Science P3/4 - Recommended centres or home tutition? Any advice? Thanks


Am considering to look for science tutors or enrichment classes as these days school textbook like so thin and more of magazine style rather than comprehensive.

Indecisive between home tutor or recommended centres for science. Am staying in town area (Tiong bahru).
Do not know any well-know centres for science too unlike english may be learning lab and chinese is berries etc...

Please advise and share your experience..Greatly appreciate and thanks in advance!!!


I am also pondering about this issue when it comes to guidance in mathematics, though I think home will be more intensive and focused so might be more effective.
Have you found a center for mathematics?

I am okay with science because I have recommendations from my friends whom help lay theory foundation and teaches concepts application so my burden is not heavy.
Have you had any advancement already, especially in maths, if you do, would you share? Thanks!