'hesitate to give me a buzz.
Hi Mummies,

Just to share...

There will be a free tupperware replacement/credit value service at Blk 356 Admiralty Drive, this saturday 23 May'09 from 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. Do drop-by if you want a replacement of your tupperware (max. 3 products) or come by have a look at our latest campaign promotion catalogue. Cheers!
Breakfast Treat from Intercontinental Hotel


A croissant and a cup of coffee for breakfast or tea break would infuse relaxation to any office worker out there. The best part of it is, it will be at no cost at all. Simply print out the flyer and present it at the entrance of Olive Tree Restaurant between 7a.m to 10p.m. daily to enjoy the special treat.

Just for the month of May and limited to one redemption per person. (Intercontinental Hotel is just beside Bugis Junction)
For those staying in sembawang, woodlands or yishun, if you are interested in signing up your toddler for childcare at sembwang , Peform@ Junior playhouse, they are having a very good promotion now. They are located just one bus stop after sembawang shopping centre.

If you signed up before 1 aug 09 for full day programme, you will get free school fees for the 2nd and 3rd mth.

Do mention my name when u signed up.

If you wan more info, do PM me.

Does anyone here knows if have the S'pore driving license can we drive malaysian car inside malaysian? Is S'pore driving license an international driving license? If not,do we have to convert to international driving license to drive other car at other country.
Selling 3 tins of Enfagrow 1.8Kg at $51 each.
Expiry date: Jan2011
Made in Netherland
Collection: Free delivery in Sembawang area
Hi nana_moby,
thanks for sharing.

Hi lady,
i know where the place u mentioned.. got a HK tea cafe next to it right? we often go there for food but no chance to try out the cafe that u mention yet. will go one of these days before i give birth! still got 4 weeks to go..

btw, anyone feel scared when tot of giving birth 2nd time round? somehow i feel worried leh even though go thru the natural way (w epidural) once already..
Hi hi,

There's fireworks and transformer 1 screening at Wellington Cirle open field this coming Sat night. Go check it out!
Hi All Sembawang MTB,

I've 5 bottles of Chlorhexidine 0.05% Antiseptic Solution (500ml) to let go.

This is for washing of wound after giving birth.

Letting go cheaply. Collection : Sembawang

Interested, pls PM, thanks.
Hi Mummies/Tupperware Fans,

Just to share...

I will be providing a free tupperware replacement/credit value service at
Blk 478(infront of R.C.) Sembawang Drive, this saturday 4 Jul from 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. &amp; at blk 475A on sunday 5 Jul from 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. Do drop-by if you want a replacement of your tupperware (max. 3 products) or come by have a look at our latest campaign promotion catalogue. Cheers!
Hi snowball72,

Tried to PM you but your PM is not enabled. I would like to obtain a brochure of the tupperware products. Could you PM me so that I can pass you my contact details? Thanks!
<font color="0000ff">Dear Mummies

Just to share...</font>

<font color="ff6000">Tupperware Brands will be having a road-show
Date : 19 July'09 (Sunday)
Time : 3pm - 7pm
Venue : Blk 403A(Link House), Admiralty Link</font>

<font color="0000ff">Latest Tupperware Brands Catalogue, products brochure, door gift and special sign-up gift...etc...

At the road-show, there will be high-tea buffet, magic show, puppet show...and other activites organised by the R.C. of Blk 411.

Sale of tickets : $3 per ticket (purchase at Blk 411 R.C. on every thursday from 7.30pm)or you can email to [email protected] to reserve your tickets.</font>

<font color="0000ff">Cheers!</font>
<font color="#C24641"> Hi Mummies!!!
can anyone here intro me some childcare center?
intend to join back workforce soon.

thanks a million!!!
hi, just want to ask if any mummies wanna take a philippine maid? my ex maid wanted to come back to work for me but however l've another maid already. she's 32 this yr, v good with kids and baby .mine is 8yrs old and 11mths. can cook quite well n gd with household chores. pls pm me if interested. thks
<font color="0000ff">Hi Mummies,

Just to share...

I will be providing a free tupperware replacement/credit value service at</font>
<font color="ff0000">Blk 468A (Lift Lobby) Admiralty Drive, this Sunday, 26 July from 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.</font><font color="0000ff">Do drop-by if you want a replacement of your tupperware (max. 3 products) or come by have a look at our latest campaign promotion catalogue. Cheers! </font>
i m mummy moving to sembawang soon.... i have a 18mth+ toddler... will be sending him to cherryland school house. any1 kid is at there???
<font color="0000ff">Hi Mummies</font>

<font color="0000ff">I will be hosting a</font> <font color="ff0000">Tupperware Brands SPA EXPERIENCE PARTY</font> <font color="0000ff">at Blk 467, Admiralty Drive, this saturday 29th Aug, 1.00p.m. to 3.00p.m.</font> <font color="0000ff">If anyone keen to attend, can email me at [email protected]</font>

<font color="0000ff">Cheers!</font>
Hi Mummies

Do you have any extra Mamil Gold Step 2 Soy follow up formula to sell to me? This is out of stock in whole singapore. And there will be stock in mid Oct 09 only.
Hi all,

I am a mummy of 2 girls (3 years and 10mths) and staying in Sembawang.

I happen to come across this thread and interested in joining the group of mummies in Semb &amp; Yishun area.

Thanks all for sharing places to go during the weekends. Hope to keep this thread as busy as possible with useful links and information.

Do contact me if there's a meet up or anything.

Hi Sembawang Mummies,
Good to know that there's a thread for us to share information.
I've a girl who's gg to 10mths and I intend to send her for childcare when she is ard 18mths. Any feedback about the CC ard the area?
I'm looking at Glucklich, Little Campus (@482, 406 and 511) or My First Skool@331.. any feedback on them?
Or any other CC that your child is in and you have good feedback??