Sembawang MTB or SAHM

Hello Kat,

My girl's name is Gwen. She is the one with long hair. Coming to 28th months soon and will join Audrey in Playgroup when she turns 30th months.
Yes, it still very sad for us to see her crying.
Her first week last week, I already noticed her losing weight. And worst is she had black eye on her right eye. Could be due to fact she keep holding to her water bottle and refused to let anyone take it away from her. Maybe she could be knock on it by accident. Over the weekend, the black eye had recovered.
This morning she still walked in crying. My husband checked at 10am she is still crying. Think she will need more time before she can settle down.

Hello Shilomilo, what's your gril name.
Could it be that she is quite used to the place since she joined from Infant.

Its really nice to find this place that we could exchange views and feeling. Cos everyday, its really very rush when sending her to childcare and hardly can talk to the teacher to find out the happening inside.

Hello Shilmilo,

Ya, reading the history, I had just found out that yours girl is Sherise.
Hope that the children can play and enjoy their time in the childcare. Thanks.
Hi yycheo,

Sad to hear Gwen had hurt herself at the centre. I can understand your feeling as Audrey was hurt a few times there as well. Its really upset for us to learn about all these incident. Maybe you can try to highlight this to the teacher and and them to pay more attention in this area. sometimes i feel that the teachers are not very attentive and dun inform parents when the kids get hurt in the centre...

Dun worry, Gwen will be as happy as before once she adapt to the environment
Hello Kat,
Ya, u r right. I ask the teacher and she is the one who suggest maybe its the water bottle that Gwen is holding to might have cause the black eye. I can only take their words. Hope that by asking question and showing concern, the teacher will not take us parents lightly. She is still crying and keep rubbing her eyes. Causes the eyes to be red, pain and puffy again

Now I hope she adapt and move to Playground soon. Cos I think the Teacher Fiza is good in handling young kids.
NTUC Childcare,
Shilo-milo..think i know who u are...and i always see you bring your 2 girls to girl also at NTUC Childcare playgroup class.

I know Audrey, my girl was same class with your girl now.

my girl also the same as Gwen last time, when she joint toddler class. She need to hold her water bottle to sleep, and she will need to carry it everywhere. But glad that now she is fine w/o bottle.
hello mummies,

Care to share your food receipe for your kids? I would like to gather some receipe so that i can hv more food varieties for my gal who is turning 3 soon.
Hi Mrs Ho,

Nice to meet you here...Sorry i do not know who you are..Maybe can arrange to meet one day..May I know your girl's name..
its girl's name YuEn, actually you always see me too, maybe just nv notice.
Yes, hope to meet you all too...same to we staying in same block 339B.

Yesterday i got a shock, received call from Principal say my girl having ulcer, maybe its HFMD. Rush to cc fetch her...went to see doctor @ kidslink...cost me ex le...
But, lucky not HFMD...

Im so scared of HFMD, last year my girl got it when she just transfer from Toddler to Playgroup...think you will know playgroup have alot of cases.
mrs ho,

my eldest girl also in playgroup last year..this yr promote to n2..thou my eldest girl in playgroup, luckily she din hv HFMD. Only Sherise in infant got it..

Glad to hear that is not HFM for YuEn
<font color="#F88158"> hello mummies
so many post to follow up!!

i'm a SAHM. so i look aft my 3 kids by myself.
i dun trust NTUC child care.

heard the Montessori are not bad. my fren last time use to work there. they empoly those ang mo teacher n get those real exp teacher to teach n look aft them. they dun shout at the children. only will bring them to a side n tok to them face to face.
Thanks MrsHo, letting me know that its ok for Gwen to hold on her bottle with the experience you get from yours girl.

Just check, must we parent bring to PD when need to confirm whether its HFMD?
Can we opt for family doctor? Cos its really ex+ to spend 100+ ;( each time false alarm happened. Can family doctor help to check on HFMD?

That day when the teacher suspect my girl having HFMD, they ask us to bring to Doctor to diagnose. I think any doctor will do, must get a letter from them to certified. If they confirmed is HFMD, they will need to report to Ministry directly.
Hi MrsHo,
Oh yes I know YuEn, they used to be in the same in Toddler and in playgroup now... yes I remember last year lot of HFMD cases in playgroup.
Recently Audrey become very fearful of showering, especially washing hair... she will scream and cry. We tot she must have experience something bad while bathing in school, but when we ask the teacher, they said nothing happen and she is alright while bathing there

Really quite helpless and dunno what to do..

