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Reviews on gynae dr john yam and Gleneagles pls

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by coachy0203, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. coachy0203

    coachy0203 Member

    Hi mummies is dr john yam good? Are his nurses nice? How about the services in Gleneagles hospital? Does anyone have a breakdown bill size for delivery (normal or c sec) at gleneagles? TIA.

  2. tingluvsbutt

    tingluvsbutt Active Member

    Hi my gynae is John Yam. I delivered last year dec. He is quite good and very careful making sure mummy and baby are both doing good and fine during pregnancy and also during delivery. His nurses are friendly too. Services in GlenE is good and the midwives and nurses will try their best to accommodate to what u request or comfy with. Mine was a e-csect due to my baby water bag burst with poop when my cervix is 6cm dilated. Dr Yam want me to do csect immed as he doesn't want baby to have any risk of inhaling the feces. Besides dat he was already very accommodating to my birth plan as I wanted natural birth and was in labour for 40over hours from home and in the labour ward. But still I couldn't escape csect due to emergency. His stitching skill is good and he is really fast and professional. The nurses in the labour ward and operating theater are very warm and nice too. My bill is 14k as it was a e-csect thus can't compare to normal or csect. If I have a 2nd baby and want a csect I will go to Dr Yam again. But however I wanted vbac and Dr Yam doesn't really do vbac. Overall he is a good gynae and u can consider to go to him. Cheers!
  3. coachy0203

    coachy0203 Member

    Hi @tingluvsbutt. Thanks so much for the reviews.

    I find dr john is nice, & patient in answering our questions. One of his nurses (the old aunty) is not so nice lor. But so long as the gynae is good other things are not important lah.

    You bill of 14k is mainly due to e- c section, did you choose one or 2 bedder?

    Any idea if dr john is pro natural?
  4. tingluvsbutt

    tingluvsbutt Active Member

    Hmm I find dat the old aunty is ok leh. She is those direct kind of person so maybe to ppl she appears to be rude. But we are very ok with her and always joke around with her.

    My 14k bill consists partial of labour ward and using items for natural labour and the big portion is the ecsect and 2 times of epidural which is different doc. Mine is 1 bedder as my hubby sleep in with me.

    Dr John is not totally pro natural but he will choose to go natural first if all goes well. He is not a risk taker and always consider mummy and baby in the very first priority before natural birth. Thus, if there is any risk involved he will suggest csect. But he respect mummies wish too but will give his professional advices the risk involved if the situation is not favourable to both or either mummy and baby.
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  5. coachy0203

    coachy0203 Member

    Thanks :)

  6. tingluvsbutt

    tingluvsbutt Active Member

  7. Hi may I
    Can I ask how many bedder and total cash paid. Cos I'm think to switch to Dr John Yam too. Thanks
  8. kim Unwin

    kim Unwin New Member

    Had both my boys with John Yam. (6 years old and 3 years old). If I have another one.l, I wld go to him too!! He is nice and friendly and has a very good memory. Stitching is very good. Was up and walking the next day after C Sect. Total bill for 2 bedder and c sexy was about 11k. (3 years ago)
  9. rene9

    rene9 New Member

    did dr johm yam has any package?
  10. Brzt

    Brzt New Member

    Hi, u checked with Dr Yam on VBAC before?
  11. tingluvsbutt

    tingluvsbutt Active Member

    Yes I checked with him before on VBAC. And no he doesn't do VBAC at all. He told me if I were to have a 2nd child will have to go for csect. He is not pro on VBAC and doesn't do VBAC at all. So if I plan for #2 I will go get a pro VBAC doc.

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