Hi Rebecca Kok,
Joy Montessori does not have any ang mo teacher (not sure if there is any changes now) and in fact I don't see any difference in the way they handled the kids from other childcare ctr.
Hello Kat, Gwen is same like Audrey has long hair. I had spacially instructed the teacher NOT to wash her before sleep. (I ever put a shower cap in her bag, but the teacher never used.)
Everyday, I will tied her hair in pony tail. Ever at the end of day, her hair will still be tied like the way in the morning only bit messy ;P
Reason is that I do not like to sleep with wet hair (ever the teacher said they had dryer, but I think the teacher will be too busy to dry her hair before letting her sleep).
Also back home I will wash for her and I think too much washing of hair will make the hair "dry".
Hello Kat, I meant I specially asked the teacher NOT to wash her hair. Of course, the teacher will bath her as usual like other kids. Typo error.
Hi yycheo,

hmm... but I cannot wash Audrey's hair in the evening, coz by the time I reach home from work it will be 7pm plus and after dinner will be 8pm plus. Usually only shower for her without washing hair.. as we feel that washing her hair too late will not be good for her.
Hello Kat, think hair is "really messy issue"..."san qian fan niao si". Different family handle hair issue differently. As long as her hair is healthy is oks. Gwen herself will make sure that she cannot lie down when her hair are wet
hi, all

I am new here, my girl was born in July 2007, and now is 19m+

I am intend to enrol her to the rightstart (tumble tots)playgroup (located at Jelutung CC)

any comments about it?
hihi all
can i join in too? my mom is staying at sembawang while i am staying at yishun. my girl is born on 14 feb 2008. my girl stays over my mom's place on weekdays and i bring her back on weekends. i am currently expecting my #2 too.

any gd cc to share ard in sbw area?
Hi yycheo,
yup.. I agreed. Let's continue to ensure our kids are happy and healthy everday

Hi crystal,
You are most welcome. I am pretty new to this thread too.
hi mummies
haven't been here for a long time....just want to let you guys know that the splash park/playground at level 3 sembawang shopping centre is opened! just saw it yesterday and v. looks like the one at IMM, maybe smaller, anyway didn't get to play yesterday, was hoping to do it today but seems like it's going to rain and rain :p ....hope to see some mummies there soon
hi fluffy!
yah long time no see, my son is just turned 11 mths last have you been?? can't remember when you r due?? hope your pregnancy has been going smoothly

actually last night managed to make it to the splash park! yay! it's v. fun!!! had dinner at Astons which was perfect cos my girl could run around while we eat haha and we take turns playing with's a really really nice place
Hi Adeline

How are you &amp; your kids? Long time never post too...

Maybe we could have a gathering there one day! It's been long overdue... hehe.
hi kimiesmum,
yup long time never seen you and kimie too hehe...i know we should have a gathering there, perfect place for dat
are you working now or still SAHM?
Ya... Given birth last mth
now trying to adjust everything. Time flies.. Ur handsome boy going to 1yr old.. Wow.. Seemed to be very happening... Must be having great fun over there... My #2 still too young to go..
before you know it, your #2 will be old enough to go out
happy.gif how are you coping with everything? Is someone taking care of #1 for you?

haha yes there's a lot of subsidy...what do you get as a SAHM?? I think i save $300 per month.
Hi everyone, I'm new to this group. I have a pair of girl-boy twins going to 18 mths old soon. I am thinking of putting the kids in NTUC Childcare at Blk 331 but after reading so many bad reviews, I'm very worried.. But very difficult to find childcare which is reliable, affordable and near to my mom's place. Haiz.
Wow, must be a long time since I last come to the forum. How I wish my maternity leave never end...

Any one knows when the pony park at admiral country club is going to open? We were so excited when we spotted a horse as we drop by DS's school (Cambridge).

Any good recommndations for weekend enrichment classes in Yishun / Sembawang / Woodlands for 2 - 3 years toddlers?
actually i very long haven't been to sun plaza...last time always go there to the library but then now yishun northpoint has one so we'll go there instead. But then heard that Sun Plaza just had pasta mania opened?? dunno i got it right anot and hubby likes pasta mania so maybe will head there again haha...if not the stores at Sun Plaza really not v. interesting...SSC on the other hand has the playground/splashpark, Daiso and Giant...oh and the bounce house thing chelsea loves it too haha...but of cos if u r free for ice cream, we can meet at Gelatos

yah it's daunting to think of finding a job when the news r so gloomy :p did u look through the papers or go through agencies??
hi mummies

i'm currently pregnant &amp; on enforced bedrest, as such i need someone to help me with

1) marketing &amp; preparing simple meals (lunch, &amp; if possible dinner for 2)
2) household chores such as cleaning toilets, mopping floor and basic cleaning up work.
3) accompany for medical check ups etc

Locatiom: Sembawang

Working hours : Mon to Fri 8am -5pm or 9am tp 6pm

if you know of any SAHM/aunties who need additonal income and can help out, please contact me for a discussion.

basic criteria
- must be able to speak english
- can do the above without having to give repeated instructions.

this will be a contract monthly job - from NOW to Sep 09, and extendable after my delivery if we can get along well.

You can bring your kids to my place to look after as long as you can cope with job duties and yr kids together.

originally my MIL was supposed to help out, but last min, she claims she miss my niece who she's currently looking after, and my SIL refuse to allow her to bring my niece to my place either...and so i am stuck with no solution.

pls email personal details &amp; expected salary to [email protected]
I can actually go anywhere.. Even northpoint.. My mum stays opp northpoint.. Just a ring ring from u I will try to make myself free..

Oh ur boy 1 yo this mth? R u going to kidsloft to get some Bb stuff? Storewide 50%
Hi anyone has a good confinement massage lady to introduce?
i m giving birth in Aug this year and hope to get a good one in advance... thanks
Dear Sembawang Mummies

I am residing at Sembawang Drive and am providing a free tupperware replacement/credit value service in our neighbourhood. Hence, if you have any products for replacement (maximum 3 products)you may email to [email protected] to arrange for a meetup.

Have a good day ^_^
Hi Mummies,

I will be providing a free tupperware replacement/credit value service at
Blk 417(Residents' Corner)Canberra Rd this saturday 4 apr from 10.30 a.m. to 12 noon. Do drop-by if you want a replacement of your tupperware (max. 3 products) or come by have a look at our latest campaign promotion catalogue. Cheers!
Hi All

Am new here. Would like to know if any of you know of any good, experienced babysitter staying in Sembawang, preferably Admiralty area?

Am due in August, so looking for a babysitter who can look after my baby probably in November.

Thank you.
hi found that there is a thread for sembawang mummies..anyone there any good chinese enrichment class for 2.5 years old around our area? my gal dun want to speak chinese..
Hi Mummies

Just to share....
Tupperware will be holding a party event on 10 Apr(Good Friday) 2pm to 4pm at Blk 259 Bishan(Opp Salvation Army).
Door Gift, Lucky Draws, Cooking Demo, Food Sampling, Special Buy on selected Tupperware products. Entry by tickets only. Anyone keen to attend, email to [email protected]

Have a good day! Cheers
Hi mummies

If you want to work volunteer for rc members don't choose the post of treasurer or assist treasurer post. If any mistakes found by the auditor they will pin point at you. I don't know about other zone rc. Be careful of this canberra zone rc at Blk 483.
Hi mummies

Advise from me:What I know other zone eg:punggol or sengkang they are professional they won't act in this way.

If you want to choose the post of treasurer or assistant treasurer. You have to look through at their balance sheet, income and expenditure, receipts and payments and others documents submit to CC. Because PA auditor will check the documents base on what you have submitted to CC. Make sure the balance sheet,income &amp; expenditure,statement of account,cash at bank and cash(important) have to be tally. If you don't know account don't choose the post of treasurer or assistant treasurer.

Anyone has any feedback on Cambridge CDC at Admiralty Hill? Do the kids there fall sick often? How are the teachers there? Is the food for the kids good?

Ponies at Admiralty Hill
No idea when it's going to be open to the public but I heard from the security guard that the ponies are brought out everyday in the morning around 8am for their walks.

Yah position of Treasurer can be very xiong... Even when a few dollars or few cents cannot balance also headache.